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Zhejiang Feihuo Yunchuang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”our company”) published an article involving Tencent today on headline number. Part of the content of the article has not been strictly verified with related parties, and there are biases in the discussion and serious discrepancies with the facts, leading to inaccurate conclusions.

Our company’s insufficient information has led to discrepancies in some facts, improper use of words in the discussion, and extreme and arbitrary speech, which caused distress and even harm to Tencent’s goodwill. Deeply apologize, and promise to take a more cautious attitude when making comments in the future, based on sufficient objective facts, analyze and comment in a more neutral, objective, dialectical attitude and language, and not publish articles and comments without objective facts. Use extreme and inappropriate language.

Our company publicly expresses our sincere apologies to Tencent.

Zhejiang Feihuo Yunchuang Technology Co., Ltd.

September 14, 2020