China is a high-speed developing country, and the development of the Internet is extremely fast. For the Internet, grassroots entrepreneurs like me are ordinary entrepreneurs. Here we talk about Internet business and Internet store operations for our entities. The views and feelings of the manufacturing industry.

Business through the current Internet Internet platform, if you want to do a good job, you first need to rely on traffic. To put it bluntly, traffic requires payment. The initial payment is also very reasonable and fair. Competition is relatively normal. When more and more entrepreneurs are paid, click-to-pay, high price and priority are all paid methods. As a manufacturing industry, we can’t say that we have no profit at all. We used to have a gross profit base of about 25. Now removing the original physical fixed expenses plus the network’s various charges and traffic payment links, it is extremely painful to reduce our original, deserved normal profit to the limit, whether it is a large enterprise, a small enterprise, or Being junior entrepreneurs will be extremely difficult.

Of course, there are many opportunities, but there is tremendous competition, extremely expensive bidding rankings, and various rules of the platform, such as the so-called thousand-thousand-thousand-face system of a certain treasure. It ’s a deduction; ask, is it that it ’s as simple as human and material resources? I believe that the small and medium buyers and even the big sellers have been deeply moved!

First of all, it is necessary to acknowledge that the development and application of Internet platforms have played a significant role in promoting social development. Here, my point is that they do not support their high-priority ranking. Promote more reasonable and fair charging links in the existing pay-per-click, especially the network, and now 4G networks are fast enough. As for how to improve the pay-per-click issue, I believe everyone has their own opinions; improvement is the greatest technology. The advancement of technology is in line with the times. At the same time of paying promotion, we must also respond to the actual situation and give more support and care. Everyone should have more opportunities to give them. Incomplete is just a bidding ranking, multiple models, A variety of combinations;

Let them have a longing for a better life, so that these younger generations have a better, more correct, and more positive world outlook, outlook on life, and values.

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 On the Internet of manufacturing, online sales of manufacturing; welcome different comments.

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