Over 20 billion assets under management.

getUrls?link=6f4837876968522e1c6a1a1500885858 - The chairman of Shenzhen Gaotejia Group, was exposed to"indulging in playing tricks and cheating women, causing mismanagement of the company":assets under management exceed 20 billion

Recently, a letter”To every”An Open Letter of a Beautiful Lady” circulated on the Internet. The author Jin Mou claimed to be the wife of Cai Dajian, the chairman of Shenzhen Gaotejia Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Gotejia Group” or”Gotejia”). She reported that Cai Dajian had maintained an improper relationship with her former subordinate Zhang Mounan for a long time, and Cai Dajian used Gao Tejia’s power to fight her for divorce.

According to the”Open Letter”, Cai Dajian and Zhang Mounan not only lived together illegally for a long time, but also gave birth to their daughters out of wedlock. According to Jin’s description, Zhang Mounan was originally Cai Dajian’s secretary. He had an extramarital affair ten years ago. Not only did he seriously infringe upon Jin and Cai Dajian’s marital property, he might also use Cai Dajian’s rights as chairman to invade Gao Tejia’s property.

In response, Gao Tejia Group responded to Time Finance and Economics. First, the”Open Letter” involved the private affairs of the chairman’s family, and the company was inconvenient to respond to it; second, the”Open Letter” involved circumstances would not affect the company. The normal development of various business operations has caused an impact. At the beginning of 2020, Shenzhen Gaotejia Hongrui Investment Co., Ltd. has undertaken and is responsible for all fundraising, investment, management, and withdrawal services, related assets and personnel are separated from the group, and independent operation, and Huang Qing is appointed as the chairman of Gaotejia Hongrui and established In the new leadership team, Cai Dajian does not participate in the decision-making and management of Gaotejia Hongrui. The circumstances involved in the”Open Letter” do not affect the normal development of the company’s business operations, and do not affect the rights and interests of various investors.

Tianyan Check shows that Gaotejia Group was established in 2001 with a registered capital of 236 million yuan. It is one of the earliest professional venture capital institutions established in China. Cai Dajian is the legal representative. Public information shows that the group’s asset management scale exceeds 20 billion yuan, 25 medical and health industry funds, and has invested in more than 140 companies, including more than 70 medical and health companies, and promoted the successful listing of 20 companies. Boya Bio is the institution. Investment masterpiece.

The actual controller is suspicious

The”Open Letter” mentioned that Cai Dajian was ordered to create and manage Gao Tejia in April 2000, and later became Gao Tejia. Best controlling shareholder.

It is worth noting that Boya Biopharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Boya Bio”), an A-share listed company, previously disclosed that the equity structure of Gaotejia Group is relatively dispersed, and no single shareholder passes directly Or indirectly, it can be controlled separately, and Gaotejia Group has no controlling shareholder or actual controller. Therefore, the company has no actual controller. Boya Bio’s parent company and ultimate parent company are Gaotejia Group, and the ultimate controlling party is Gaotejia Group.

getUrls?link=9ef3239fbef5d99bd3aeb74471e6597a - The chairman of Shenzhen Gaotejia Group, was exposed to"indulging in playing tricks and cheating women, causing mismanagement of the company":assets under management exceed 20 billion

Source:2020 Boya Biological Semi-annual Report

This is undoubtedly contradictory to the”Open Letter” claim that Cai Dajian is the controlling shareholder of Gao Tejia. Time Finance and Economics asked Gao Tejia to verify whether the actual controller of the company was Cai Dajian. The staff said,”Subject to follow-up official standards.”

Jin also revealed in the”Open Letter” that Cai Dajian’s actions Chairman Gao Tejia is indulging in playing tricks on women all day, and he is almost 60 years old to be a grandfather-age person. The patriarchal has to give birth to a son. The strange thing is not the third child Zhang Mounan gave birth to himself, but went to Thailand to pay through an intermediary. Thai sister illegally borrowed her belly to give birth! Where did he still have time and energy to take care of his work and career, resulting in poor management of Gao Tejia since 2017, causing major mergers and acquisitions to go out of control (such as the Danxia project, etc.).

In April 2017, after Danxia Bio was ordered to suspend production, Qianhai Youxiang controlled by Gao Tejia still completed the acquisition of Danxia Bio.

According to Boya Biology’s 2020 semi-annual report, as of the end of June this year, Boya Bio’s prepayment balance to Danxia Biology was 823 million yuan, and another 200,000 yuan of other receivables. The company made provision for bad debts of 10,000 yuan for the 200,000 yuan receivables, but did not make provision for bad debts for the advance payment of 823 million yuan.

After the related party Danxia Biological was ordered to suspend production by the regulatory authorities, Boya Biological prepaid more than 800 million yuan in purchases in three years. Is it financial assistance? Faced with multiple queries and inquiries from relevant departments, Boya Bio-Bio firmly denied it at that time.

The controlling rights have changed?

getUrls?link=18445b016cdafc7e1c70dcebfaa723e3 - The chairman of Shenzhen Gaotejia Group, was exposed to"indulging in playing tricks and cheating women, causing mismanagement of the company":assets under management exceed 20 billion

According to the news from the interface on September 7, China Resources Capital intends to acquire a controlling stake in Boya Biological. According to informed sources, China Resources Capital has conducted preliminary discussions with Boya Bio-controlling shareholder Gao Tejia Group.

Previously, Boya Biology announced on July 6 that the controlling shareholder Shenzhen Gaotejia Investment Group Co., Ltd. is planning a major event involving the company’s equity changes. Up to now, the matter is still in the planning stage and has certain uncertainties.

According to the China Fund News, an industry insider said that if Cai Dajian and his wife have divorced property division problems, they will inevitably involve the equity of listed companies. Gao Tejia is a PE investment institution, and there is a demand for repayment. After obtaining a certain return, Gao Tejia can only withdraw from Boya Biologics successfully before this equity investment is considered safe. According to previous reports, China Resources, a central enterprise, may be the takeover party. At present, the media is paying attention to this matter. If public opinion further ferments, it may affect the decision of the receiver. Jin used an open letter to disclose the matter, which may also be considered. As soon as this incident occurs, Gao Tejia’s bargaining power when selling Boya Bio may be weakened.

Before this, Gao Tejia was still gradually reducing its holdings of Boya Biotech. According to”Beijing Commercial Daily”, before the disclosure of the above-mentioned announcement, Gao Tejia frequently reduced its holdings of Boya Biologics shares. Boya Biotech’s July 1 disclosure announcement showed that from May 12 to July 1, the controlling shareholder Gao Tejia and its concerted person Yikang Investment reduced their holdings of 3.22 million shares in total, with a reduction ratio of 1.7%. After the reduction , Its shareholding ratio becomes 32.1%. In addition, during the period from February 7th to March 2nd this year, Yikang Investment reduced its holdings of 4.625 million shares, representing a reduction of 1.09%.

As for the latest development of equity changes, Gao Tejia told Time Finance that “there is no final decision at the moment.” (Beijing Time Finance Xiang Yu)