Tang Gaozong’s Li Zhi, generally speaking he should be like this:Tang Taizong’s The incompetent son, or the wretched man who let his wife usurp his family; he is Li Shimin“The Rule of Zhen Guan” shines under the light Shimmering, he is the background board of Li Longji’s”New Century”; his generosity is said to be cowardly, and his low-key is regarded as mediocrity. But in fact, he is not inferior to any promising emperor in history!

1. From furnishings to pro-government-the game between imperial power and relative power

(1) Overseeing the imperial power Changsun Wuji. Six years before Yonghui, the young emperor Li Zhi discovered that the supreme power of the Tang Empire was not in the hands of the emperor, but in the hands of the chief prime minister, Tuogu ministers, three dynasties elders, and his uncle, grandson Wuji. The national official affairs of personnel appointment and removal are still the family affairs of the emperor of the prince, and he has almost no say in himself. Li Zhi was frustrated and helpless:his prince was named by his uncle to fight for the throne, and his throne was supported by his uncle. This uncle has been busy”working hard” for his family since the founding of the Tang Dynasty. Later”…From this perspective, he seemed to be grateful to his uncle. But when I think about it, it’s not right. Datang’s surname is Li, but now he looks like the surname”Eldest Sun”. Moreover, Changsun Wuji not only dominates the Chao Gang, but also interferes with Li Zhi’s emperor’s family affairs (Li Chu), and Li Zhi’s bottom line is broken bit by bit. Finally, the famous”Fang Yiai Treason” that followed immediately made Li Zhi unable to sit still. Yonghui At the end of four years, an ordinary family dispute caused by Fang Xuanling’s two sons was used by the eldest son Wuji as a tool of political cleansing , Jing Wang Li Yuanchang, Wu Wang Li Ke, the beloved Mafang, the founder of the country Xue Wanche and other political enemies were wiped out in one go. By February of the fifth year of Yonghui When the case was closed, the court was already full of forces from the grandson family. Take the prime minister’s team as an example. Among the nine people, except for Li Ji who is Li Zhi’s person and the two ends of Yu Zhining’s first mouse, Chu Suiliang , Han Wei, Lai Ji, Cui Dunli and the other six are all the eldest grandson. Although Changsun Wuji was only greedy for power, and did not have Yi, Huo’s unauthorized abolition or even Wang Mang’s intention to usurp the emperor, but the erosion and offense of the imperial power by the relative authority had reached the point where Li Zhi could not bear it.

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Changsun Wuji

(2 ) Li Zhi’s political counterattack. Two people are never allowed to walk side by side on the road of power, and even imperial power. Li Zhi is generous but not stupid. Politically, he inherited the powerful genes of his grandfather and father. Therefore, when he found that he had a certain strength, he began to fight back. In the first step, the queen abolished. This is the first real game between Li Zhi and Changsun Group. Li Zhi said:My wife is the master. Changsun Group said:(The King) Queen has no faults and cannot be abandoned. You come and I don’t give in to each other. The addition of Li Ji made Li Zhi, who was at a disadvantage, reversed. In October of the sixth year of Yonghui, Li Zhi made a paper edict, and the queen was deposed on the grounds that “conspiracy to commit poison, abolish her as a prostitute, mother and brother, and remove her name from Lingnan.” On the 19th of the month, according to Wenwu Bai The officials’ civil and military officials were jointly named, and Emperor Gaozong and Li Zhi enlisted Wu Zhaoyi as the queen. Li Zhi exercised imperial power for the first time. The second step is to break through the iron curtain. The so-called”Iron Curtain” refers to the intertwined officialdom network formed by Changsun Wuji for many years inside and outside the court. In this big net, the influence of the Changsun Group spreads all over every corner, and every appointment and instruction of the empire is deeply imprinted by Changsun Wuji. This situation was first torn apart in the process of the abolition of the queen. In September of the sixth year of Yonghui, that is, one month before the abolition, the best friend of Changsun Wuji and the same veteran Chu Suiliang was demoted. In the imperial court, the doomsday horn of the Changsun Group began to sound. The third step is to abolish the prince. Xianqing On the first month of the first year (656 AD), the prince Li Zhong, supported by the Changsun Group, was abolished as the King of Liang, only four years old The year-old Li Hong (born with Empress Wu) was established as the prince, and the eldest grandson retreated steadily. In the fourth step, the grandson fell. In the fourth year of Xianqing, a so-called case of Wei Jifang and Li Chaopeng took place in Luoyang, the eastern capital. Changsun Wuji had nothing to do with this case. However, under Li Zhi’s direct instruction, the nature of the case not only became rebellion, but the protagonist also became Changsun Wuji. This is the same as that of Changsun Wuji a few years ago. Wu Wang Li Ke and others are exactly the same.”Old Tang Book · The Biography of Changsun Wuji” records:”The emperor (Li Zhi) didn’t ask why Wuji rebelled, but listened to (Xu) Jingzong’s framing.” The grandson of the Tang Dynasty officialdom for more than 30 years. Wuji collapsed. In this game between imperial power and relative power, Li Zhi won.

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Li Zhi

Second, the gradual fall of the imperial power——”Er Shenglin Dynasty” Datang Couple Store

Is it close to my wife or friends to live at home? Of course his wife. This is because his wife is also his own family, and no matter how good the relationship of friends is, it is theoretically an outsider-Li Zhi, the third leader of Datang, also thinks so.

It started as an accident. In April of the fifth year of Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty, the eldest grandson Wuji broke the law and Li Zhi became pro-government. But his high spirits lasted only half a year. In October, Li Zhi or Datang’s turning point came-he had a stroke. Although there was no hemiplegia, his mental head plummeted. At only 33 years old, he had actually entered old age early. However, the DPRK discussion still has to proceed and government affairs have to be dealt with. What should we do? Li Zhi, who had just overthrown the autocratic prime minister, no longer trusted the courtiers anymore, looking at the memorials on the case, he turned his eyes to the harem.

The political spring of Empress Wu has since arrived.

Opportunities always belong to those who are prepared. At the critical moment, Empress Wu’s good education and innate understanding and high enthusiasm for politics made her handy and easy to handle in the process of government affairs. When Li Zhi was surprised, he not only took her to the court and listened to politics, but also”because the beginning is to delegate political affairs, power and people dominate.”

However, this harmonious scene of husband singing and wife singing did not last long. Li Zhi found that in terms of power, he might”reject the wolf at the front door and accept the tiger at the back door” because of the power of the woman next to the pillow. Desire is greater than that of any man. First, she is cultivating her own power. The first group of anti-elder grandson figures such as Li Yifu and Xu Jingzong have gathered to Empress Wu. Second, she was secretly seizing the power of the prime minister. Empress Wu gathered a large number of celebrities (the so-called”Beimen scholars”), borrowing the name of the book, but acting as the prime minister to deal with various memorials (“secret order to participate in the decision, to divide the prime ministers right”). Third, she began to listen to politics with her curtains hanging down.”Since it is, every time you look at things, the curtain hangs behind you. Regardless of the size of the government, you can predict it. The power of the world will return to the palace; the life and death of the emperor is determined by his mouth. That’s it, both Chinese and foreign are called the two saints.”

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North Korea

During this whole process, I believe that Li Zhi is contradictory:if you don’t delegate power, your body will not allow it; if you delegate power, you can only choose the lesser of two evils, because your wife is more trustworthy than a minister. Therefore, after repeated hesitation, Empress Wu walked to the foreground step by step. But here, I personally firmly believe that although Li Zhi is generous but not faint, hesitating but not confused, he has always grasped the measure and scale-but one is that his body cannot be the master, and the other is that he still underestimates the desire of Empress Wu. And ambition!

In December of the first year of Hongdao (683 AD), Li Zhi died at the Zhenguan Temple in Luoyang at the age of fifty-six. A piece of history has since ended, and a piece of history has opened again.

3. Huanghuang Wenzhi, magnificent martial arts-a period of severely underestimated Prosperity Foundation.

Because of Empress Wu’s usurpation of the Tang Dynasty and the huge light of”Zhenguan Zhizhi” and”Kaiyuan Prosperity”, Li Zhi’s martial arts of Wenzhi were completely submerged. In fact, when we peel away the layers of history and examine that period of history from the mid-seventh century AD, we will find that there is a flower of flourishing age that is not inferior to”Zhen Guan” and”Kai Yuan”. , Once bloomed brilliantly under the rule of Tang Gaozong, who was rumored to be mediocre and weak.

First, The Rule of Yonghui. Throughout the Zhenguan Reign, even though it was known as the prosperous age, in fact, it has been continuously expanding its territory with amazing combat power. Due to the lack of rest, the national strength of the entire empire never recovered. As soon as Gaozong Lizhi succeeded to the throne, he immediately issued an edict,”Stop the battle of Liaodong and all the civil works.” At the same time, he followed the story of Zhenguan and opened the way:”If there is something inconvenient for the people, you should report it. In particular, he is extremely concerned about the suffering of the people. He has successively curbed inflation by reducing currency system, controlled food prices through state purchases, and called on all people to be diligent and thrifty. Under these measures, although there have been many disaster years, the national economy has been greatly restored and developed. This period of history is called”the rule of Yonghui”.

Second,”Tang Law Commentary”. China’s first most complete law was promulgated in the fourth year of Yonghui (653 AD). Its important significance is that it established the norms of ancient Chinese criminal law, and later generations such as Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and other dynasties legislated. None of them got rid of it.

Third, huge territory. What many people did not expect was that the peak of the military power and national prestige of the Tang Dynasty was not Zhenguan, nor Kaiyuan, but the Gaozong Dynasty. In the second year of Xianqing, the Su Dingfang fought the Biaohe River and defeated the 100,000 coalition forces of the Western Turks with 10,000 yuan to quell the Ashina Helu Rebellion. The Tang forces entered Central Asia and West Asia. In the third year of Longshuo (663 years), Liu Ren lost track. Japan, Po Baekje; in the first year of the general chapter (668 AD), Lee Seji put down Goryeo. As of the first year of Xianheng (A.D. 670), the territory of the empire under Gaozong’s rule had reached its peak, starting from the Korean Peninsula in the east, the Aral Sea in the west, Lake Baikal in the north, and Hengshan in the south. This situation remained for 32 years.

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Da Tang territory during the Gaozong period

Such an emperor who founded a great cause for thousands of years has been weakened or even discredited. Our history is sometimes too capricious!