China is a large country with a long history. The people have always believed that China’s history is”most credible and reliable.” Unfortunately, however, the facts are not as simple as we think. As long as history books are written by people, it will be full of lies. In the following, I will introduce the”three major scams” in the real history of China. These scams have easily deceived many people, and there are still people who believe it!

Three famous scams in the history of China, none of them are true, but there are still people who are still convinced

I. Qin Shihuang’s” Book Burning Confucianism”

This story was written in history textbooks until recently It has only been discovered for years that it is completely nonsense. When we were in elementary school, the text we learned was roughly this:Qin Shihuang was a tyrant. In order to prevent the people from rebelling, he seized a kitchen knife from across the country and hit twelve giant bronze men. He also took all the books from the world. Collected, burned out a fire; in addition, he will also oppose his”Confucian scholars”,”all” buried alive.

Three famous scams in Chinese history, none of them are true, but there are still people who are still convinced

However, the truth of the fact is that Qin Shihuang only burned down the history books of the other six countries. He didn’t burn books about medicine, planting, astrology, and a hundred scholars. And the person who really burned the book was the great hero Xiang Yu, who was praised by later generations. He burned the Qin Palace. The fire burned for three months. Xianyang became a scorched soil, and no books were left! In addition, Qin Shihuang did not kill Confucian scholars, but four hundred alchemists (those who practiced immortality and alchemy). And when he was chanting Taishan Mountain, the Confucian”Bao Bailingzhi” who scolded him for not using the”Zen concession system” to pass the emperor’s throne to foreigners did nothing at the end.

Second, the subtle Kanggan prosperity

When I was a child, I always listened to the story of Kanggan prosperity, but when I grew up, I watched what the British Margarny wrote Traveling in China, he found in the book that during the Qianlong period, the 18-year-old girl in Jiangnan, China did not even have a pair of pants. The Chinese people are so poor that they want their entire family to wear a pair of trousers. The big girl has no pants and uses straw as an apron! The author of”The Notes of Ricci” came during the Ming Dynasty and described China as a”garden country”:the streets are clean and tidy, and the ordinary people are dressed neatly, and visitors will have a”new suit” and”beggars” have special Asylum! Therefore, I do not know how the Qing Dynasty came about.

Three famous scams in Chinese history, none of them are true, but there are still people who are still convinced

Some supporters of the Qing Dynasty believed that the territory of the Qing Dynasty was large, and that was the prosperity. But no matter how big the territory is, people are living inhumane and ghostless, with no dignity. About their heyday, they can only be compared with their worst period. Although the same people cannot afford to wear pants, compared to the post-Opium War, at least the Kangxi and Qianlong imperial palaces have not been beaten by foreigners. In addition, Kangxi can also learn Western languages, advanced technology, and culture”alone.” So”prosperous” is not”prosperous,” it depends on when it is compared.

Three, Zhang Xianzhong Tuchuan

Another nonsense historical lie is that Zhang Xianzhong slaughtered the Sichuan people in ten years, and Zhang Xianzhong established the”Seven Kills””Stones,” these are the historical records of the Qing people. Zhang Xianzhong did not set up the so-called”Seven Killing Steles” at all. The”Holy Stele Monument” he set up is still there. The text reads:”Everything has nothing to do with man, nothing is to be with heaven. And not originally rumored:nothing is given to man, and nothing is given to man. Kill kill kill, kill kill kill kill.

Three famous scams in Chinese history, none of them are true, but there are still people who are still convinced

Zhang Xianzhong was originally an ordinary farmer in Shaanxi. He was rebelled because of a locust plague in his hometown and he couldn’t survive. He always had a bad temper, and after the death, he established the”Daxi Regime” in Chengdu. Because the Sichuan Basin was isolated from the outside world, it was difficult for outsiders to know what was happening because of the inconvenience of transportation. He and his two sons have been stationed in Sichuan for more than ten years since 1644. In the meantime, he fought bloody battles with the Nanming Army and the Qing Army many times.

The Qing army advised him to surrender, and he resolutely refused. But when he was about to die, his last adoptive son said:”Three centuries of orthodoxy in the Ming dynasty may not be extinct, and it is also God’s will. I die, and I am anxious to be clear, so it is not unrighteous.” Li Dingguo became the last national hero of Nanming. After Qing soldiers invaded Sichuan, they found that the Sichuan people were almost dead, mainly because of bloody fighting for more than a decade and the result of the Sichuan people’s flight. And most of them are hard to tell whether they were killed by Zhang Xianzhong or the Qing army.