Privacy issues have always been a matter of great importance to the public. In the era of rapid development of Internet technology, once privacy is leaked, it may be used to do anything.

On September 12th, Kai-Fu Lee said at the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurs Summit that he had helped Megvii technology companies find cooperation including Meitu and Ant Financial. Partners, let them get a lot of face data, and found several valuable commercialization directions in the subsequent exploration process.

This speech immediately exploded. Is the face data leaked randomly like this?

That night, Ant Group immediately issued a statement to clarify:Ant Group has never provided any face data to Megvii Technology, and the past cooperation between the two parties was limited to Megvii Technology’s authorized images The ability of the recognition algorithm is deployed and used by ants alone, and does not involve any data sharing and transmission; currently the two parties have no relevant business cooperation.

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Megvision Technology Then issued a statement:1. In the process of customer cooperation, Megvii always respects and is committed to assisting customers to ensure data security. We do not grasp and will not actively collect any personal information of end users. This is our consistent principle. 2. Data security is the foundation of artificial intelligence companies. Megvii has always attached great importance to the issue of”data privacy security protection” and has formulated and implemented a complete data privacy protection system within the company.

To put it simply:Both companies stated that they attach great importance to user privacy, one has never provided it, and the other has never actively collected it.

Li Kaifu also posted an apology to the three companies on Weibo, saying that he had missed the word:“In the early days, I suggested and helped the Megvii team find more application partners to enhance Technical level, improve the model recognition rate.””During cooperation, Megvii provides AI technology to the partner. I understand that the data has always been stored in the partner’s client server and does not involve any data sharing and transmission.”

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Although each company has issued a clarification statement Li Kaifu also apologized as a slip of the tongue. But many netizens still remain skeptical.

Coincidentally, yesterday, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center recently discovered through Internet monitoring that a number of game mobile applications have privacy violations and violate the”Network Security Law” 》Related regulations, suspected of collecting personal privacy information beyond the scope,

There are four main methods:1. When the App is first run, it is not prompted by a pop-up window or other obvious methods. The user reads the privacy policy and other collection and use rules, or asks for the user’s consent by default, such as agreeing to the privacy policy. 2. Failure to expressly indicate all the privacy permissions applied for to the user, suspected of privacy non-compliance. 3. The purpose, method, and scope of personal information collected and used are not listed one by one, which is suspected of privacy violation. 4. Failure to provide effective corrections, delete personal information, and cancel user account functions, or set unreasonable conditions for canceling user accounts, suspected of privacy violations.

This includes”Peace Elite”,”Tom Cat Parkour“,”Plants vs. Zombies 2″,”Daily Run”,”Snake Battle®” and many other popular players tour. Among them, several mobile games belong to large companies like Tencent.

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One ​​is to Be cautious when downloading this type of mobile game. Secondly, it is recommended to turn on the”real-time monitoring” function of the anti-virus mobile application in the mobile phone, to actively defend against mobile phone operations, and to monitor the intrusion activities of unknown viruses as soon as possible.

In addition, for other games that have not been queried yet, please pay attention to the privacy policy when downloading, and do not take it lightly.

It has recently been revealed that constellation divination websites will also steal all kinds of privacy. Internet privacy theft is also full of tricks, and the methods are impossible to prevent, like an invisible black hand. It will catch you all the time.

always pay attention to the protection of your privacy, and do not easily divulge your important information, which is protected from the source.