On the evening of September 9, the official official account of Ningde Times announced that the company and Changan Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Ningde.

According to the agreement, the two parties will establish a long-term and in-depth partnership in the fields of smart connected electric vehicles and smart energy ecology to jointly promote China’s new energy vehicle industry ecology Construction and development.

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Image source:Ningde Times

Ningde Times Chairman Zeng Yuqun, President Zhou Jia, Changan Automobile Chairman Zhu Huarong and Executive Vice President Tan Benhong attended the signing ceremony.

Before this cooperation, Changan Automobile used to Invested in Ningde Times by acquiring the fund shares of Zhenjiang Demao Hairun Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership).

According to the Changan Automobile 2019 annual report, it will reach 2019 At the end of the term, Changan Automobile holds Ningde Times 2,299,575 shares, with a market value of about 4.284 billion yuan at that time.

On July 15 this year, Changan Automobile released 2020 Semi-annual performance forecast:It is estimated that the profit in the first half of 2020 is 2 billion to 3 billion yuan, of which 1.775 billion yuan is due to the holding of Ningde TimesThe stock price rises and increases.

Previously, the media pointed out that Changan Automobile and Ningde Times cooperation started in June 2016, and the”Strategic Cooperation Agreement” was signed.

So, no matter what, Ningde Times is Changan Automobile is one of the important chains in the new energy planning.

As ​​of 2018, Ningde Times has cooperated with more than 62 companies Vehicle companies cooperate, and today this number is still growing.

According to data from the Starting Point Research Institute (SPIR), only Ningde Times in August The installed capacity of a power battery reached 2442.8MWh, with a market share of 47.6%. The main supporting car companies include Chongqing Ideal, Great Wall Motors, SAIC Volkswagen, Anhui Jianghuai, BMW Brilliance, Weimar Motors, Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng , Trinity, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the Ningde Times refuted rumors some time ago Said that it did not give up the NCM811 battery cell. The parallel connection of multiple lines has always been the company’s core idea for the development of the battery cell business. In the short term, NCM811 will continue to serve as Ningde The main attack strategy of the era.

And, Tesla orders will be placed Gradually released in half a year, including international orders.

Ningde Times is currently established overseas Many subsidiaries, covering Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, etc.

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