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Scallion oil cake is a kind of special snacks in the northern region. It belongs to Fujian cuisine or Shandong cuisine. The main ingredients are flour and green onion, which are fragrant and salty. This snack is distributed in Fujian, China, Shandong Weihai, Northeast, Hebei and other places, and is a common food on the streets and night markets.

 Recipe onions on the tongue

[Making ingredients] 500g of flour, spring onion salad oil [1] Salt and pepper powder water

Scallion pancake on the tip of the tongue

[How to make]

Add water to the flour, knead it into a soft dough, and simmer for 20-30 minutes.

2. Onion is cut into green onions and set aside.

3. Knead the good dough until the surface is smooth, then divide into two equal parts.

 Recipe onions on the tongue

4. Take one of them, sprinkle dry flour on the panel, roll into a large piece, thinner, and sprinkle on the dough Pour a little salt and peppercorns, apply oil, and sprinkle onion evenly.

5. Roll up from one side of the dough sheet, roll into long rolls, squeeze the two ends of the long roll tightly, and roll from one end to roll into a disc shape. Then roll the pancakes thinner and use lighter motions to prevent the onions from breaking through the skin.

6. Put a small amount of oil in the pan and heat it up. Put the cakes on medium heat. Rotate with a shovel while baking, bake the two sides golden, cut into small pieces and serve.

 Scallion pancake on the tip of the tongue