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Author | Han Xiaohuang

Drawing| Liu Qi

Source|AI Blue Media Collection (lanmeih001)

Now these e-commerce companies don’t know what’s wrong, and those who can’t stand by them have raised tens of billions of subsidies.

It’s all about giants like Alibaba JD.com and follow the trend. Big companies have cash. It’s nothing to invest 10 billion in chasing trends. But some companies are going too far. They don’t even have a market value of 10 billion and they still learn from others to get 10 billion subsidies. Isn’t this pure fudge?

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Understandably, since the e-commerce industry has developed so far, all the bonuses that should be grabbed have been robbed, and all the ideas that should be used have been exhausted. For users, there are few new ways to stimulate their already strong nerves, except Cheap.

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Counting down, in recent years, users have become more and more indifferent to e-commerce festivals such as Double Eleven and 618. It was not until Pinduoduo shouted the slogan of”10 billion subsidies” that it once again led a new round of craze in the market.

But the question is, does the word”10 billion subsidies” necessarily mean”true fragrance”? Can the tens of billions of subsidies really be a good medicine for e-commerce bottlenecks?

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Is it Dad? Just make tens of billions of subsidies!

First of all, ask a question. Who do you think of when you first think of the”ten billion subsidy”?

If you are a technology self-media practitioner like me, your first reaction must be Pinduoduo. Everyone knows that on June 1, 2019, Pinduoduo took the lead in shouting the slogan of”10 billion subsidies” and used the favorite Apple mobile phone of young people in the town to make subsidies and cut prices. At that time, the popular entry-level iPhone SE was not 4000. Lots, not more than 3,000. It only sells for 2899 yuan at Pinduoduo, which directly put the arrogant head in the fifth ring to the ground.

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With this four-character magic weapon, Pinduoduo has moved the user level, ushered in a surge in monthly activity, and told the capital market another new story after the sinking.

How useful is this magic weapon? Directly increase the market value of Pinduoduo from more than US$20 billion before the tens of billions of subsidies to US$100 billion now.

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Pinduoduo’s stock price changes before and after the tens of billions subsidy

Who do you think can’t be jealous after seeing this? You used to be ignorant of you in the past, but now you can’t afford to climb high. The fellow players raised their heads and questioned”I want to see how long it can burn” at first, but in the end they were dragged to the point where they had to vote. Join in this vigorous subsidy battle together.

Especially Ali, the big brother of domestic e-commerce, has completely got rid of the burden of idols this year. From the cost-effective to the hungry, and then to the flying pig, one is counted as one, and all of them are marked with a”ten billion subsidy” sign for promotion. The three sections add up to 30 billion in cash, which is almost Ali. Net profit for a quarter.

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Look at this anger, your father is still your father. Facts have proved that users can lose, monthly life can be lost, GMV can be lost, but if you want to grab my”E-commerce dad” name, dream!

Ali’s vertigo big trick has indeed achieved miraculous results. Pinduoduo’s users who have seized for a year have lost their minds in an instant. More and more users open up when they raise tens of billions of subsidies. Is it not Pinduoduo but Taobao App?

It’s very good. It’s good to take care of him, you and me. It’s really cheap. The trademark rights of Double Eleven are still in Taobao’s hands. After eleven years, it has not evolved into a national carnival.

Fragrant, it’s over.

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If you don’t have tens of billions, you dare to subsidize.

But to be honest, whether it’s Ali or Pinduoduo, or JD.com and Suning. The slogan of tens of billions of subsidies by the players is credible to users, and it is also worthy of joy, because with the strength of other companies, they can really get 10 billion in cash.

But some companies are going too far. You don’t have 10 billion yuan in market value or cash flow. What do you call tens of billions of subsidies? Is it pure cheating? Sorry, I’m not targeting anyone, I’m talking about Wanlimu under the banner of qudian. Don’t think you are a real tyrant by selling Hermes.

In June this year, Qudian announced that it would spend US$100 million to acquire luxury e-commerce Secoo

span>Nearly 30%equity, integrating the latter’s supply chain resources to pave the way for its own luxury e-commerce Wanlimu. At the same time, Wan Limu, which has just started, is also making a gimmick of”tens of billions of subsidies”, trying to seize the market with low-priced luxury goods.

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But the embarrassing thing is, where did Wanlimu get your 10 billion subsidies?

In the second quarter of its slogan, the market value of Wanlimu’s two Dad’s Fun Store and Secoo together will exceed 500 million US dollars. The combined cash flow and cash equivalents of the companies are 2.2 billion yuan.

Don’t talk about tens of billions of subsidies, one billion subsidies will be clean if you can’t get them twice. American leeks are a little bit foolish, but they are not so stupid that they don’t even understand the account.

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The fact is exactly the same. In the first half of this year, Wanlimu, who advertised vigorously everywhere, lost its voice, and the Qudian, which poured huge marketing costs into it, ushered in a full decline in the second quarter, with revenue and net profit. Decreased by 47%and 84%respectively, the transaction value of its open platform transaction services decreased by 70%from the first quarter to 700 million yuan.

The stock price is even more miserable. As of today’s US stock market closing, Qudian closed at $1.32 per share, leaving the market value of $335 million.

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Fundian The stock price comparison before and after the tens of billions of subsidies

The same is the tens of billions of subsidies, and the market value rushed to 100 billion after the hard work. Ali is even more stable if not. In the top spot, the market value of Qudian is about to drop below 100 million, and the gap is more than 100 million points.

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Hard loading tens of billions, duck don’t have to

I can only say that the tens of billions subsidy is a customized game for the big guys, not everyone can afford it. of. They are all top rooms where 200,000 Happy Beans take off. You can lose twice in a novice game with 1,000 Happy Beans, and you still want to be a gambler?

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“Ten Billions” is a pass for high-end players, and it may only become an epitaph in the hands of small players who do not understand the rules of the game.

The same sentence, I’m not targeting anyone, I’m talking about the ofo yellow car. In fact, before the four words of tens of billions of subsidies were created by Pinduoduo into a unique context, the Internet industry was always in the game of burning money subsidies, and the successors burned more than tens of billions.

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In 2013, when online car-hailing just started, almost people with mobile phones took free taxis, more than once, from full free to half price to now and then 25%, 50%, and 3.8%. Didi, which has been exporting for seven years, has burned more than tens of billions.

In the next few years, shared bicycles were born, and users also enjoyed the process of woolen wool from free to low price. According to incomplete statistics, this market The amount of financing burned may exceed RMB 20 billion. But in the end, we have already seen that due to vicious competition of capital, shared bicycles are ultimately left to the market and users. As of today, an old editor of Lan Mediahui who did not want to be named admitted:”Not only is my deposit not refunded, My wife’s and my brother’s have not returned yet.”

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Ofo eventually owes the user a deposit, more than tens of billions? The white prostitute was happy for a while, and the debt collection crematorium.

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Ten billion is risky, and subsidies need to be cautious. These four words are not only a heartbeat game that high-end capital players can afford to play. For users, there are pits everywhere and avoid them. Today, when I impulsively place an order for a subsidy of tens of dollars, I still think about whether it may cause more losses to myself in the future.

Whether the company or the user has that strength, of course, it can be subsidized, but if there is no money, it must be tens of billions. This is indeed unnecessary.

Ten billion subsidies are a basket, and I want to put everything in it. But this basket is a golden basket full of pits and exposed everywhere. The cabbage that can’t block the basket hole still doesn’t have to jump in. Otherwise, if the golden basket draws water, it may end up with nothing.