In the news on March 24, at the just-concluded Redmi new product launch conference, Redmi brought”three screens” to all Mi Fans, in addition to the protagonist K30 Pro mobile phone and the new 8-inch small love touch In addition to the screen speakers, Redmi also brought a”super big screen”-Redmi Smart TV 98-inch MAX.

Redmi Here comes the most expensive product:19,999 yuan, you ca n’t just buy it.

From the demonstration at the press conference, the 98-inch TV is even bigger than the traditional 1.2-meter single bed. Large, you can even play a game of table tennis when leveled.

Redmi Here comes the most expensive product:RMB 19,999, you can't just buy it. Inline=

In terms of performance, the Redmi Smart TV 98-inch MAX provides 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, with 85% NTSC color gamut coverage, support MEMC motion compensation technology, 192 partition dynamic backlight, has more than 20 image quality adjustment technologies, uses a custom 12nm processor, and has a 4 + 64GB large storage combination.

Redmi Here comes the most expensive product:19,999 yuan, you can't just buy it.

In terms of pricing, Redmi adheres to the concept of” popularizing high-end products”and gives a price of 19,999 yuan. It is already the highest priced product of the Redmi brand, but compared to TVs of the same size on the market, this price can be said to be very low.

Redmi Here comes the most expensive product:19,999 yuan. You can't just buy it.

But even if you are interested in buying this 98-inch TV, you can’t just install it. According to the scene of the press conference, after ordering Redmi Smart TV 98-inch MAX, it needs to go through the steps of”phone confirmation-on-site measurement-confirmation order-delivery synchronization” and requires professional survey and special car distribution. The whole process may take one month. The complexity of the work is comparable to a small renovation. This Redmi smart TV 98-inch MAX will be first sold at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home at 10 am on April 9.

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