[Billion Power News] On March 25, Yibang Power was informed that Hao Yiku, a social e-commerce platform focusing on serving small b purchasing groups, has launched a new project:Cloud Store. For the platform itself, cloud stores support one-click purchases to generate personal stores; as a SaaS service, cloud stores can help brick-and-mortar merchants build distribution malls that serve merchant shopping guides.

“Liberation” shopping cloud shop

Before there was”cloud shop”, the sales method of shopping in the Haoyiku platform was:in the community Reposting promotional materials such as product pictures (“podcasts”), consumers in the community confirm purchases with the purchasing agent, send the purchasing information and address to the purchasing agent, and settle the purchase with the purchasing individual, and then the purchasing agent will consume the goods on the Hakodate platform The order is placed and finally issued to each consumer by the platform. The”cloud shop” reduces the intermediate links of centralized purchasing orders.

It is reported that the specific use method of”cloud store” is:during the process of broadcasting, check “display shop QR code”, and the product picture with QR code information will be generated Sent to the community, consumers can place an order directly in the link after scanning the code. At the same time, the purchasing agent can also enter”My Store” in the Haoyiku App, choose to share the store, forward the store link or the picture with the QR code of the store, and let consumers see all the products in their store.

Social e-commerce Haoyiku's wading SaaS service supports one-click shopping for in-app purchases

Haiyiku cloud store broadcast and product display page

It is worth noting that the purchasing agent can independently carry out shop decoration and rule settings, such as setting the shop avatar, name, calculation method, default price increase, etc., or you can choose to display your contact information on the sharing page, allow consumers to directly contact the platform customer service, and The platform synchronizes the new day brand.

Social e-commerce Haoyiku's wading SaaS service supports one-click purchase of shopping

Haiyiku’s cloud store display and function settings page

Okay Holly, the person in charge of Yiku, said that the cloud store is a core project of the platform enabling Xiaob, and its product positioning is a shop opening tool that helps operators of private domain traffic to improve sales efficiency, and is an extension of the good clothes library service. And it is different from most social e-commerce platforms in that Haoyiku has always been”private”. Consumers see a cloud store that belongs to purchasing agents, and they can’t see the traces of the platform at all, so as to ensure the privacy of Xiaob. Domain traffic assets.

“Youbaoma told us the daily life of purchasing, operating the community, forwarding products, organizing order information, and ordering intensively. I often work late into the middle of the night, so we especially want products To solve this problem in a holistic way.”Holly added that after using a cloud store for purchasing, consumers can not only place orders directly, but also place their own orders when the purchasing is not online. In the future, purchasing only needs to do forwarding and sucking powder. , Delivery, after-sales, etc. are all completed by the platform.

Strategic new tools for the platform

It is reported that Haoyiku’s original purchasing service will have a free”cloud store” directly, and the new cloud store’s new Users must pay a technical service fee of 388 yuan in order to obtain shop qualification, and at the same time enjoy the good clothing store supply chain and pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service.

“The ‘technical service fee’ is not collected for the purpose of gaining revenue, but to prevent some C-side users from ‘misentering’. RMB 388 is an effective barrier to C without making the threshold too high. In fact, Holly said, in fact, the small b who really owns private domain traffic does not mind the opening fee as a threshold, they are more concerned about what services can be obtained in the process of doing business on the platform.

According to the disclosure, on the first day of the February 24th in-store test on the cloud store, the 1000 internal test codes released by the platform were snatched almost instantly. In Holly’s plan, the future form of the cloud store will rely on the Haoyiku platform itself, but it does not rule out the introduction of small programs.

Yibang Power understands that in addition to Haoyiku, which is a subsidiary of Whale Spirit Group, which is a member of Haoyiku, it also has a B2b2C social distribution applet to shake the baby. Previously, the small program “Sesame Yuncang” launched by Haoyiku’s business line was similar to Yuncang ’s assistant small b shop opening tool, but the former was exposed under the unified brand of Sesame Yuncang, and the cloud store would only purchase personal stores The brand is exposed, suitable for different purchasing groups.

Haoyiku never regards “clearing goods” as its own label, but instead locks the selection target to “goods needed by small b”, and builds a platform that provides scarce sources of goods.”We have been looking for products that help Xiaob to get more gross profit. In addition to the main push products on the platform, about 30% of the products are customized through the community.” Holly said.

According to the introduction, during the epidemic, the good clothes library model played a certain role. A related person in charge said that a large part of the “Taoke” group that has been affected by the epidemic has become a service target of Haoyiku, because Haoyiku can help Amoi to solve two problems:(1) the outbreak of the standard Reduced, the supply of Amoy customers is limited, Hao Yiku’s brand sale supplemented its supply chain resources. (2) The cloud store can avoid the risk of the rebate robot’s title in WeChat ecology, which can effectively activate fans and increase conversion rate.

“The brand’s sales were greatly affected during the epidemic period, and a lot of inventory appeared. However, in order to prevent the brand image from being discounted on the public domain traffic platform, Haoyiku became the end of this period. The preferred channel for goods.”According to Holly, in February this year, Haoyiku added 16,000 shop owners, with a transaction value of up to 370 million yuan. As of February, the number of Haoyiku stores opened has achieved compound interest growth of 30% for five months. The monthly sales of various outstanding store owners exceeded one million, helping 786,000 people to achieve “income increase”.

Holly said that the cloud store will become a strategic tool for the platform to serve the upstream and downstream. For brands, there is no need to increase the docking cost, but with the increase of cloud store owners, brands will achieve more sales, and when the terminal data is large enough, it can even provide a basis for reverse customization. For purchasing, on the one hand, it will improve its sales efficiency, reduce its service costs, and liberate purchasing to focus on sales. On the other hand, the platform will continue to enrich the supply chain, introducing more high commissions, high gross margins, and scarce products, such as Haoyiku ’s own exclusive supply.

Extending SaaS services to offline

In fact, originally serving as a small source of goods to provide a platform for clothing stores, its service scope is gradually expanding.

Yibang Power understands that Haoyiku is providing solutions for online and offline business for brick-and-mortar malls. The brands that have cooperated include Wanda and Jiangnan Times. With the help of Haoyiku’s existing business accumulation capabilities, it provides mini-program store solutions and tools, and provides full-link services such as commodity operations, distribution, and live broadcast.

Take Jiangnan Times Shopping Center as an example. Haoyiku will use SaaS system to build an online mall based on WeChat ecology for Jiangnan Times. All shopping malls and local residents who are willing to do online shopping in the mall will You can sell mall products through the community and get a fee. At the same time, the mall can also choose goods from the brand supply library of Haoyiku to enrich the mall SKU.

“We started out to help offline business entities resume work, and slowly found that offline entities have a very high demand for this piece.” Holly introduced several advantages of the relevant services provided by the Haoyiku platform:

(1) Operation capability:As a retail platform with online operation experience, while providing mature software for brands, it also shares commodity operation capabilities and solves pain points in the entire link.

(2) Social skills:The mall lacks social-related capabilities. Haoyiku will follow up and guide the work, export community operations, community service systems, etc., while helping the mall move business online, Build a complete social e-commerce operating system.

(3) Supply chain:Open the platform’s supply chain and goods to shopping malls, so that shopping mall shopping guides can sell multi-brand goods and increase revenue.

“The mall has an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters. The number of brands and goods that can be accommodated is limited, which is not enough to support an online mall, and consumer demand is far more than what can be provided on the market.” Holly said that in order to enrich the mall’s online mall, Haoyiku provided the mall with a”selection market” to help the mall enrich its supply chain. According to reports, this service of Haoyiku will be mainly targeted at department stores in third- and fourth-tier cities.

In Holly’s opinion, the social e-commerce industry has accumulated a lot of chaos in the rapid development process, but the essence of social e-commerce should be to reconstruct the circulation chain of goods through social links and optimize the efficiency of the supply chain.”There is no future for social e-commerce that pulls the head and does not sell goods.”

“In the future, social e-commerce will rely more on the rise of personal IP, because consumer decisions will increasingly rely on friendship or family recommendations, and the demand for social e-commerce consumption will be released.” Holly believes that centralized electricity The e-commerce platform will always have its existing value. Other models, including social e-commerce, are also necessary. As long as it can meet the needs of consumers, there are opportunities. However, Haoyiku will always focus on serving small b, solve the needs of more users, and constantly find ways to make small b get more revenue.

According to the data, Haoyiku, an integrated community e-commerce platform, was established in December 2017, and has expanded to home appliances, beauty, food, 3C, mother and baby and many other brands. Over 6,000, the platform gathered nearly a million purchasing agents, including Baoma, private store owners, small and medium-sized self-employed, and so on. As of now, the total amount of the five rounds of financing by the parent company Whaling Group of Haoyiku is close to RMB 2 billion. Investors include Tencent Investment, IDG Capital, Qiming Venture Capital, Yanfeng Evergreen, Yuanyuan Capital, Yunjiu Capital, etc.

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