I have personally experienced Amazon cross-border e-commerce business for a period of time. From my point of view, I would like to tell you what I understand about Amazon. For those who want to be cross-border e-commerce or are in cross-border e-commerce. Share what I have learned and thought.

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First, I still recognize the future of cross-border e-commerce, Datong, Advantageous products will always flow to the demand market in some way. Through this effective circulation, the markets in various places will become more reasonable, although it will bring overproduction worldwide.

Compared with domestic e-commerce, the biggest problem encountered by cross-border e-commerce is distance. Although many platforms or sellers have adopted overseas warehouses, or even a warehouse and customer integration solution, the distance The cost of time in the future has brought great uncertainties, such as:tariff issues caused by politics. When you first announced that your goods are on their way to the target country, you can only pray to complete customs clearance before they take effect. .

In addition, the research questions of domestic cross-border e-commerce people as the target market’s needs. Many cross-border e-commerce companies currently only analyze market trends and needs through big data, such as customs data or google trends, but This method is extremely passive. Once the judgment is wrong, the money of several containers must be put in.

Because my business model is based on the Amazon platform, I will introduce several modules to introduce cross-border e-commerce in the Amazon channel (I will not talk about some Amazon backgrounds. Let me introduce something you may not find.

I. Important:Amazon’s main source of revenue

Amazon charges 15% of the transaction as a transaction commission, which is the largest source of revenue for the Amazon platform . This is also the basis for many actions on the Amazon platform. After all, a company needs to make a profit. After understanding this nature, you can understand why many Amazon rules are made this way. Of course, some people will say that the Amazon cloud also makes money, but only the Amazon e-commerce platform is introduced here.

In addition, the category with the largest sales volume on Amazon is not 3C, nor clothing, but Home and kitchen.

Second, Amazon is really flattering customers is God

Amazon can be said to really treat customers as God, many return policies, product complaints, customers Feedback is taken seriously by Amazon and requires sellers to take it seriously. It can be said that Amazon is a company centered on the buyer experience.

So, in order to better satisfy the customer ’s shopping experience, Amazon forces sellers to provide better products and lower prices to consumers. As for how to persecute, I will talk about the basics of humanity.

What is Listing?

I did n’t know where it came from when I first encountered the word “Listing”, but later I realized that it ’s actually the Taobao product detail page. E-commerce product pages are like previous mail order letters. The most important thing is to display product pictures, product prices, and product names.

Listing is divided into a product search result page and a product detail page. The product search result page determines the click-through rate of the product. It is composed of main factors such as the main picture, title, and price. The product detail page is after the user clicks. The page that goes in determines the conversion rate of the product. It consists of the product image (multiple photos), title, 5-point description, product description, review, QA, and some related ads.

Amazon requires sellers to maintain a cool and indifferent product main picture, that is, they can only display the product itself, not all kinds of cool text and sexy models like Taobao.

Listing optimization is very important for product sales. After all, listing is the only contact surface that you can face with customers. Customers decide whether to click or buy a product completely depending on your listing. Amazon is not like Wang Tao ’s live chat tools (both inside the station), and foreigners are not used to chatting with others online for a long time, so this requires sellers to show the full picture of the product in Listing and answer customers. You may encounter doubts.

Ideally, customers can solve all possible problems on the Listing page.

Fourth, Amazon’s product rules

To introduce an e-commerce platform, you have to introduce the rules and gameplay of this platform.

People who are accustomed to domestic Taobao may be particularly uncomfortable with Amazon at the beginning. The most unsuitable is Amazon’s product rules. The core of Amazon’s product rules is:the same type and same product of the same brand There can only be one Listing.

So you will not find domestic Taobao in Amazon, search for Dyson vacuum cleaner and find 10,000 same results, and Amazon search for Dyson vacuum cleaner will only have a few listings (different models, etc.), The purpose of Amazon doing this is not to want users to spend too much time in search results. The goal is Dyson’s V8. The directionality is already clear, so only show a Dyson V8.

Reducing the display of the same type of product will also help the user to do subtraction, which can help users make faster decisions.

So you will ask, then as a seller, what if I also want to sell Dyson vacuum cleaner products?

It ’s very simple to “follow”. This is a very unique business of Amazon. That is to say, you can obtain the listing permission of a certain product through the follow-up method, provided that you stand out from many buyers. That is, you get a Buybox, and the important condition for getting a Buybox is the price. This forces the sellers of similar products to compete with each other and give the best price to the buyer.

Below, there are multiple sellers of the same product, but the one who gets the shopping cart button is only the one with the lowest price. That’s the way Amazon kills sellers.

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Following the sale is an ability that has been criticized by countless sellers, because once the success of the buybox has acquired Buybox, then you have the right to modify the listing page. Some malicious sellers will poison their competitors’ listings and modify the listing information after the successful sales, so that the weight of this listing drops.

Classic follow-up modification listing example:

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Of course, there are many ways to drive away and sell, and the most methods to teach online Is the brand record, after the record, you can complain to the seller who sold it without authorization. But to be honest, why do they appear to be sold, in fact, everyone ’s products are homogenized seriously, all are OEM products, I can find out where you produce it, talk to the factory and take it down. Selling you is a matter of minutes.

What is the A9 algorithm?

The following figure shows Amazon’s ranking algorithm:

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A9 algorithm is very mysterious, it is actually a Set of ranking mechanism, the essence behind this ranking mechanism is:let the better-selling products get a lot of display opportunities in the places where customers can find more, at the same time tap the potential of new products, and help high-quality products to expand sales. (Look! Only sell well to give you exposure and traffic, do not think about not selling well, because the better you sell, the more Amazon earns from transaction fees)

From Amazon’s ranking algorithm We can see that the intervention factors of A9 include keyword matching, availability, price, and sales.

The sales situation includes:whether it is FBA delivery, the star rating and quantity of the review, the quality of the picture, the description of the product details/A + page, advertising, promotion and so on.

For FBA-delivered products (that is, Amazon self-delivery), Amazon will give higher traffic care. First, Amazon will charge sellers FBA distribution fees. Second, Amazon believes that its own distribution business can Faster delivery of goods to customers (actually the same) and a better customer experience.

Finally, A9 is a completely systematic intervention, so a complete systematic intervention (non-artificial) may cause cheating. Some”smart” cross-border e-commerce sellers are constantly using these loopholes to expand their transactions. amount.

It contains manipulation pages, such as:evaluation, Q & amp; A; it also contains manipulation of fake transaction volume, conversion rate, and so on. The essence is to identify the conditions for A9 judgment, and increase these values ​​through false means, so that the A9 algorithm can be identified as a key product to obtain a large amount of traffic and transaction conversion.

Six, PPC about Amazon

The so-called PPC is Pay Per Click. Pay per click is Amazon’s in-site advertising, which is actually Taobao’s direct link. Car, purchase keyword display ranking. However, Amazon’s ranking of advertising space does not say whoever bids high will show the front. It is still the principle that Amazon is a company that needs to make a profit, and it charges transaction fees. If your product doesn’t bring a lot of transactions, even if your ad is in front, Amazon will not make much money. So the competition for advertising space not only looks at the bid, but also pays attention to the conversion efficiency effect of the advertisement, that is, the profitability of your product.

The types of advertising words include automatic and manual (phrases, short sentences, and precise), which have different functions. For cross-border e-commerce, the definition of advertising words is relatively tested skills. We As a foreigner, I do n’t know the locals ’description of the product or how they will search for this product, so there are several ways to find the appropriate keywords:

  • Automatic ad running words, Amazon will automatically help you cast a large number of words through the automatic advertisements that you open, and you can mine effective words from these words. Amazon third-party tools, such as Sonar, can automatically analyze different ASIN keywords. Ask the locals (the most straightforward way).

The keywords really make me feel deep, especially for non-standard products. You can hardly guess what words customers will use to search for your products. For example:one of my floor lamp products, I I exhausted everything, but in the end I found that some customers bought my products with words I did n’t expect, such as Tattoo Floor Lamp, for tattoos …

Each valid word is yours The source of the traffic, we have summarized, the formula of the listed traffic is equal to:Keyword 1 + Keyword 2 + Keyword 3 … + Keyword N.

Keyword thinking-understand the purchase path of e-commerce users

When I was shopping online, I didn’t think about my path until I did it. Amazon didn’t think about how users found specific products. The fixed route is completed in three stages:generating demand, expressing demand, and finding goals. In the face of unfamiliar products or needs, customers will use a keyword exploration process. For example, when customers want to be able to charge their mobile phones in the car, this may be the search path.

  • Use a charger in the car; cigarette lighter charging head; car charger; car charger for iphone 6s; car charger for iphone 6s security black gift data cable free shipping.

This is an educated process, so end users may trade within the term”car charger for iphone 6s secure black gift data cable”, and we ’ll just use the word Call it a long tail word.

So you need to understand that most of the traffic that users reach your product comes from search (Amazon), so here is the reverse. What if you want more customers to come to your page?

There are the following aspects:

  • Amazon thinks that your product is related to many keywords; these keywords must match your product, what will happen if it does not match kind? For example, when users search for a charger, they also want to buy a charger, but your product is a paper towel. You can imagine that users will not click on it; the most important point is that your many keywords are ranked on the customer search results page. Moving forward, we know that the click-through rate of products after the first page has plummeted.

So many Chinese sellers use some means, such as ordering, to specifically trade in specific keywords (that is, let customers search for keywords according to their own wishes) when they are doing keywords Order your own product and simulate the process) Let Amazon rank the product under this keyword as much as possible to get more traffic.

Of course, if the search is strenuous, there are also many short link tools on the Internet to help you make a listing link. After clicking on this link, the user will have the effect of searching.

eight, traffic thinking

One of the biggest feelings of doing e-commerce is traffic thinking. A typical example in life is phone fraud. You sometimes When I receive a scam call, I will sniff and tease them. How do you think such a poor acting skill is fooled, but every news broadcast always shocks you. So many scam success cases and such a large amount, is it really that good to do? ?

Actually, you do n’t know how many phone calls these scammers made. We said that if the success rate is only 1%, and you make 10,000 calls per month, then there will be 100 successes. , The amount of each time is about 1-10 million, you calculate this number. The same is true of e-commerce. To put it ugly, if the product is viewed by 10,000 people a day, even if your product is junk, there may be transactions.

So where does the e-commerce traffic come from?

1. Intra-site traffic

  • Most of the traffic comes from Amazon itself, which is why everyone is willing to rely on the platform The reason, and how Amazon’s traffic arrives at your listing, is currently mostly keyword search. The other part is Amazon’s PPC (advertising traffic), which is paid traffic. Through the input of specific keywords or other advertising space, your product will get greater exposure. Another part of the traffic on the site is related traffic, that is, your product may appear on the listing page of related products, and users will click in. This is the so-called rampant traffic, especially in the new product period. When the product has an advantage, it appears in the popular The product listing will effectively divert the traffic of popular products and bring good conversions. (Of course, this part can also be operated manually)

2. Offsite traffic

For example:FB, INS, YouTube, etc. For some websites, sellers can cooperate with experts in some fields to promote their products or publish some promotional information. The traffic from these external websites to Listing is off-site traffic, but because the off-site traffic is a direct link, the only benefit brought is the transaction. Volume, it will not bring the benefits of rising rankings for specific keywords.

The enlightenment of traffic thinking is for me-consider where are the traffic groups that match your product? (Conversion rate)

  • How do you get these people to come? (Means) How to get customers to complete conversion after coming? (Matching and Attracting) How can you help spread after conversion? (Beyond expectations performance and communication) Finally, how does this incoming traffic settle down? (Member)

Nine, research on the product

I have done Internet products for so many years, this time as a physical product, I feel quite deeply As you are used to the rapid iteration of software products, the smallest viable product, and small steps, physical products are indeed completely different in design, development, and production. You may have only one chance of success for physical products. That is the opportunity you have to produce to face consumers. After mass production, if you make a mistake, then the loss is considerable.

So everyone is a product manager. I think it is only applicable to the Internet industry, because Internet products have a higher fault tolerance rate, and physical products can’t tolerate mistakes. One mistake is death.

In addition, the life of physical products is quite long, and there will rarely be earth-shaking changes in the way they are used and used, such as flush toilets.

Of course, in this process, I also constantly think about how to integrate physical products with the Internet model, both in development mode and product form. I made the following thoughts and attempts:

  • Publish the product concept first rather than the physical product, and use the product concept to get the user’s urgency or acceptance of the problem that the product can solve, of course this is not enough . In the factories with good cooperation, we can quickly proof, make demos and send them to some users overseas for feedback. The design and development production process (factory part I cannot control) is introduced to Kanban. Everyone divides different product lines and divides the swim lanes of different steps to achieve daily communication and transparent transmission of problems. The development of physical products is often a long process. In the long process, if there are problems that are not known by the followers, it will bring catastrophic consequences, such as delays or returns.

Publishing the concept and quickly verifying the product may seem complicated or redundant, but it can reduce a lot of waste. Some developers develop products at will, regardless of user needs and scenarios, and pass high-cost batches. It is terrible to test the market in production.

Of course, I also learned a lot from the product developers during the supply chain process. The deepest feelings are some research methods:

  • For example:if you want to know a category The market size is that, in addition to google trends, you can learn about local keyword search trends, and you can also query customs data, which is quite 6. For example:they have mastered a lot of Amazon research tools, such as jungle scout, which can estimate the ranking of competitive products and the average monthly sales situation (the average monthly sales data of Amazon products are not displayed). For example, when communicating with the factory, they declared this The type of product shipments is very large to confuse you. You can query the customs data for the overall target market shipments of this product to verify the authenticity. Some customs data platforms can provide the number of customs exports of a certain type of product or even specific. Exporter. There are also some trademarks that can be used to query the parent company and all the trademarks of the parent company! You can’t run away if you want to run.

10. The team must have sedimentation and focus on reducing waste.

I have been extremely disapproved of the so-called Black technology, drill holes. I admit that these methods will bring a short-term outburst and can bring a lot of profits, and also allow companies to have more cash flow in the future to transform, but once the black technology is used, the team will be trapped in the black technology and leave the black It’s really scary to know how to sell after technology.

For the common cross-border e-commerce companies, my deepest feeling is that there is no strong precipitation of their own, except for the top ones such as Anker or Universal. Many small teams develop a large number of different types of products due to survival pressure or improper management. Developers see products that are made up and take back products. Sales get products and start to sell. This is a vicious circle (this is quite early in the Amazon market. When it’s easy to do, the products of Yiwu Commodity City are shipped abroad and sold one at a time (they start), and the team basically has no sedimentation.

Why does the team need precipitation? The precipitation I mean is that the team has established experience in a certain field, whether it is product experience or sales experience, etc., which will expand the advantages of this field.

So how to choose a field, what is my suggestion that the demand will not change in the next 10 years? Then do this.

I admit that creating products is not something that small companies can play. Small companies can only do OEM in order to survive and make money, but this makes the entire market more homogeneous. Often, who can break the homogeneity? Differentiation can make a lot of money. However, the risks, costs and methodologies involved cannot be achieved and mastered by small companies.

If there is a chance in the future, I hope to be able to help small sellers better dig their own differentiated products in this product demand methodology, instead of falling into the homogeneity that has never been achieved.

11. Conclusion

Cross-border e-commerce, no matter what platform, you must understand the nature of cross-border e-commerce. Make money, then what do you think will happen soon, but if you want to run a brand or a company, then what is the focus?

We are all too impetuous.