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The establishment of a special transfer payment mechanism to directly reach the grassroots level of cities and counties and directly benefit enterprises and people is a major decision and deployment made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It is a solid implementation of the”six stability” work and implementation of the”six guarantees”.”An important move for the mission. The use of fiscal funds is a bold innovation in macro-control methods. Has the 2 trillion yuan of fiscal funds that reached the grassroots level in cities and counties reached the grassroots level as scheduled? Do market players and ordinary people really feel the strong support of the state? Economic Daily reporters recently visited Shenzhen, Hunan, Chongqing and other places for research and interviews.

This year, my country’s fiscal deficit has increased by 1 trillion yuan over last year, and 1 trillion yuan will be issued to fight the epidemic.Special Treasury Bonds

Span>, all the 2 trillion yuan will be transferred to local governments, and a special transfer payment mechanism will be established so that the funds will go directly to the grassroots of the city and county to directly benefit enterprises and people. How did these funds go directly from the central government to the grassroots of the cities and counties, and what role did they play? Economic Daily reporters recently visited Shenzhen, Hunan, Chongqing and other places for research and interviews.

How to reach the grass-roots level directly——

Issue the payment”one pole in the end”

Enter the heat , The pig farm of Chongqing Zhengda Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Food Co., Ltd. is busy. On July 17, the company received 1.0418 million yuan in epidemic prevention and control key guarantee enterprise preferential loan interest subsidy funds. Through discount support, the Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank quickly obtained a loan of 39.1 million yuan.

“Using these funds, we have purchased and produced more than 5,500 tons of feed and can raise 11,000 pigs, which has contributed to the company’s efforts to ensure production and supply of the pork market.” Chongqing Zhengda Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Food Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Yuanhua said.

The funds received by Chongqing Zhengda Agriculture and Animal Husbandry are part of the direct funds from the central government. How did this sum of RMB 1.041 million reach the enterprise directly from the central government?

It is reported that after the implementation plan of the special transfer payment mechanism was approved, the Ministry of Finance took 20 days to complete a series of tasks such as the research and formulation system, budget allocation, plan review and confirmation, and the introduction of allocation results into the monitoring system. Before the end of June, all qualified direct funds will be released.

In the special transfer payment mechanism, the provincial level proposes a distribution plan in accordance with the requirements of direct access to the grassroots level, and the provincial level itself cannot stay. After reporting to the Ministry of Finance for approval, the funds will be released to the grassroots within a limited time.

“The central government allocates Chongqing’s direct funds, which have been allocated to districts and counties in accordance with regulations, which strengthened the anti-risk capacity of district and county finances and provided strong support for the work of’six stability and six guarantees’.” Feng Yi, director of Chongqing Finance Bureau, said.

The timeline shows the process of Chongqing’s budget release. On June 23, the Ministry of Finance received the special transfer payment and anti-epidemic special national debt fund budget targets; on June 28, the distribution plan was formulated and submitted to the Ministry of Finance for review; on June 30, the budget targets were issued to districts and counties.

Feng Yi introduced that it took only 8 days from the time the Ministry of Finance issued the provincial-level budgets to all the districts and counties. In accordance with the requirements of the central government and the city, the districts and counties stepped up the implementation of budget indicators to specific projects, enterprises and individuals. The current district and county allocation progress has reached 99.8%.

It is understood that the Finance Bureau of Jiangbei District, Chongqing City received preferential loan interest subsidy funds issued by the central government on June 30 for key protection enterprises for epidemic prevention and control; on July 10, the district received Chongqing Zhengda Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Regarding the application of interest discount funds for key protection enterprises for epidemic prevention and control; On July 17, Jiangbei District allocated 1.0418 million yuan of interest discount funds to enterprises.

“Direct funds directly benefit the enterprise and the people. After receiving the direct funds, we will quickly and standardize the allocation and use of funds, all of which will be implemented in enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, and in social security and subsistence allowances. , Unemployed, old-aged and extremely poor people.” said Wan Chuanjiang, director of the Jiangbei District Finance Bureau.

The direct funding from the central government is exerting more and more obvious policy effects in various localities through the method of”plugging in to the end”.

“Shenzhen uses funds directly to the grassroots to hedge against the pressure of the’three guarantees’ (guaranteeing basic people’s livelihood, guaranteeing wages, and guaranteeing operations) to ensure that every fund benefits the enterprise and the people.” Tang Shu, Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Finance Bureau Kui said.

As of July 16, the central government has issued a total of 15.12 billion yuan in direct funds to Shenzhen, including 13.8 billion yuan in anti-epidemic special national debt, 510 million yuan in special transfer payments, 200 million yuan in general debt, social security, education, etc. Other special direct funds of 610 million yuan.

In Hunan, it is also the first time to allocate funds to the city and county grassroots. He Weiwen, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, introduced that as of June 30, of the 64.18 billion yuan of direct funds issued by the central government to Hunan, in addition to the 20%anti-epidemic special national debt set aside, 4.5 billion yuan was used to deal with future possibilities. Except for the new difficulties that have occurred, the remaining 59.68 billion yuan has all been distributed to cities and counties.

“We took advantage of the comprehensive fiscal system of’provincial direct management of counties’, cancelled the link of municipal transfers, and allocated funds to counties and cities at one time. At the same time, all the funds allocated by the central government were allocated as soon as possible.”Wearing a hat” allocates counties and cities to ensure rapid and direct access to funds and direct benefits.” said Hu Yungui, director of the budget division of the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance.

The latest statistics show that as of mid-August, after deducting the 300 billion yuan used to support tax cuts and fees, among the 1.7 trillion yuan in direct management, the central government has issued 1.674 trillion yuan. yuan. After the central government’s direct funds were allocated to the local governments, the provincial fiscal allocation amounted to 1.558 trillion yuan, accounting for 93.3%of the central government’s allocated funds.

How to play a role——

Resolutely invest in the”six stability” and”six guarantees” projects

Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital is the only designated hospital in Shenzhen to treat patients diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, and has performed outstandingly in response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. At present, the second phase of the renovation and expansion project of the hospital is accelerating in full swing. After completion, the Shenzhen Third Hospital will have 3,300 beds, which greatly enhances Shenzhen’s infectious disease treatment and scientific research capabilities.

“Of the epidemic prevention and control funds transferred from the central government, the direct fund was about 388 million yuan. We allocated 81 million yuan to the Shenzhen Third Hospital, which strongly supported the second phase of the reconstruction and expansion project of the hospital.” Said Wu Bing, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission.

Direct funds must directly benefit enterprises and people. All localities focus on the allocation of funds with one hand, and the use of expenditures with the other. At the same time, they have increased their efforts to optimize the structure of direct capital expenditures. Funds are mainly used for epidemic prevention and control, helping market entities and people in need, ensuring basic people’s livelihood, ensuring residents’ employment, and ensuring basic operations As well as supporting the construction of major projects, the policy effects are gradually showing.

“Shenzhen focuses on implementing new development concepts, advancing supply-side structural reforms, and accelerating the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and pilot demonstration zones in key areas and key tasks.” Tang Shukui said . For example, out of the 13.8 billion yuan anti-epidemic special national debt, 2.28 billion yuan is planned to be transferred to the city’s general public budget for four projects including the Guangming Science City and Pinghu Hospital; direct transfer payments are issued to each district 11.52 billion yuan, and each district plans 497 projects were arranged, including 295 infrastructure construction projects.

In the process of using direct funds, it plays a prominent role in helping enterprises to protect market entities. The Chongqing Industrial Park of Haier Group was greatly affected after the outbreak.”After receiving the direct funds from the central government on June 30, we accelerated the allocation and allocation of funds and promptly allocated 12.57 million yuan to Haier Group for corporate stability subsidies.” Wan Chuanjiang said.

With the strong support of direct funds, Haier Group’s production and sales performance has increased significantly, with an output value of 3.857 billion yuan in the second quarter, an increase of 109.35%from the first quarter.”The direct funds from the central government have effectively helped enterprises stabilize their jobs, reduce costs, and be precise and efficient, and their production and operation power has increased.” said Chu Zhaobao, general manager of Chongqing Haier Drum Washing Machine Co., Ltd.

Direct funds effectively help to ensure basic people’s livelihood and ensure basic operations. Hengchong Village, Anding Town, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province was originally a poor village with no characteristic industries and no collective economy. In recent years, through the development of Xianglian base and courtyard economy, it has become a basic demonstration village for improving the rural human settlement environment guarantee and a five-star Hunan Demonstration point of rural tourism. The reporter saw that the summer lotus in Hengchong Village was in full bloom, and tourists were buying lotus plants, lotus seeds and nai plums at the pavilion stalls while enjoying the scenery and taking pictures. Not long ago, 24 impoverished households who set up files and registered cards received 8,600 yuan for the courtyard economic bonus, and purchased necessary supplies before the increase in tourists.

Qiu Fufu, a poverty-stricken household in Hengchong Village’s lotus organization file, said:“My eight-cent plots are all handed over to the Murakami Land Share Cooperative for management. The cooperative grows Xianglian lotus in a row. In August this year, he helped me apply for the courtyard economy. The subsidy fund was 1,000 yuan, and the town put the money on the card in less than two weeks. I was also weeding and picking lotus plants at the Xianglian base. I had a sporadic income of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, plus the work of the eco-environmentalist in the village. The annual salary is 6,000 yuan. This year, we can get rid of poverty steadily. Thank you for the good policy of the party!”

“The rapid direct access of central funds has made the grassroots feel the sunshine and rain of the central public financial policy. The whole town of Anding Town A total of 1,691 poverty-stricken households who established files and registered cards received 755,800 yuan of courtyard economic awards.” said Pan Xiongzhi, the mayor of Anding Town.

It is reported that as of the end of July, Pingjiang County has received 1.198 billion yuan from the central government.”It can be said that the direct funding from the central government is very accurate and fast. It is really a’timely rain’ for the grassroots finances of cities and counties,” said Huang Weixiong, the mayor of Pingjiang County.

He Weiwen introduced that Hunan Province requires cities and counties to give priority to the central government’s direct funds to ensure the “three guarantees” expenditures, and the central and provincial governments have clear assessment requirements and hard work tasks, and preferentially support projects under construction and shortcomings. For example, in the special anti-epidemic treasury bonds, the cities and counties will arrange an overall arrangement of 2.4 billion yuan to make up for shortcomings in the field of public health; 200 million yuan will be arranged in special transfer payments to increase compensation for bans and withdrawals in key waters of the Yangtze River Basin.

By adopting the direct method, the progress of fund issuance has been significantly accelerated, and the efficiency of fund arrangement and use has been greatly improved. Statistics show that as of mid-August, out of the 1.7 trillion yuan of direct management, actual expenditures have been 509.7 billion yuan, of which 488.8 billion yuan has been spent at the grassroots level in cities and counties, accounting for 95.9%, reflecting the effect of the policy of direct funding to the grassroots level.

How to be safe and efficient——

Monitoring the whole chain and the whole process

The use of funds is”one rod”Insert to the end” is an innovation in macro-control methods, and it also places new and higher requirements on fiscal fund management. How to effectively strengthen the management of financial funds and improve the efficiency of fund use?

Shenzhen Bureau of Finance:The key guarantee of epidemic prevention and control is to guarantee corporate preferential loan interest discount of 17.84 million yuan; Shenzhen Social Welfare Center:The subsidy fund of 230,000 yuan for the needy people… The direct fund monitoring system introduced the real-time budget and expenditure status of a sum of funds to reporters.

Building a full-coverage, full-chain, and full-process monitoring system is an important part of managing and using direct funds. The reporter learned that the central direct fund monitoring system runs from the source of the funds to the end, mastering the issuance, distribution and use of each fund, ensuring that the flow of funds is clear and the accounts can be checked. Establish a real-name ledger to grasp the benefits of the assisted enterprises and individuals.

“Resolutely consolidate responsibilities, strengthen supervision, and put an end to’radish will not wash the mud’.” He Weiwen introduced that Hunan Province issued separate documents for each direct fund, separately identified indicators, and separately allocated funds; established; A special ledger records the source and destination of each fund, and real-time dispatches the use of funds to ensure that the data is true, the accounts are clear, and the flow is clear. At the same time, financial audits work together to supervise the distribution, appropriation, and use of funds across the entire chain. The distribution and use of funds are reported to the standing committee of the people’s congress at the same level for review and open to the public to accept supervision by public opinion.

Only by highlighting key points and strengthening performance can capital benefit the enterprise and the people.”We strictly prohibit the use of funds for government buildings, performance projects, and image projects. We will make plans for the central government’s one-time unconventional measures to withdraw or retreat. We will never make arbitrary expenditures due to increased financial resources, and arbitrarily raise expenditure standards. At the same time, cities and counties are required to formulate performance targets for anti-epidemic special treasury bond funding projects, which will be implemented into specific projects along with the funds as the basis for future performance evaluation.” He Weiwen said.

In Shenzhen, the Municipal Finance Bureau formulated a direct fund monitoring work plan, organized and carried out special training, clarified the scope of direct fund use and management requirements, strengthened fund flow monitoring, coordinated management and use of funds, and accelerated direct fund The use of the progress has enabled the new fiscal funds to”push to the end” quickly and effectively.

The implementation of the corporate loan interest discount project can reduce corporate financing costs and greatly increase the amount of bank loans that companies can obtain; the implementation of the overhead line relocation project for talent apartments can effectively release land space and reduce land occupation Promote the better development of urban construction… Longgang District, Shenzhen, carries out performance target management, and sets performance targets for each project arranged by special anti-epidemic treasury bonds. During the use of funds, performance monitoring will be carried out in accordance with the targets.

In Chongqing, a series of management measures are adopted to ensure that funds are allocated, issued and used according to rules.”Resolutely not be a’hands-off shopkeeper’, highlight the’three stricts’, strengthen the management of direct funds, strict systems, strict payment, and strict risk control to ensure that direct funds are safe and effective.” Feng Yi said.

It is reported that, in order to ensure that funds are”simply inserted into the end”, Chongqing will pay direct funds to the final beneficiary in accordance with the relevant regulations of the centralized treasury payment system, directly benefiting the enterprise and the people. For direct funds involving special account management, the financial and competent departments shall allocate funds to the final payee in accordance with regulations.

“We use the central direct fund monitoring system to establish a direct fund ledger, and implement full chain and whole process monitoring from source to end. We unify fund performance management standards and clarify department performance management responsibilities. Open and share direct funds Data, to meet the regulatory needs of auditing and other departments, and conduct joint supervision of direct funds.” Feng Yi said. (Economic Daily reporter Zeng Jinhua)

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