Technology, technology, technology, everything comes from the innovation and development of”technology”. Only businesses that incorporate technology can have a future market. Only a life with technology will be more colorful.

In the first two decades, e-commerce has flooded into the commercial market and eliminated many physical businesses that could not keep up with the”new era”. Now that many Internet companies have risen and many innovative platforms have entered the Internet business market, they are accelerating the reshuffle of the”traditional business” circulation model.

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Maybe it won’t be long before those self-proclaimed and unpretentious businessmen are about to come to an end. This is a new era in which miracles can be created, and it is also an era in which any unintended”human body and company” can be quickly eliminated. Whoever falls behind will be washed away!

5G is rapidly popularizing, and new infrastructure is also being implemented. The development of the Internet has entered a mature cycle, and the Internet of Things is coming soon. Artificial intelligence has no suspense and has entered the public eye.

Technology empowers traditional industries, which will be a beautiful landscape. Technology realizes the empowerment of industry intelligence, digitalization, content-based, high-end, etc., a series of scenarios will be greatly upgraded!

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Grasping the change of the development trend of the times is the opportunity cycle for everyone, and it is also the way of survival for”individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises”. Making good use of scientific and technological innovation and integration will enhance one’s own competitive strength. These diversified advantages have been gradually revealed.

Life in 2020 will be difficult. Many people say they have encountered difficulties; many entities and companies have encountered difficulties; is there really no way to solve them? It’s not that there is no way to solve the problem, but you are not paying attention to details at all.

The solution to any problem is constantly produced in the details. In the first two decades, Jack Ma said that the Internet can change the world. How many people believe it? Not just those few people, but those few people I believe, have now become Internet entrepreneurs in various fields.

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It is not difficult to see the details of the e-commerce empire founded by Jack Ma 20 years ago. Every development cycle is changing, but change is not necessarily a bad thing, but a progressive process that enhances the discovery of”economic development and business models.”

Those who have grasped the”change” cycle of the development of this era are bound to have the courage to face any crisis; they can also solve any problem; the gap between change and unchanged is very large, and the final result is very Different.

After 2020, the changes are beyond imagination. If you want a better job, you want a more tasteful life, you want to make more money, and you want the company to go to the next level, you must Understand the evolution of”technology” development.

Author:Internet voices