Qilu.com·Lightning News, September 11, September 9, Tai’an Municipal People’s Government and Alibaba signed a framework cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. Tai’an City Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Zhang Tao led a team to the headquarters of Alibaba Xixi Park and held a forum with Tao Xuefei, Vice President of Alibaba Group. The two parties formally signed a cooperation agreement, and will carry out comprehensive cooperation in smart city leadership, digital industry leadership, digital business upgrading, digital financial innovation, etc.

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Since this year, the cooperation between Tai’an City and the Alibaba economy has continued to advance. Tai’an City is open to embracing Internet technology, giving full play to the platform capabilities of Alibaba’s economy, and enabling scientific and technological achievements to bring real convenience and benefits to the people.

In order to expand domestic demand, Tai’an City and Alipay issued tens of millions of consumer vouchers, which were received by more than 166,000 Tai’an citizens. The effect of stimulating consumption was remarkable. Ant Financial Inclusive Finance has launched in 5 districts and counties in Tai’an City, providing low-threshold, convenient, efficient, and pure credit credit services for the”three rural” groups. Education Dingding provides an informatization basic platform for schools at all levels in the city based on public welfare and inclusiveness, achieving full coverage in 6 districts and counties of the city. Alipay has become a handheld window for Tai’an citizens’ health services, realizing online inquiries and withdrawals of provident funds, electronic social security cards have been used in more than 1,500 pharmacies and more than 300 hospitals in the city, and more than 1.6 million Tai’an citizens have used Alipay to take public transportation.

During the discussion and exchanges, the two parties fully exchanged views on in-depth cooperation, and will carry out more pioneering and beneficial explorations in the digital transformation of governments and enterprises.

In order to take advantage of the unique advantages of Tai’an as a tourist city, Gaode and the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism have jointly created the”Taishan One-Key Smart Tour”, and jointly promoted the launch of the A-level scenic spot of the Ministry of Safety of Thailand on the Gaode map , Upgrade to “One Map Tour of Tai’an”, accelerate the promotion of one-stop services for the integration and development of precise navigation, scenic spot tickets and taxi tours, and provide tourists with a full range of food, accommodation, transportation, travel, entertainment, and shopping services for Tai’an Create a beautiful city card.

Reported by Lightning News reporter Zhang Xue