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There is a lot of good news recently. On the one hand, the large-scale data of foreign trade is exciting, and on the other hand, it comes from Alibaba International Station The results of the September Purchasing Festival are also quite surprising.

The data released by the General Administration of Customs on the 7th shows In August, China’s foreign trade imports and exports amounted to RMB 2.88 trillion, a year-on-year increase6% . Among them, exports were 1.65 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.6%.

On September 10, the September Procurement Festival of Ali International Station The weekly report was also officially released. The phenomena and opportunities revealed therein deserve close attention of every foreign trader. The author even thinks, it is no exaggeration to say,The spring of foreign trader is back strong>.

The author:Zhu autumn city 17 years of cross-border trade electricity supplier practitioners, general manager of Ningbo New Oriental Ltd., well-known media people from foreign trade. The article has been authorized to publish.

01 Three-digit growth, driving confidence in the entire foreign trade industry to rekindle

According to the latest official announcement, in the first week of the September Purchasing Festival (September 1-7), the actual transaction volume has increased year-on-year160%, the number of orders increased year-on-year125%, the number of buyers on the platform has increased year-on-year100% . For this performance, the author can still”take it lightly”.

As a practitioner who has been tracking the frontier dynamics of foreign trade for a long time, the author still clearly remembers that in the first half of this year, the actual transaction volume of Ali International Station has increased year-on-year.80%, and the single-month growth rate in June has crossed three digits. Therefore, in the first week of this year’s Purchasing Festival, the doubled growth rate can be said to be” In line with expectations”.

getUrls?link=9710703bd44ef4b619e0098acb01e5dc - Talking about foreign trade|In September, the transaction volume of Alibaba International Station increased by 160%in the first week, what signals were revealed

But the performance on the first day makes the author a bit unable to calm down:22 hours in advance.

span>, the actual GMV received exceeded the entire day on the first day of last year’s procurement festival. This performance, to put it simply, is”the current two hours are equal to the past 24 hours”. I have to say that it is a little bit beyond expectations, which can be said to be amazing.

As an old foreign trader, I think such achievements are still worthy of attention. At present, many people in the outside world are extremely pessimistic about foreign trade out of ignorance. In the author’s opinion, this is undesirable. Perhaps these people are just focusing on traditional foreign trade, but neglecting the use of Ali. The digital new foreign trade represented by the International Station is booming. In my opinion, digital and online export trade will surely become the mainstream form of the entire foreign trade industry in the future. Those bad guys look like an old saying:”With the old map, you can’t find the new world!”

The trend behind the 02 data:This industry is actually on fire

The data in the first week of the purchasing festival also shows that compared with the first half of the Protective equipment has withdrawn from the top 10 industries in terms of transaction volume, and replaced by auto parts and electrical equipment; sports and entertainment industryThe growth rate is as high as 314%, the most amazing and the most popular is Bicycles, electric scooters, electric bicycles.

getUrls?link=20a7e35267b51165861aa49ace3715aa - Talking about foreign trade|In September, the transaction volume of Alibaba International Station increased by 160%in the first week, what signals were revealed

getUrls?link=267f33c9aeb4162eb0e431753ac17839 - Talking about foreign trade|In September, the transaction volume of Alibaba International Station increased by 160%in the first week, what signals were revealed

Author To this end, I specially”interviewed” a business friend who did road bike, and learned that he received it on the opening day of the September Shopping Festival Two orders totaling 700,000 US dollars, and the online operation has completed the process from order to payment.

The performance of the sports and entertainment industry is eye-catching, and the reasons behind bicycles becoming explosive products are actually not complicated. Although the epidemic has been greatly eased, people overseas are also allowed to go out for activities. However, many people still worry that taking public transportation will increase the risk of infection, so choosing outdoor transportation tools has almost become a rigid demand, and bicycles, electric scooters, and electric bicycles have naturally become the first choice.

This logic is really not complicated, but you, as a merchant, have you predicted this?

03 There are still many opportunities:the second half of the purchasing festival should be played like this

2020 is bound to be an extraordinary year for the majority of foreign trade companies, but any so-called”crisis” is the coexistence of danger and opportunity. The September Purchasing Festival has started for more than a week. What else can you do next to seize the opportunity? The author simply sorts out, so that you can”make more and save more”:

1. Featured venues have peaked in traffic, so you can earn more money by laying out live broadcasts.

This year’s Purchasing Festival is very different because there are many”special venues”A lot of attention. For example, the new media venues represented by live short videos, and the Black Friday venue where the first group promotion mode is launched. The author paid special attention to the data situation of these special venues and found them to be quite good.

Take the new media venue as an example. Compared with the live broadcast of previous online exhibitions, the average daily live broadcast of the merchants during the first week of the Purchasing Festival has increased.73%, buyers’ average viewing time per game has increased significantly203%, the number of product clicks has increased exponentially357%. Behind the growth of these numbers are surging global business opportunities. The purchasing festival will enter the second half immediately, and business friends who do live broadcasts should pay more attention, increase investment, speed up the layout, and seize this wave of business opportunities.

2, make full use of big data, and do not fight the”unprepared battle.”

Now the competition in business has become This is the case for domestic trade, and even more so for export trade. In this purchasing festival, the author noticed that”data steward” has become a frequent word among merchants.

A heavy machinery merchant in the north, according to The industry version of Big Data for International Station Data Manager has designed and produced a small-tonnage, compact mini-excavator that meets European emission standards. In the first week of the September Purchase Festival, an order was received from Australia, and the other party ordered 13 mini excavators for the first purchase. This is the power of data operations. All you have to do is to make good use of this weapon.

3. Pay close attention to the various preferential measures of the cross-border supply chain, and go to more provinces.

When the purchasing festival is in the second half, many people have already begun to enter the contract performance stage. At this time, I highly recommend you to learn about the preferential policies of Alibaba international station at the cross-border supply chain level this year. Remember the official website Second, I once calculated an account, an order of 150,000 US dollars, through One Access’s export customs clearance, in September this year, the purchase festival can finally save 360 ​​yuan.

Finally, apply Alibaba International Station General Manager Zhang In a broad sentence, the author would like to say,”The country’s foreign trade data and international station data both show that China’s exports continue to improve. The new digital foreign trade has made us always full of confidence in China’s exports.”

If you didn’t feel deeply about it before, then this September S Bright performance must be very convincing. In short, come on, foreign trader,”spring” is back, everything is rekindling, let’s start again!

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