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getUrls?link=5af00a246c1435f7f7e6451b6dc7e61f - The China-EU Geographical Indication Agreement is officially signed, and Europe can also eat authentic Yantai apples

On September 14, on the occasion of the China-Germany-Europe Leaders Summit, the European Union announced that China and Europe had officially signed the China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement before the meeting. 100 local products protected by geographical indications in China and the European Union each are included in the scope of protection. In China, you can enjoy European specialties and assured foods, and in Europe, you can also enjoy original Chinese local famous products.

The following Shandong famous products that will be seen in the regular markets of Central Europe in the future mean that they are all from specific origins, and trademarks protected by geographical indications cannot be used in other countries and places.

getUrls?link=5a683a790f695f5d54bb6b183b868467 - The China-EU Geographical Indication Agreement is officially signed, and Europe can also eat authentic Yantai apples

More news|What is a geographical indication

Geographical indication is a special product quality monitoring system and a special product quality monitoring system for famous, excellent and special products with distinctive regional characteristics. Intellectual property protection system.

The”place of origin” refers to the specific (production) area of ​​a particular product in a country. The water, soil, climate, production history and other geographical and human characteristics of the specific area directly determine or affect the The quality, characteristics or reputation of the product, and the product is named after the name of the specific region.

The protection system for geographical indications (origin) products is mainly derived from the”Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property”, the”Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and Their International Registration” and the WTO Intellectual Property Agreement on Trade (TRIPS Agreement) ).

France is one of the first countries to implement the protection of origin, with a history of more than 100 years. This protection system has created world-famous French wine brands-Champagne and Cognac, and has played an active role in protecting product quality and reputation, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of fruit growers and wine merchants, safeguarding national image, and promoting international trade. And has been widely recognized internationally.

In the WTO-TRIPS Agreement, Section 3 and Article 22, paragraphs 1 to 4, juxtapose geographical indications with trademarks, patents, and copyrights, and are aimed at famous, high-quality and special products with distinctive regional characteristics. A special product quality monitoring system and intellectual property protection system are adopted.

Geographical indication products The protection system has the following characteristics:

1. Only geographical indications are allowed Within the scope of protection, products produced in accordance with standards are organized, affixed with special geographical indication signs, and sold under geographical indication product names, clearly marking the origin of the product, clearly telling consumers where the product comes from, and ensuring that consumers understand clearly consumption.

2. It shows the quality and reputation of the product. Most of the products with geographical indications are local specialty products with stable flavor and outstanding characteristics.

3. It reflects a regional history. Geographical indication products, as a natural and human resource, are a historical objective existence, which is both scarce and non-renewable. The protection of geographical indications for these products is to protect history, tradition and culture, and protect ethnic fine products.

(Source:CCTV News, Ministry of Commerce website, etc.)

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