Plane crash or murder- Subversive rumors, Du Yuesheng's son explains the mystery of Dai's death

Dai 笠

Dai’s death in 1946, at the time and now Both are hot topics, and there is an unsolved outstanding case.

At that time, Chiang Kai-shek mourned the death of Dai Min, and personally held the”Blood Blood” in mourning, pursuing the army general.

The National Government specifically commends and awards awards, and personally presides over the Dai Dai ritual ceremony and personally inscribes the couplet:”The heroes are the best, the mountains and rivers are clarified; the wonders come down from the sky, and the storm is changing. Heart.”

Zhang Shizhao entitled” Life is a country, death is a country, life is chivalrous, and guilt is still undecided; fame is over the world, defamation over the world, and troubled times fall into the spring and autumn. It is left to future generations. Comment”.

Dai’s death had a great impact on some historical events later. It is said that after Chiang Kai-shek lost his retreat to Taiwan, he said:Comrade Dai Yunong is not dead, and we will not retreat to Taiwan today.

Actually, my father ( Du Yuesheng ) and I were both in Shanghai before and after the plane crashed into the mountain. My father also spoke to Dai Qian by phone. I personally went through this process and had different views on the cause of Dai Dai’s death.

The mystery of the cause of Dai Dai ’s death has been around for a long time. My father and I were in Shanghai at the time of the accident.

Dai Dai has the title of “Special Agent King”. He and my father It’s a brother. After the fall of Shanghai, they joined forces to organize various anti-Japanese armed forces, such as the Jiangsu-Zhejiang Action Committee Rangers organized in the early days of the Anti-Japanese War, and the”Loyalty and National Salvation Army” that was later established on this basis. During the Anti-Japanese War, my father and Dai Min were both Chongqing nationals The heads of the Government-appointed”Unified Action Committee” are jointly responsible for coordinating Shanghai’s underground anti-Japanese resistance forces, eradicating traitors from the puppet regime, and conducting anti-Japanese activities in the enemy-occupied areas. On the eve of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, my father and Dai Min went to Chun’an, Zhejiang Province to organize a local anti-Japanese force to prepare for the landing of the Allies and the recapture of Shanghai.

My father did a lot of things for the Anti-Japanese War. I thought that returning to Shanghai would be warmly welcomed. I did not expect some people in Shanghai to propose”Down with evil forces! Down with Du Yuesheng!” to welcome my father.

On March 17, 1946, his good friend Dai Li suddenly died of a plane crash. This hit my father a lot, not only the deep feelings they forged during the Anti-Japanese War, but also a far-reaching impact. At least Dai wasn’t dead. My father’s situation in Shanghai may be different later.

Did Dai Dai crash or was murdered? From then until now, there are many sayings that have become unsolved mysteries.

For example, Phoenix TV host Chen Xiaonan said that Dai Yan ’s unpredictable dramatic mysterious death left too many doubts and suspense for future generations:Some people said that it was Chiang Kai-shek who wanted to get rid of Dai Yan, some people say that it was the Americans who killed Dai Yan, and some people said that it was the Communist Party that killed the executioner, but the most widely circulated rumor was that Dai Yan died in the hand of the military commander Beiping Station Ma Hansan. More people, including the Kuomintang authorities, still agree that Dai was killed in a plane crash due to weather (Phoenix TV, May 31, 2013″Phoenix Horizon”)

The”Special Agent King” Dai Min of Fujian Southeast TV The”Mystery of the Cause of Death” program summarizes six reasons:it was removed by Chiang Kai-shek; it was assassinated by an American agent; the weather caused an air accident, non-human reason; it was killed by a subordinate using a”beauty plan”; it killed the driver and crashed himself Wait (Fujian Satellite TV”Strait Night Flight” on July 16, 2013).

My opinion is that what”beauty plan” and”Ma Han three Qianlong sword” is simply gossip! These seventy-eighth statements made Dai’s death a mystery.

So what is the real cause of Dai Dai’s death?

Dai Ye ’s relationship with my father is very unusual, especially during the Anti-Japanese War. In Shanghai and Hong Kong, Dai Ye often came to our house. When he arrived in Chongqing, he often came to Wang Shan’s house to visit my father, and my elder sister and I had met him. However, the older sister didn’t have a good impression of Dai Yan, thinking that he was very fierce and murderous; I didn’t feel that way, just that Dai Yan’s eyebrows were special, different from ordinary people, showing a kind of majesty.

Plane crash or Murdered—Subversive rumors, Du Yuesheng's son explained the mystery of Dai Yue's death

(From left) Dai Yue took a photo with Du Yuesheng and Lu Jingshi. Photographed in 1945

My father and I were in Shanghai on the day of the accident. My father was sick at the time in the Shanghai home. The weather is not good. When it rains and snows, he suffers from old diseases and asthma.

My father got the news very quickly. Dai Min took off from Qingdao. Before that, he talked to my father on the phone. My father advised him not to fly. However Dai Dai did not listen and insisted on continuing to fly. When my father heard about the plane crashing into the mountains, in addition to falling tears of unwillingness, he became more suspicious of the incident and thought there must be something wrong.

At that time, the atmosphere at home was very tense. Except for my father and mother, only Wan Molin and Hu Xuwu were here. I happened to visit my father to catch up with this incident.

I remember that it was Hu Xuwujin who said that boss Dai had an accident. My father listened and cried in bed. It wasn’t ordinary tears, but crying. I have never seen my father cry before, but this time I saw it with my own eyes. If it wasn’t for my father’s serious illness, he would definitely go out and find out. The friendship between them is deep!

At that time, my father thought that the weather was bad, not the main reason. There must be some manipulators behind it. But my father will not speak out of his doubts and judgments until he has obtained the evidence. However, he told my mother his doubts.

It is not an internal struggle of the Kuomintang

A new statement now is that Dai ’s death was related to the Kuomintang because Dai ’s power was too strong at the time Many people, including Chen Guofu and Chen Lifu’s CC department, opposed him. With Dai Yi’s ability and power, only Chiang Kai-shek has such great power to put him to death.

But I think this statement is wrong. You have to say that it was ridiculous that Jiang killed him, and that Jiang had to rely on him to do the work behind the enemy. The most important point is that Jiang trusted Dai Dai very much, so giving him such great power at that time the CC Department had simply failed.

After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, although the influence of the military system is very large, it has not yet reached the point where the power is high and Chiang has no need to kill him. At that time, the Japanese had just surrendered. Whether the Kuomintang and the Communist Party had negotiated or started a war had not yet been decided. The world was still very unstable, and it was time for the military uniform Dai Dai to be needed.

Plane crash or Murdered—Subversive rumors, Du Yuesheng's son explains the mystery of Dai's death

Jiang Jieshi and Dai 笠

But Dai’s work Style offends some senior KMT officials and generals.

Dai Yun is doing things when he thinks of them, and he has no scruples, so he offends many of the KMT’s top powers. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the Gongtong District and the occupied areas were snapped up. At that time, Kong Xiangxi and Dai Min were jointly responsible for the executive dean. Dai Min had offended Kong Xiangxi because of the incident. Management of things.

In retrospect, Dai Ye ’s death was not entirely caused by natural weather. Someone was behind it, but there is no hard evidence to prove it.

The”Qianlong Sword” has the taste of martial arts novels. Boss Dai is always”fire” in his life.

There is a very popular saying that on a plane There was a sword used by the Emperor Qianlong to settle the Jungar tribe, which was a priceless treasure. It is said that Dai Yi’s secretary saw the sword on a plane. After the plane crashed, the sword could not be found. The story is confusing and has a taste of martial arts novels. It is nonsense to entangle Dai’s death with Qianlong’s sword.

After the accident, my father told my mother about fortune-telling for Dai Yi.

That was when they were eating in Chongqing. There was a fortune teller in the room. Boss Dai called him fortune teller. The fortune-teller stopped talking when he saw Dai Yan’s eight characters. At that time, the fortune teller only knew my father, he didn’t know who the other was, and he didn’t even know that he was the boss of military uniforms. My father later asked him why he didn’t speak, and he said that this man’s character was all”fire”. Those who have”fire” in the eight characters will die in the fire in the future. As a result, Dai Yan was burned beyond recognition by the fired plane.

There is another fortune telling. When Dai Yi and my father were in Chongqing, they asked fortune tellers to count fortune, and the two people closest to my father were Zhu Xuefan and Lu Jingshi. There is also a saying that Dai Min talked with my father about the three closest people around my father:Zhu Xuefan, Wu Shaoji, and Lu Jingshi. The two meanings are the same, that is, one more person, Wu Shaoxing. Dai Yan said:Zhu Xuefan may be swayed, Wu Shaoyao has treason, Lu Jingshi or reliable. My father listened, didn’t say anything, just smiled.

My father did n’t simply believe or disbelieve in fortune telling, he just did n’t care much. At that time, the fortune teller told my father that Dai Yan hit too much fire. When my father heard the news that Dai Hua’s plane hit the mountain and burned to death, he suddenly remembered what the fortune teller said at the beginning, and even more strangely, he told my mother to tell Dai Hua fortune telling, and my mother told me.

On the phone with my father, bad weather is a secret word.

Dai’s death is definitely a case! Most people accept that the weather is bad and the plane crashed, but it is not entirely a matter of weather. The weather is really bad and it rains and snows. At that time, the weather was bad and my father became ill. His asthma had a lot to do with the weather.

Dai Ye is going to a meeting in Nanjing. It is a very urgent military meeting. He first arrived in Qingdao. How long did he stay in Qingdao without leaving the plane? I do n’t know. However, after Dai Dai arrived in Qingdao, he talked to my father on the phone. My father told him like this, the weather is bad, he should not fly anymore, and fly again in two days! He said no, he had to go to Nanjing for a meeting, he must go.

There is a common saying that Dai Min is going to Shanghai and asks Tang Shengming to help Hu Die divorce. Everyone knows that Dai Min had an ambiguous relationship with Hu Die, the Shanghai movie star at the time. Dai Ye likes Hu Die, but Hu Die is married to a woman. Therefore, Dai Ye is going to Shanghai to meet Hu Die and ask Tang Shengming to help Hu Die divorce.

Actually, Hu Die knew Dai Dai at the time, or it was my father’s relationship in the middle. My mother told me this personally, saying that my father was a matchmaker between Boss Dai and Hu Die. Therefore, Dai Min called my father in Qingdao, and it is likely that when he came to see Hu Die in Shanghai. If Dai Min is going to deal with Hu Die’s divorce, she should also tell my father or ask my father for help. After all, it was my father’s relationship with Dai Ye and Hu Diela, and at that time, my father couldn’t figure out many things in Shanghai. Besides, this is not an upright thing. It cannot be carried out with fanfare. It must be carried out in private. My father has a good personal relationship with Tang Shengming. But the main thing was that my father told Dai Yan over the phone that the weather was bad, so don’t fly! It is necessary to Dai Dai to abandon the flight plan. My father said”the weather is bad”, is it a secret word? Or is there any special meaning? I don’t know.

After the plane collision incident, my father and my mother talked about fortune telling. I suspect that there are many things that are unclear. For example, when the plane came from Qingdao, why did n’t it fly directly from Nanjing to Nanjing? Although the general statement is to fly to Nanjing first and cannot land because of bad weather, the actual itinerary did not confirm this statement. Instead, fly to Shanghai and then to Nanjing. Therefore, I don’t think the plane had planned to fly to Nanjing at the beginning. If he had flown to Nanjing, he would not have to fly back to Shanghai. Moreover, the weather at that time was not good, not only that Nanjing was bad, but the weather in the whole Jiangnan was bad. Dai Yan flew to Shanghai because the plane couldn’t land because of heavy rain in Nanjing, but he didn’t wait until the weather report said the weather was getting better. There are many illogical explanations.

Some people think there is a time bomb on the plane. This is impossible, absolutely impossible. The planes were checked very carefully before take-off, and bombs could be found.

In addition, people like Dai Li have been caring for him, saying that the weather is bad, do n’t fly, wait a day or two before flying. This is a secret word, which means that if someone is going to murder you, it is implied that the weather is bad.

So, who is the one who hinted at him? Who assassinated him? Don’t know now! My father got the news and told Dai Min, but Dai Min was too confident and didn’t listen to this suggestion. I now think, why did n’t my father tell Dai Yan directly, asking him not to fly to Nanjing again? Maybe my father is not so sure about this news!

The news may have been revealed from the side planning the incident. So was it revealed from the Kuomintang military system or the Communist Party’s underground organization? I don’t know.

My father knows the military uniform activities and Communist Party organizations in Shanghai very well. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, it was not only the Kuomintang military system, but also the underground organization of the Communist Party.

After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the military power is very strong, and the tree will inevitably attract wind. The Kuomintang and Communist Party at the time were very dissatisfied with the military uniform. Therefore, before and after the plane hit the mountain, some clues were revealed. My father’s people reported it to my father, and my father wondered what happened to the plane. There are many things in Shanghai. The first-hand news came to our home first. My father had the most adequate information at the time. At least the information in the Shanghai area should be very spiritual. Based on the information he had, my father thought that it was likely that it was organized by the Communist Party underground. So who was it?

The people who can kill Dai Yan are not ordinary people. They have to do very well. From a general point of view, Dai Yi enters and exits, and the guards are severe. How could something go wrong? In addition, Dai Yan himself is a spy and a spy. The people around him are chosen by all means. But only those around you have this possibility and opportunity. Therefore, the person who has the opportunity to kill Dai Yan must be a trusted person around him. Moreover, without a level (person), it is impossible to approach Dai Dai, and he cannot kill him.

I think Dai Dai’s death must be related to the pilot. The person who drove the plane to Dai Min was the best pilot, and the best pilot could be bought. Only the aircraft division was prepared to die, which could not be found. Buy plane pilots, only this is possible. The key to this is Dai Pi’s pilot. Has anyone changed it? If you think about it, coming from Qingdao is the key time. So, Dai Dai ’s plane crashed into the mountain. I suspect it was planned by the Communist Party ’s underground organization. Dai Dai ’s pilot was probably bought through. As for who did it? I do n’t know.

What happens if Dai Dai isn’t dead? Perhaps history is about to be rewritten. At least with Dai Yi, my father may be in another situation in Shanghai.

—— From Du Weishan Oral History

 Plane crash or murder-subversive rumors, Du Yuesheng's son explains the mystery of Dai Yi's death

” Du Weishan Oral History

Du Weishan dictated by Dong Cunfa

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