Fuel price adjustment news:Today, March 25th, at the gas station, adjust the gasoline price limit of No. 92 and 95

Oil price adjustment news:Today, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, as of the current ten-day pricing cycle of domestic oil products this round Six working days have passed, and it can be said that it officially entered the adjustment countdown. Next, let’s summarize the current situation of domestic and foreign oil markets and show everyone. After entering the most critical week, the overall decline in domestic refined oil products is expected to decline due to the rebound in international crude oil prices. However, the current domestic gasoline and diesel oil is expected to fall at a relatively high level, so whether domestic oil prices will officially usher in”2″ in 6 days. Continue to fall”?

The data shows that as of the 6th working day in China, the rate of change of comprehensive crude oil varieties has continued to run negatively. The current forecast for gasoline and diesel is reduced to a price of about 0.82 yuan/liter-0.98 yuan/liter (Different varieties of oil have different densities, so the liter price converted is in a certain range, not an accurate value.) The detailed price adjustment time will be opened at 24 o’clock on March 31, 2020. After seeing this, do you think that the domestic oil price”two consecutive declines” stabilized after 6 days? If you really think that way, it would be a big mistake. Friends who have been following us for a long time should know that there is a floor price for the domestic refined oil price adjustment mechanism. If the international crude oil price is lower than $ 40/barrel, then the domestic retail price of refined oil is limited. Prices will not be adjusted.

So you do n’t have to be prepared for a big drop in oil prices this time. If you have a car owner, you may wish to refuel now, because the current retail price level of gasoline and diesel is likely to continue until mid-April. In addition, at the current stage of the domestic oil market supply and demand relationship, due to the gradual increase in the operating rate of domestic refineries, the supply side of refined oil is relatively sufficient; from the demand side:although the current operation of private cars and other vehicles is gradually stable and logistics transportation is gradually recovering Pre-epidemic state, but relatively speaking, the recovery of gasoline terminal demand is still relatively slow, but the demand for diesel has been relatively strong due to the orderly resumption of work by infrastructure and other engineering companies.

Fuel price adjustment news:Today, March 25th, gas stations will adjust the price limits of gasoline 92 and 95

International Crude Oil News:Looking back at the trend of crude oil in March, it is not difficult to find that several international oil prices have plummeted. From the overall analysis, on the one hand, it is affected by the failure of Saudi Arabia and Russia to negotiate While Saudi Arabia announced an increase in production, it also announced that it would increase crude oil exports. Saudi Arabia ’s seizure of market share has led to an increase in crude oil supplies; on the other hand, public health events have spread and fermented globally, causing countries around the world to adopt blockade methods to slow down Its spreading speed has led to a cliff-like decline in international crude oil demand, which means that global demand has been affected by public health events. In addition, according to statistics, as of now, cloth crude oil and US crude oil have fallen by as much as 46.5% and nearly 48%.

However, in recent days, international crude oil has rebounded on the support of good news. At this stage, the Federal Reserve has announced a wider range of new measures to support the economy, including open asset purchases, and expanding the liquidity of the currency market. Due to the convenience of scale and other measures, international crude oil prices have been boosted by this. However, if the fundamentals of the crude oil market at both the supply and demand sides have not improved at this stage, and crude oil prices continue to face serious obstacles to continue to rise, it is likely that international oil prices will continue to decline as a whole, but this does not rule out a single-day rebound.

Overall, domestic public health events have been brought under control and the problem of crude oil demand has been alleviated to some extent, but the global epidemic has continued to exert pressure on crude oil demand, coupled with the distance between April and May. The date for Saudi Arabia to increase crude oil production is gradually approaching, so the market will continue to focus on crude oil supply and demand, so crude oil prices will still fluctuate at low levels in the short term. I would like to add here that as long as the price of crude oil is within US $ 40/barrel, domestic oil prices will not rise.

Fuel price adjustment news:Today, March 25th, gas stations will adjust the gasoline price limits for Nos. 92 and 95

In terms of domestic market:Let ’s take a look at the prices of gasoline and diesel in some regions on March 25. Guangdong:Guoli 0 # diesel 5.11 yuan/liter; Guoliu-10 # diesel no offer; Guoliu E92 # gasoline 5.53 yuan/liter; Guoliu E95 # gasoline 5.99 yuan/liter; Anhui area:Guoliu0 # diesel 5.13 yuan/liter; Guoliu-10 # diesel 5.44 yuan/L; National Six E92 # gasoline 5.49 yuan/liter; National Six E95 # gasoline 5.91 yuan/liter.

Jiangxi region:Guoliu 0 # diesel 5.14 yuan/liter; Guoliu-10 # diesel 5.49 yuan/liter; Guoli E92 # gasoline 5.48 yuan/liter; Guoli E95 # gasoline 5.88 yuan/liter Hubei:Guoli 0 # diesel 5.09 yuan/liter; Guoli 10 # diesel 5.37 yuan/liter; Guoli E92 # gasoline 5.51 yuan/liter; Guoli E95 # gasoline 5.9 yuan/liter; Hunan area:Guoli 6 0 # diesel 5.16 yuan/liter; Guoli-10 # diesel has no offer; Guoli E92 # gasoline 5.47 yuan/liter; Guoli E95 # gasoline 5.82 yuan/liter; the above prices are for reference, please refer to the actual transaction.