In the history of our country, there have been countless wars of various sizes, but the biggest loss is the most serious, and that is the War of Resistance Against Japan. Because of the brainwashing of militarism in Japan, most men in the country were forced to enter the battlefield, and some female college students were forced to stop their studies and go to the battlefield to become medical staff. At that time, a woman in Japan was arrested by our country, but was fortunately rescued by an anti-Japanese soldier. After 40 years of marriage, the husband discovered his amazing identity.

The soldier rescued a Japanese woman, only to find his wife's amazing identity after 40 years of marriage

While most Japanese were cruel and madly supported World War II during World War II, a small part was reasonable and they also longed for peace. Today’s Omiya Shizuko is a sane Japanese woman. She didn’t volunteer on the battlefield, but she had to go. Towards the end of the war, she and her party were arrested in Burma. The superior meant to execute them, but Omiya Shizuko was rescued by Chinese anti-Japanese soldier Liu Yunda.

The soldier rescued a Japanese woman and found his amazing identity after 40 years of marriage

Omiya Jingzi found that the Chinese are reasonable and not like the domestic propaganda, so he decided to stay in the Chinese army and be a medical officer of the Chinese Expeditionary Force personnel. In China, she had the most contact with Liu Yunda. The two also developed feelings over time, so the two came together. After the war, Liu Yunda returned to his hometown with Jingzi, and also had his own children. His life was very happy.

The soldier rescued a Japanese woman, only to find his wife's amazing identity after 40 years of marriage

Jingzi’s father never gave up looking for her. After China and Japan re-established diplomatic relations, Jingzi was found. At that time, Liu Yunda accompanied Jingzi to Japan to visit Jingzi’s family. Liu Yunda never thought that his wife, who had been married for 40 years, was so amazing that he turned out to be a particularly wealthy second generation in Japan. Jingzi’s father was an excellent entrepreneur and wanted to leave the company to Jingzi to take care of her. However, she was accustomed to ordinary life, and was not greedy for money. In the end, she gave it to Jingzi’s children to inherit. .