Yellow River News (Reporter Qian Long) 100,000 yuan, for many people, I believe it is a large number. What will happen to you in the face of the 100,000 yuan falling from the sky? Zhang Jinyan, a courier brother of Shanxi SF Express, interpreted the values ​​of integrity with practical actions, and tried to contact the owner immediately and return a lot of points.

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Not long ago, Zhang Jinyan, a courier at Tongtianxia Point, Lufeng Branch, Pingshun County, Changzhi City, Shanxi, delivered the courier as usual. When he was delivering a courier to Beitou Village, Wujing Township, he followed Call the customer to pick up the courier as usual, and prepare the courier to wait for the customer to come out at the agreed location. After waiting for about 5 minutes, the customer took the courier away. Just as Zhang Jinyan was about to deliver the next courier, he found a package on the side of the road. After opening it, he was stunned:a pile of thick RMB and several bank cards.

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Find the owner quickly! This was the first thought that came out of Zhang Jinyan’s mind. Comparing your heart to heart, how anxious the person who lost the wallet should be, Zhang Jinyan immediately thought that it might be the customer who had just picked up the courier. He dialed the customer’s phone without any hesitation, and it turned out that the customer dropped the bag.

Zhang Jinyan and the customer verified the contents of the bag, 100,000 yuan in cash, a lot of one cent, and returned it to the owner together with the other lost items. The owner of the bag was very excited and thanked Zhang Jinyan for it on the spot. The cash came to thank him, but Zhang Jinyan politely declined. He said:”One hundred thousand yuan is indeed a lot, but you can’t ask for things that are not your own. If you lose your wallet, you will definitely be very anxious and sad. Honesty is a criterion that everyone should adhere to.”

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Gathering gold is not ignorant, and practicing the company’s values. According to the relevant regulations of Shanxi SF Express, the company awarded the courier boy 9 administrative points and 1,000 yuan in cash.