I remember that Ma Yun said something in the early years. In the field of e-commerce, even if I was sitting still, it was difficult for Ma Huateng to catch up. The fact is the same. Tencent also did e-commerce many times in the year, but in the end it failed miserably, and then turned to invest in JD.com.

That’s from then on, as long as Ali has any action, basically Tencent will start plagiarizing. For example, Alibaba Cloud was launched, and Tencent only launched in the following years. And now Tencent has launched a product that benchmarks Ant Antenna, which is”WeChat split payment”!

Tencent officially launched

What is”WeChat Sharing”?

WeChat split payment is actually no different from Ant Antenna, which is to let users spend this month and then repay next month.

Different consumption scenarios, such as eating, shopping, and watching movies, can be used for”spending”. However, at present, WeChat split payment does not support red envelopes, transfers, etc. Many friends asked me how to open WeChat payment? To activate this thing, you must first open the WeChat payment points. For example, you can scan WeChat with WeChat offline, and then you know if you have WeChat payment points. If you do n’t even have WeChat payment points, then do n’t Think about WeChat sharing.

Tencent officially launched

Why did Ma Huateng launch”WeChat split payment”?

Alibaba does cloud computing, and Tencent also does cloud computing. Now Ma Huateng steals Ma Yun and makes a WeChat split payment.

For Tencent, WeChat holds 1.1 billion users worldwide, of which WeChat payment card binding users have exceeded 800 million. This is a huge market, not to mention more, even if it is 3 One of the users used WeChat split payment, then Tencent can also start lying down to make money.

From a deeper perspective, Tencent also needs WeChat to pay for such products. Because Alibaba has ant flower owl and ant borrowing, it not only improves the stickiness of users, but also allows users to deposit money into Alipay. WeChat also thinks so now, you have Yu’ebao, and we have WeChat. Financial management.

Tencent officially launched

Theoretically,”WeChat split payment” is a product that is beneficial to users. Why don’t 1.1 billion WeChat users buy it? In fact, it is very simple, because there is very little sincerity in enabling WeChat payment at present. For this reason, netizens also said that Ma Huateng does nothing sincerely. I do not know how the old irons see this problem?