Core guide:

1. What is the market strength of Orange Heart Optimizing Sinking?

2. Xingsheng VS Shihui Tuan VSDidi VS Meituan , Sichuan battle for supremacy?

3. Where is the next battlefield?

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According to reports, the Orange Heart Optimal Plan sinks in the Sichuan market and is fully rolled out . In less than a month, most of the second-tier cities in Sichuan, such as Leshan and Mianyang, have opened. It can be seen that Orange Heart has opened up rapidly.

The orange heart optimizes its sinking strength

Previously, Orange Heart planned to deploy in 9 cities including Guangzhou, Changsha, and Wuhan, knocking on the market doors of 9 provinces. Nowadays, Orange Heart is fully spread in Sichuan, gradually moving towards the core community group buying market.

New Distribution 2018-2019 China Community Group Buying Industry Development The report shows that from 2018 to 2019, community group buying platforms accounted for 38.3%in first- and second-tier cities, and third-tier and lower cities accounted for 61.7%, the sinking market is very hot. It is reported that the domestic sinking market the number of users exceeds 600 million, and the market sales can reach 100 billion. For such a”big cake”, Orange Heart will naturally not let go.

The orange heart is backed by Didi, with strong financial support and ample ammunition warehouse . The Didi team’s push ability is not bad, coupled with its own brand endorsement, the front-end traffic capture is strong.

In other aspects, Orange Heart is also well prepared. According to industry insiders, the business development staff and partners are jointly responsible for the development of Orange Heart’s supply chain. At present, Orange Heart has more than 200 local business development personnel in Sichuan, with sufficient talent reserves; with the existing team and network resources of the partners, the supply chain construction is very rapid.

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Orange Heart sets commissions according to different single products, and the group leader’s income can reach 10%~30%, it is very attractive to the group leader. Coupled with the generous rewards of the Orange Heart group leader, it encourages the group leader to improve group buying performance. In terms of product prices, Orange Heart makes a big deal, most fresh products such as fruits and vegetables on the platform are sold at half price, and many fresh products in the”limited time spike” area are only sold at 0.99 yuan, which not only attracts a lot of traffic The unit price of Orange Heart is only around 10 yuan.

Invest a large amount of money to open the city, and radiate in Sichuan with Chengdu as the center point For expansion, Orange Heart manages the group leader with high commissions, attracts a large number of consumers with ultra-low-priced products, and will rapidly increase platform attention, greatly increase the number of users, quickly enter the sinking market .

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Sichuan hegemony?

Sichuan has a vast area and a large fresh food market, which has been hatched locally Many community group buying companies. For Orange Heart, small and medium-sized group buying companies are naturally within range, and there is no pressure to compete with them. However, the three major players are strong competitors, and their strength should not be underestimated.

Xingsheng entered the Sichuan market earlier than Chengxin, and is familiar with local residents’ consumption habits , Occupy a certain advantage. The products are low-priced and affordable, and Empowering Orange Hearts quickly began to mass in the Sichuan market, quickly occupying market share.

Xingsheng arranges the Sichuan local core team leader to be responsible for business expansion, relying on the core team leader With its own resources and rich business experience, it has performed well in supply chain construction. In addition, the”grid-based” logistics enables Xingsheng to realize business”sub-regional, full coverage” with various grid stations, build a precise and efficient logistics system, shorten the time for commodity performance, and ensure that consumers have Better experience, has achieved rapid sinking in the Sichuan market.

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The Tenhui Mission also entered the game early. By setting up a dedicated sourcing team in the local market, the team finds products that are “tasteful” by local consumers, and has certain advantages. In terms of logistics and distribution, Shihui Group adopts the development model of”city circle“, and builds a three-level logistics system from”regional warehouse-city warehouse-service station” to promote the realization of goods From the first- and second-tier cities to the sinking market quickly flow.

At present, in the Sichuan market, Shihuituan has cooperated with retail sales . Retail Link is responsible for the expansion of domestic high-quality fresh produce supply resources, strict quality control, access to the Shihui Mission platform for sales, product quality is more guaranteed. Recently, Shihui Group launched”0.88-1.99 yuan spike” and”newcomer exclusive” and other preferential activities in Sichuan area, which is accelerating its sinking pace.

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Meituan preferred team was gearing up to the side before, now it has entered the game, and will surely strike out. According to industry insiders, the Meituan Optimal Business Development Team is composed of other business online business development personnel, The team has rich experience and strong practical capabilities. Before the opening of the city, the expansion team will prepare in advance, start to accumulate team leader resources, ensure that the number of team leaders is in place, and empower Meituan to speed up the deployment of group buying business offline.

Meituan also has its local push capabilities and talent pool Certain advantages. Super strong push ability to ensure that the team attracts a large number of customers, plus the previous Meituan Buying has accumulated a group of users In the future, Meituan has a large consumer base in the Sichuan market.

In addition, Meituan’s own big business is large, with sufficient talent pool and many internal The transfer of outstanding talents to selected projects provides a boost for Meituan. At present, the daily sales of Meituan Optimal in Wuhan have exceeded 50,000, and the results are outstanding. I believe that Meituan Optimal will also perform well in Sichuan.

The next battlefield?

Nowadays, the competition for the top players in the market is becoming more intense. Xingsheng has already covered Central China and South China, and most of the markets in the circle are still expanding. Meituan Youyou recently released the”Thousand Cities Plan”, which will cover 20 provinces in the next three months.

Under competition, companies should not only seek speed but also stability. In the early stage, giant companies acquired a large number of users with low prices of goods, and at the same time they cultivated users’ low-cost consumption habits. After that, in order to make better profits, companies reduce product discounts and reduce discounts, which will have a certain impact on the retention of platform users.

The industry insiders pointed out that when the giants occupy an important position in the local market, in addition to In addition to the stable prices of three meals a day, it is also necessary to improve product quality and improve delivery service levels to guide consumers to pay for high-quality services, so as to increase product customer unit prices, achieve profitability, and promote healthy development of enterprises.

The Sichuan war is about to start, and each family has done their best to face their opponents. Who can have the last laugh? We will wait and see!