September 9,”National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization” Yihai Kerry (Yanzhou) Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. Meeting The room burst into applause and the atmosphere was enthusiastic. The monthly”Small Benefits” and”Golden Idea Awards” that the employee representatives were looking forward to were issued. The”Flour Production Line PM Maintenance Operation Manual” compiled by Wang Zhenxing, a front-line employee of the company’s storage and transportation department, made it easy for employees to understand and remember, and the productivity was tripled, bringing huge profits to the company. He won the August”small benefit” in one fell swoop. The first prize of “Golden Ideas” for “Service” was awarded by the company and bonuses.

“Respect for the initiative of the masses, stimulate the internal innovation motivation of employees, and ensure the operation of the enterprise, improve quality and efficiency, mainly rely on themselves. Since this year,”Small Benefits” has received 700″Golden Ideas” from employees Many, more than 630 were adopted. Although severely affected by the epidemic, the company still maintained a good momentum of both production and sales.” said Zhang Jian, chairman of the labor union of Yihai Kerry (Yanzhou) Company.

getUrls?link=73d1f8aff8643487c76fa38235aec66d - Stimulate the sense of ownership among employees, and a company in Yanzhou has made big profits by"doing small things"

“Small benefit service” is a network platform established by the (Yanzhou) company labor union to mobilize employees to participate in business management and technological innovation. In the five years since its establishment, employees have shared the honor and disgrace of the company with the attitude of masters, reaching the production line Intelligent innovation, small factory environmental sanitation management, etc., everyone strives to be the owner of the business and actively advises and advises. Yihai Kerry Headquarters and (Yanzhou) Company re-launched”Golden Ideas”, and the first prize can be up to 1 million yuan.”In 2019, there is only one suggestion to’increase the fan yield’, which directly brings more than 16 million yuan in revenue to the company, which is equivalent to the company opening a small and medium-sized factory.” Zhang Jian introduced.

“Protecting the enterprise is to guarantee our jobs and our wages. We and the enterprise are a community of destiny.” Yihai Kerry (Yanzhou) Company QCC Flour A Line Reconstruction Project Public Relations Team Leader Hu Qingwei introduced. In order to improve the flour extraction rate and quality, and make products more recognized by consumers, their public relations team of more than 10 people carried out 15 key research topics last year, and embedded intelligence, information, and digitization into production processes and maintenance of facilities and equipment. , This alone brings a benefit of RMB 1,713,600 for the enterprise. Their team also received a 20,000 yuan award from Yihai Kerry (Yanzhou) Company.

“Although I am the security guard of the enterprise, the major issues of enterprise development are closely related to me. Therefore, there are not few ideas on the’Small Profit Service’ platform, and most of them are adopted by the company.” Yanzhou) Zou Lijun, the security team leader of the company, said that she was very proud. For example, during the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, he saw that the driver went from the warehouse to the delivery point and then went to the gate to obtain the exit permit. The back and forth were inefficient and not conducive to epidemic prevention and control. He proposed a window for acceptance, and the process efficiency was doubled. For this, he was also rewarded by the company.

“Small benefits” has stimulated the sense of ownership and production enthusiasm of the majority of employees. Zhang Jian said that in the”epidemic” of the war of”guaranteeing the market, guaranteeing supply, guaranteeing Wuhan, and guaranteeing Hubei”, Yihai Kerry (Yanzhou) Company issued an order to resume work and resume production on February 2nd. , To ensure that flour and edible oil are put on shelves in Hubei and Wuhan supermarkets on time. As of the beginning of June, a total of 158,900 tons of flour and 54,000 tons of edible fats and oils have been shipped to the market, of which more than 1,000 tons of flour have been supplied to Wuhan, which has contributed to stabilizing the supply of Wuhan’s grain and oil market.

Qilu Evening News·Qilu One Point correspondent Wang Hongwei, Yan Meng reporter Li Congwei

getUrls?link=7e7a147f1d9d54aad67d5309a3a7d378 - Stimulate the sense of ownership among employees, and a company in Yanzhou has made big profits by"doing small things"

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