So far, the two largest economies in the world—the United States and China—have the 10 most profitable companies in the world:half are American companies and half are Chinese companies. Equally important, by industry, half of the companies on the list are technology companies and the other half are financial companies.

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Tencent Securities 9 On the 10th of the news, making a list to see which companies in the world can make the most money can not only give a glimpse of which countries have the strongest economic power, but also show which industries have the greatest economic influence.

So far, the two largest economies in the world—the United States and China—have the 10 most profitable companies in the world:half are American companies and half It is a Chinese company. Equally important, by industry, half of the companies on the list are technology companies and the other half are financial companies.

Only companies listed on the US or Canadian exchanges, whether listed directly or through American Depositary Receipts, will be included in this list. For example, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco was listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange in December last year, but the company was not included on the list. If this company is added to the list, then the company will be among the top ten most profitable companies in the world, and even top the list in previous years.

It’s worth noting that four of the five technology companies on the list are American companies, and two of them occupy the top two positions. Technology companies include companies that manufacture computers and electronic products, develop software, and provide information technology-related services (such as cloud computing and e-commerce).

Among the five financial companies on the list, four are headquartered in China. Financial companies include banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate companies. These companies provide a range of financial services, including deposits, loans, investment and wealth management, insurance and brokerage services.

These are the 10 most profitable companies based on 12-month net profit. Some companies outside the United States only release earnings data every six months, rather than quarterly. Therefore, for companies that publish quarterly earnings data, the 12-month data may be relatively old. These data are provided by, all data are as of September 8.

Some stocks on the list are only traded over-the-counter (OTC) on the US market, not on the stock exchange. Generally speaking, over-the-counter stocks have higher transaction costs than exchange-traded stocks, which may reduce their potential returns.

First place:Apple (NASDAQ :AAPL)

12-month net profit:US$58.4 billion

12 Monthly revenue:US$273.9 billion

Market value:US$2.1 trillion

1 year’s total track record Return rate:133.6%


Apple designs and manufactures mobile communication and media equipment, personal computers And portable digital music player. In addition, the company also sells a series of related software, services, accessories, network solutions, music and streaming video services, as well as third-party digital content and applications. Apple The company’s most famous products are the iPhone, iPad and Mac personal computer series.

Second place:Microsoft (NASDAQ :MSFT)

12-month net profit:US$44.3 billion

12 Monthly revenue:US$143 billion

Market value:US$1.6 trillion

1 year total return :57.4%


Microsoft develops, authorizes and supports a series of software products, services and devices. The company’s products include operating systems, server applications, business applications, software development tools, video games, etc., and it produces personal computers, tablets, game consoles and entertainment game consoles, phones, other smart devices and related accessories. In addition, Microsoft also provides cloud-based solutions through its Azure cloud computing platform, which is its fastest growing business.

Third place:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (OTC:IDCBY)

12-month net profit:US$41.7 billion

12-month revenue:US$122.2 billion

Market value:US$195 billion

1 year total return:-10.1%

Exchange:Over-the-counter transactions

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China provides commercial banking and financial services, including corporate and personal loans, trade financing, deposit acceptance, corporate and personal wealth management, and custody services Wait. In addition, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China also engages in investment activities for its own accounts or on behalf of its clients, including currency market transactions, investment securities, foreign exchange transactions, and holding derivative positions.

Fourth place:China Construction Bank (OTC:CICHY)

12-month net profit:US$35.6 billion

12-month revenue:US$104.3 billion

Market Value:US$173.8 billion

1 year total return:-1.7%

Exchange:Over-the-counter trading

China Construction Bank provides a wide range of financial services for corporate and individual customers, including corporate and personal loans, deposit absorption, wealth management, trade financing, and financial consulting And consulting services and remittance services. In addition, China Construction Bank is also engaged in investment activities such as inter-bank money market transactions, debt securities, stock investments, and derivatives and foreign currency transactions.

Fifth place:Google parent company Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL)

12-month net profit:31.5 billion US dollars

12-month revenue:US$166 billion

Market value:US$1.1 trillion

1 year total Return rate:33.7%


Alphabet is a holding company. It is the parent company of its main business Google. Google provides a series of Internet products, including search, advertising, business, maps, YouTube, Google Cloud, Android, Chrome, and Google Play Etc., and is engaged in the sales of advertising, digital content, applications, cloud computing services and hardware products. In addition, Alphabet also provides smart home products through the Nest business, online video games through the Stadia business, and is developing autonomous driving technology through its Waymo project.

Sixth place:Agricultural Bank of China (OTC:ACGBY)

12-month net profit:US$28.4 billion

12-month revenue:US$91.5 billion

Market value:US$112.3 billion

1 year total return:-5.3%

Exchange:Over-the-counter transactions

The Agricultural Bank of China provides international commercial banking and financial services, and provides financial products and services to individuals, enterprises, government agencies and financial institutions. In addition, the Agricultural Bank of China is also engaged in currency market or repurchase transactions, investment in debt instruments and holding derivatives positions.

Seventh place:JP Morgan Chase (NYSE:JPM )

12-month net profit:US$25.2 billion

12-month camp Revenue:US$118.9 billion

Market value:US$315.5 billion

1 year total return:-2.4%

Exchange:New York Stock Exchange

JP Morgan Chase is a company that provides banking and financial services A global financial holding company with a wide range of businesses including corporate loans, investment banking, market making, prime brokerage, and the provision of treasury bonds and securities products and services to enterprises, investors, financial institutions, and government and municipal entities. In addition, JPMorgan Chase also provides consumer banking and asset management services.

The eighth place:Alibaba (NYSE:BABA )

12-month net profit:US$24.9 billion

12-month camp Revenue:US$77.9 billion

Market value:US$761.3 billion

1 year total return:61.4%

Exchange:New York Stock Exchange

Alibaba is a holding company established in China. Its global headquarters is located in mainland China, and various types of e-commerce businesses are carried out through its Chinese subsidiaries and variable interest entities (VIE). Alibaba’s main source of income is a huge digital market platform that connects consumers and businesses. Its business includes core commerce, cloud computing, mobile media and entertainment, and other innovative initiatives.

Ninth place:Bank of China (OTC:BACHY)

12-month net profit:US$24.8 billion

12-month revenue:US$79.3 billion

Market value:US$94 billion

1 year total return:-11.2%

Exchange:field Foreign transactions

Bank of China provides a wide range of banking and financial services for individuals, enterprises, government departments, and financial institutions. Its services include savings, deposits, loans, mortgages, and credit cards And debit cards, trade-related products and credit facilities. In addition, Bank of China also provides insurance, underwriting, stock brokerage, investment research and asset management services.

Tenth place:Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

12 Monthly net profit:US$23.7 billion

12-month revenue:US$79 billion

Market value :US$213 billion

1 year total return:4.7%

Exchange:Nasda Gram

Intel designs and manufactures computer components and related products. Its main products include microprocessors, chipsets, embedded processors, flash memory, graphics, networking and communications , System management software, digital imaging products, etc. Intel’s customers include original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, cloud and communications service providers, and industrial, communications and automotive equipment manufacturers. (Nebula)

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