Speaking of”Three Guns” underwear, almost everyone in Shanghai knows it. In fact, this old brand already existed before liberation, but it was Su Shounan, a well-known entrepreneur and a national worker model in Shanghai, who really built Sangun into a well-known brand in the country.

The Jiefang Daily·Shangguan journalist got unfortunate news from Shanghai Sangun Group today:The founder of Sangun Group, Su Shounan, died in Shanghai at 21:55 on September 12, 2020, at the age of 82. . Su Shounan created the Chinese national brand”Three Guns” throughout his life, and made an indelible contribution to the development of China’s knitting industry and Shanghai’s knitting industry.

Seven years ago, the reporter interviewed Su Shounan, who was 74 years old. Now, the scene of that interview seems to be right in front of me, and the impression is too deep. Prior to this, although the reporter had never met Su, his story was passed on by the predecessors. What impressed me was that there was also a monograph on the bookshelf of the unit that dedicated to the story of Su Shounan’s creation of the Three Guns,”Working Hard to Cast the Three Guns”. Before the interview, the reporter used this book to prepare for the interview in advance.

It was a summer afternoon. When I saw Su Shounan, he was working hard at his”office” on Luban Road. The so-called”office” is actually an old house of about 80 square meters where Su Shounan’s family lived in his early years. He has been spinning for a lifetime. After retirement, he still can’t be idle or used to it. The family’s dissuasion has never worked. Even if there are 8 stents in his heart, he can’t stop him from running to the office every day. If relevant companies need to consult on textile technology, company production or mergers and acquisitions, this textile”old master” will give them ideas and find ways. According to his own words,”the feelings for the textile business are always difficult. It’s hard to separate!”

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After retirement, Su Shounan still insisted on”working” in his old house office.

Su Shounan was born in Suzhou, with three older brothers and one older sister, but Ding Xingwang is not a good thing for poor families. At the age of 11, his mother couldn’t afford to be ill, and he was the most worried about her before her death. Two years later, his father also died. In order to make a living, 13-year-old Xiao Shounan, led by his third brother, came to the Xinlu Knitting Factory, the predecessor of Shanghai No. 9 Knitting Factory, as an apprentice. Do everything from morning to night, and only eat”white rice” without wages. The masters and brothers saw him as diligent and sensible, and taught him all the skills. He became the monitor at the age of 18.

1977 was a year that changed his life. That year, he was appointed as the director of the Ninth Knitting Factory. At this time, the spring breeze of reform began to surge. Su Shounan feels that companies have a lot of brands, and their roles are offset by each other, and one of them can’t be the climate, so a brand must be created. Why choose”Three Shots”? Su Shounan believes that the”Three Guns” trademark was born in the War of Resistance against Japan. It was founded by Gan Tinghui, the predecessor of the Ninth Knitting Factory. At that time, he won three consecutive championships in shooting competitions. It was used in 1937 to promote domestic products and boycott Japanese products. The”Three Guns” trademark has distinctive national characteristics. Since then, the No. 9 Knitting Factory has injected the best products into the”Three Guns” brand.

In order to expand the influence of the”Three Shots”, Su Shounan even advertised everywhere, which was rare in state-owned enterprises back then. Some people say that he is a lunatic and he advertises without worrying about sales. When the tide of the market economy surged, the power of the”Three Guns” began to explode, and any product of the”Three Guns” was sold out.

When the country opened and the world-famous underwear quickly occupied the market, textile state-owned enterprises were in trouble. Su Shounan believes that the textile industry crisis is gestating”three shots” opportunities. Su Shounan wants employees to learn from foreign businessmen and individual bosses, and establish the concept of”market first line”. Su Shounan organized the deputy factory director and department heads to run the road and go to the market. He once said to his employees that revolving around production, the more revolving becomes more deadly; revolving around the market, the more revolving becomes more lively, the brand must rely on advertising to expand its influence, but it must rely on product innovation to consolidate the market.

Some people say that Su Shounan is an entrepreneur and an adventurer. Indeed, when the”three shots” got bigger and bigger, and other brother companies were unable to make ends meet, he proposed the formula”1+(-1)>2″. From 1991 to 1996, the Ninth Knitting Factory successively merged 7 loss-making enterprises, assumed debts of 358 million yuan, and placed more than 5,000 employees. In 6 years, the economic benefit of the 9th knitting factory increased by 100 times. In the meantime, the most thrilling was the merger war against Baida Knitting Factory. At that time, the Baida factory had accumulated losses of more than 70 million yuan, and it was in danger. However, after the merger, the asset-liability ratio of the Ninth Knitting Factory will reach 101%, and the”fire fighting” cannot be achieved. However, in Su Shounan’s view, puffer fish is poisonous, but it tastes delicious. The key is how to eat it? A dead game just made Su Shounan come alive. This battle left him with the reputation of”the king of annexation”.

In 1994, the No. 9 Knitting Factory was restructured into Shanghai Three Guns Group Co., Ltd. After that, the road of”Three Guns””underwear empire” became more and more stable. Su Shounan could live this good life until retirement . However, in 2001, when he was about to retire, Su Shounan did another major task to build the”Three Guns Industrial City.” At that time, some friends also persuaded him that he was over 60 years old, and if the project was completed, it would be left to others, or it might become an eternal hatred. However, Su Shounan had a hidden worry in his heart. The Sangun Group was both a major tax generator and a major polluter at the time. It was”waiting to die” to stay in the urban area. Su Shounan, who was over 60 years old at the time, used funds and running policies to build Sangun Industrial City in Kangqiao and put it into production in just two years. This also ushered in a new era of development for Sangun.

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After retiring, Su Shounan still uses his remaining heat to spread the”three shots” culture.

Whenever someone praises Su Shounan’s great contribution to the Sangun brand, he always humbly said that it is not his own great ability, but the credit of this hot spot in Shanghai and the opportunity of reform and opening up. As Su Shounan said:”The times have created a Su Shounan, I must work hard and devote all my efforts to the times.”

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