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In 1953, Mao Zedong and Huang Jiguang’s mother shook hands with Deng Yingchao present.

   Here, let’s read the letter from Mama Huang to the chairman:

  Dear Chairman Mao:

   My name is Deng Fangzhi, I am 61 years old this year , Lives in the third village of Shima Township, Tongshan District, Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province. Huang Jiguang, a special-class hero of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army and a second-class combat hero, is my third son.

After    Guanger’s glorious sacrifice, Yin Chaofan, deputy head of the third branch of the Second Chinese People’s Mission to North Korea, and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Sichuan Province Anti-U.S. Aid Korea Branch, Sichuan Provincial People’s Consolation Team, and Chinese People The Southwest Military Region of the People’s Liberation Army and the Southwestern District Working Committee of the Chinese New Democratic Youth League sent representatives from far away to Zhongjiang to attend Guang’er’s memorial meeting. They also brought a lot of condolences to me. Everyone kindly called me”Mama Huang”. Everyone said that they would be my son and daughter, and asked me to play in their factories, offices, schools, and villages. Yin Chaofan also told me that all the volunteers in the front would like to recognize me as their mother. I really feel unspeakable honor. At this moment, I thought of you, and I knew in my heart that you gave me the glory of today.

  Dear Chairman Mao:Our ancestors have been peasants who have suffered for generations. Before liberation, the landlord exploited us, the township, Bao, and Jia Chang ride on our heads, and the ancestral acres of farmland were also forced to pawn. The family had little food and no clothes. It was really hard! In the drought of 1942, my sons were all hungry and stuck in bed and could not move. In February 1949, when there was nothing to eat in the family, Jiguang went to the river to fish for shrimps, and was killed in the river when he encountered a hairy dog ​​with a false armour. The pseudo-armor, indiscriminately, insisted that Jiguang killed him, told him to carry the dog to the street, and asked my family to buy a coffin for the dog and build a dojo. At that time, there was simply no way for us to survive!

   The great Chairman Mao:Thank you for leading us to liberation. Only then did we turn over, divide the land and settle down, and live a good life.

  Dear Chairman Mao:We know how to defend our good days. On the day Jiguang left home, he once told me that he would go to North Korea to fight the evil American devils, and would never go home unless they destroy the American devils. He asked me to do a good job in production at the rear and to fight more food support at the front line. Listening to Guang’er speaks so ambitious, I am really happy. But I understand better that you and the Communist Party have educated him.

   Now, although Jiguang has sacrificed gloriously, thousands of young people are willing to be my children. They all expressed that they would learn Jiguang’s spirit and do a good job of fighting, working and studying in order to defend and build our great motherland. This is my greatest comfort. I must encourage them to continue to heroically kill the enemy and work hard to defend the motherland and world peace, defeat the American devils as soon as possible, and avenge Jiguang. At the same time, I also want to educate my child Jishu well, teach him to be like his brother, and strive to be a hero and model of the country.

   I wish you health!

  Deng Fangzhi, Sincerely,

   January 22nd

  Postscript:Today, when we read this letter, when we repeatedly stare at Mao Zedong and Huang Jiguang’s mother When taking pictures, we have to say too much.

   Which mother does not love her son? Which father does not love his son?

   The mother who lost her son, the father who lost her son, what a similar feeling she and him have!

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Painting:Super Hero Huang Jiguang