After yesterday’s article was issued, a sharp-eyed friend asked a question: is only $ 110,000?

I originally thought that the friends in the circle have heard it … Since there are still doubts, let’s take a look at some of Tencent’s more classic domain name stories today. However, Xiaofeng still has to explain first. The material of the domain name story in the article is collected through the Internet. It is true or false. I wo n’t make a comment here. If a friend is clear, you can leave a message.

Story 1:From being arbitrated to acquiring $ 110,000 for

Say that year! In January 1999, Tencent was born using the OICQ brand, registered and activated and . At the time, a similar application that was very popular abroad was ICQ. After all, domestic brands conformed to the language habits of Chinese people. It quickly became popular throughout the country. In November, the number of registered people exceeded 1 million. It was during this time that Tencent encountered a wild growth. The first problem.

Also, is a domain name problem.

Because in August and September 1999, Tencent received two complaint letters from abroad, and the authors were foreign competitors ICQ (AOL icq. com). The letter used stern wording, angrily stating:Tencent’s domain names registered on January 26, 1999 and registered on November 7, 1998, seriously infringed its intellectual property rights and requested Tencent transferred these two domain names to them unconditionally.

 Tencent's domain name story:from arbitration to $ 110,000 acquisition of

Because Tencent is growing savagely at this time, it is estimated that boss Ma and employees are also very busy and did not care too much about these two emails until later it was found that the situation was wrong At that time, I hurried to find a lawyer to answer the lawsuit, and the results were conceivable.


The two domain names registered by Tencent were March 21, 2000 and were forced to return to AOL.

For more than a year of hard work and painstaking business, put it to waste. This may have caused a severe blow to Tencent at the time … Forced to helplessness, we had to activate the new domains and (currently is the official website of Tencent Group.)

Tencent's domain name story:from arbitration to $ 110,000 acquisition of

According to the data, Tencent proactively initiated complaints against the two domain names and in 2003. Also lost. Xiaofei deliberately checked these two domain names. At present is in the hands of”China United Network Communications Corporation Heilongjiang Branch”, and the other is in the hands of Tencent ( Maybe I bought it later and want to come back?)

 Tencent's domain name story:from arbitration to $ 110,000 acquisition of

 Tencent's domain name story:from arbitration to $ 110,000 acquisition of

At this time, Tencent started looking for , and stated that no matter how much it paid The price must also be taken down, because if you have been using and, is undoubtedly abandoning the QQ brand , which will damage More heavy! (Look at others, pay more attention to brand domain names, and then look at their current achievements).

There is a saying:”Starlight can live up to passers-by, time can live up to people who care.” Perhaps Tencent’s persistence touched the goddess of luck, or maybe he never missed it, there must be an echo. After three years, Tencent finally waited for the brand domain name that belongs to it- .

 Tencent's domain story:from arbitration to $ 110,000 acquisition of

What is This is a software engineer named Robert Huntsman. He did not have the QQ brand when he registered this domain name, which means that it is impossible to return to the complaint through arbitration. The software engineer put on the trading platform for $ 2 million, emm, the point is that he thinks he is too expensive.

It may be the reason for the international exchange and information not being equal at the time. When Tencent found him, the lovely software engineer did n’t even realize the qq brand and The value of its own domain name actually went from 2 million USD itself active price reduction to 110,000 USD ([doge] emoji).

Tencent's domain name story:from arbitration to $ 110,000 acquisition of

I actually want to know what this engineer is doing now. He will now regret it if he remembers that there was a big pie in front of him, but he only saved a little. Piece.

That’s it. Tencent spent 100,000 USD + 10,000 attorney fee to get a super-superior domain name that matches the brand.

Story 2:Provocative f ** (sensitive words have been blocked)

Tencent in 2010, according to legends The competition between the company and 360 is getting more and more fierce. I believe everyone still remembers that a”difficult decision” came out of the pop-up window in the lower right corner. But just at this time, a sensitive domain name took the initiative to touch China, which was already the Internet giant Tencent.

Tencent's domain name story:from arbitration to $ 110,000 acquisition of

A sharp-eyed netizen found that f ** This domain name actually jumped to the 360 ​​company’s official website, which is undoubtedly fueling the fire. As the saying goes, rivers and lakes are in trouble, and there are contradictions. If we see the true chapters on our products, it is too moral to directly face and insult the brand. Are you saying no?

Unable to helplessly, the chairman of the 360 ​​company Zhou Hongzhang can only come out to clarify.

Tencent's domain name story:from arbitration to $ 110,000 acquisition of

Later, the holders of f ** also came out and publicly apologized to Zhou Hongyi on Weibo. This is how it happened, and the domain name was later built with sex toys. The e-commerce platform”send Q”, eh ~~ qq has the meaning of”fun”. As for the previous word, there is no need to explain it.

Although things have passed, this negative impact on the brand has caused people to unconsciously talk about the relationship between a domain name and Tencent for a long time … How can this thing pass?

Eight years later, Tencent’s complaint, which may be more and more aggressive, was submitted to the Hong Kong Secretariat of the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center.

A month later, Tencent got the domain name f **, but it is estimated that it will not be activated.

It is not difficult to tell from the story:

First, Tencent is a company that attaches great importance to brand domain names, as early as 2003 I looked for brand domain names everywhere;

Second, a domain name can have a great negative impact on a brand;

Third, do n’t just use your own domain name to touch the porcelain. Brands are easily arbitrated.