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As early as 1960, the Sino-Indian border conflicts intensified, Premier Zhou visited India with India to negotiate a peaceful solution. On April 25 of the same year, Premier Zhou held a press conference in New Delhi. Prior to the meeting, Premier Zhou proposed to attend the reception with Nehru, but this proposal was rejected by the Indian side.

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Prime Minister Zhou went to New Delhi in person, and he offered comfort, but Nehru insisted on doing it


After the reporters arrived at the venue, the staff issued a pre-printed statement. Part of the statement is as follows:

The boundary has never been delimited, and the existing problems should be resolved through friendly negotiation. Before reaching a consensus, the two sides should maintain the status quo on the border and refrain from taking unilateral actions, let alone changing the status quo through force.

After Premier Zhou and Chen Yi led their entourage into the venue, they met with many reporters. Among them,”The Times” reporter Werna appeared in front of the prime minister first, and said with concern:”Mr. Prime Minister, some press conferences may be out of courtesy. You have to be more careful.”

The prime minister has already done so. After preparing for the response, she smiled and said,”Thank you, Miss Verna.” Then, the Prime Minister continued to move forward. Seeing that the Prime Minister did not pay attention to him, Verna walked to the Prime Minister again and said:”The Prime Minister Sir, this is not a reception, it is actually a shooting range. And you are the only target on the field. Thousands of guns will be aimed at you at the same time. You can’t go in!”

The prime minister looked calm, patted Verna on the shoulder, and replied:”Don’t worry, the bullets in New Delhi will never knock me down!”

The general content of the minute speech is:

Both China and India have 5,000 years of ancient civilizations. For thousands of years, we have been living in peace and recuperating. In the rolling history, China and India have never had a real war. I hope that even if our generation encounters difficult and complex problems, we can resolve them through friendly and fair negotiations. We must not betray the legacy of our ancestors, and do harm to future generations.

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Premier Zhou met with the Indian side

Once the Prime Minister’s speech was over, Taiwan There was prolonged applause. The Prime Minister took a sip of water and then said:”A friend told me earlier that many of you are descendants of the god of war, Kumarajiva, and prepared artillery shells to attack me. I think if I feel angry, I should send it out. After all. Friends can be blunt.”

A reporter with a big beard stood up immediately:”I am a reporter from the Indian Press Trust. May I ask Mr. Prime Minister, the boundary between China and India is already very clear. , Why do we need to negotiate and re-divide?”

Premier Zhou replied:”If you study the century-old history of the Sino-Indian border, and you can listen to China from a fair standpoint Call, then you won’t raise such a question.”

The Indian reporter sat down thoughtfully, and a European reporter stood up:”I’m the British Reuters reporter James, Mr. Prime Minister It is said that the problem should be solved through negotiation and consultation. May I ask, do you think it is qualified to discuss the ownership of something that originally belonged to others?”

Premier Zhou replied seriously:”Mr. James, your metaphor is very Inappropriate. If a robber takes someone else’s things, shouldn’t the owner claim his own things from the robber?”

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The Indian army marched towards the Sino-Indian border

James changed his words:”Did you say India is a robber?”

The prime minister said with a smile:” China and India have always been friends and will always be friends. The real robbers are actually British colonizers.”

James sat down embarrassedly, and a reporter from the back then asked:”Mr. Prime Minister, you arbitrarily A road was built in a disputed area. Is this peace, respect and friendship in your mouth?”

The reporter’s words caused boos and whistles in the audience, and the Prime Minister immediately replied:”We A road was built on the side of Kunlun Mountain. This is the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. This road was built to improve the traffic conditions in Xinjiang and Tibet. It passed through the corner of Aksai Chin because of the blocking of several sections of mountains.”

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Before the outbreak of the border war in 1962, the officers and soldiers of the Indian Assam United Corps driving to the front in a bus


The prime minister paused, and then continued:”This is a well-known Chinese territory. I didn’t expect you to know it. We are willing to negotiate peacefully. This is our peace, respect, and friendship. If If there is a problem, then what is the Indian army building strongholds, armed patrols, and firing guns in the disputed areas?”

The Indian reporter was rather unconvinced with the Prime Minister’s reply, so he asked questions. Said:“Mr. Prime Minister, don’t you think that the current situation is completely the result of your self-reliance on your status as a major power and the violation of India?”g>

The prime minister replied grimly:”If your logic holds true, then the border disputes between India and Pakistan and Sikkim are India bullying small countries? India’s population, status, and ancient civilization are comparable to China. How can it be said that a big country bullies a small country?”

Seeing that the attack was ineffective, Tomla yelled in irritation:”Anyway, you are all invaders, hurting India’s feelings!””

The Prime Minister asked:”Everyone knows how many small actions your country did behind the scenes when Tibet was countering the rebellion.” Excuse me, who is hurting whose feelings? ”

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The officers and soldiers of the 7th Brigade of the Indian Army marching towards the Kejielang River

Tomra weakly defended:”That’s just a small group of people and cannot represent India’s position.”

Chen Yi, who was sitting next to the Prime Minister, saw that this person had been sophistry, got up and said loudly,”Enough, don’t sophistry.” The current situation is just one sentence:China has been damaged. Chairman Mao said:‘People don’t offend me, I don’t offend people, if people offend me, I will offend people. ‘”

Through this trip to India, we have clarified India’s true intentions, and no longer think that the conflict is caused by the misunderstanding of both sides, but India’s will. Only a fist can wake them up!

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