Ma Yun is here~

This afternoon, Du Jiahao, Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee , Governor Xu Dazhe had a discussion with Jack Ma, the founder of Jack Ma Charity Foundation, and his party in Changsha.

The provincial leaders Hu Henghua and Zhang Hongsen participated.

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The last time Jack Ma visited Hunan was in November 2015.

At that time, Jack Ma, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, made a special trip to Hunan to witness the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between the Hunan Provincial Government and Alibaba Group.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, Hunan and Alibaba Group have established a strategic cooperation coordination and promotion mechanism to give full play to Alibaba’s three-dimensional industrial development advantages in the Internet economy and Hunan Province’s industry, resources, environment, and policy It has advantages in cloud computing and big data, smart city construction, e-commerce, Internet finance, etc. to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation.

Today, Jack Ma has stepped down as chairman of the Alibaba board of directors and turned to public welfare. The Jack Ma Charity Foundation, initiated and donated by it, mainly focuses on entrepreneurship, education, female leadership, and medical and environmental protection. It is committed to cultivating future-oriented rural educators and entrepreneurs, and helping rural children, young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Women’s development and growth.

In this trip to Hunan, Jack Ma will discuss more cooperation possibilities with Hunan in the fields of digital economy and public welfare.

In this afternoon’s discussion, Du Jiahao, Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, and Xu Dazhe, Deputy Secretary and Governor of the Provincial Party Committee, discussed with Ma Yun to further strengthen the in-depth cooperation between Hunan, Alibaba Group and Ma Yun Foundation , To promote the in-depth exchange of opinions and reach consensus on the development of Hunan’s digital economy.

During the discussion, Du Jiahao said:

“Since this year, Hunan has coordinated efforts to promote epidemic prevention and control, flood prevention and disaster relief, and economic and social development. The growth rate and increment rank first among the top ten provinces and cities in the country’s economic aggregate.

Since the end of 2013, the provincial party committee and the provincial government have attached great importance to the development of the digital economy, closely focusing on the Internet industry and intelligence. Terminal consumption and modern circulation system, relying on Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park, Yuelu Mountain University Science and Technology City, and the Internet Yuelu Summit as a platform, give full play to the advantages of industry, talents, and housing prices, and strive to create a highland of innovation and entrepreneurship, and accelerate the promotion of credit The development of related industrial chains such as creative engineering, new electronics, video and cultural creation, and intelligent manufacturing.

I hope Mr. Ma Yun will provide more valuable opinions and suggestions for the development of Hunan, and promote the further deepening of Alibaba Group and the Ma Yun Charity Foundation. The exchanges and cooperation of Hunan will promote the cultivation and growth of more new technologies, new industries, new business forms, and new models in Hunan, and help accelerate the development of Hunan’s digital economy. Hunan will invest and develop Alibaba Group in Hunan and Ma Yun Charity Foundation will carry out work in Hunan Create a better environment.”

Ma Yun said:

“Hunan is a province with strong soft power. Changsha is a city loved by young people and has huge potential for future development. .

I look forward to working with Hunan and Changsha to strengthen cooperation in big data, cloud computing, smart manufacturing, emerging consumption and other fields, jointly promote the digital transformation of traditional enterprises, vigorously develop modern service industries, and continuously increase domestic consumption New kinetic energy, and at the same time, we will continue to do well in Hunan’s public welfare undertakings such as rural education, entrepreneur training, women’s development and growth, medical and environmental protection.”

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Quick thinking and witty talk

Ma Yun will continue to give everyone Leave a deep impression

In the discussion with the Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Governor, Ma Yun spoke highly of Hunan’s”soft power” ?

For example, often exercise, People with good physical fitness can hardly be seen in normal times, but after a serious illness, they will show strong recovery ability. Adjacent to Hubei, Hunan has withstood the impact of the epidemic, its economy and society have recovered rapidly, and its main economic indicators are leading the country, which is a concrete manifestation of its strong”soft power”.

Ma Yun also showed great interest in Changsha’s”night economy” ?

“Night economy” represents economic activity and is an important way to expand consumption and domestic demand, reflecting The pursuit of young people. And the city that young people are willing to go to must have its own unique charm. Changsha is an Internet celebrity city in the eyes of young people. The popularity of the night economy ranks first in the country. I have heard about it a long time ago. This time I came to feel it myself.

How to seize development opportunities in the digital age for Hunan? Jack Ma also gave suggestions ?

For the next ten years, to achieve success in the digital age, the measurement standard is not how many traditional Internet companies have emerged in Hunan, but the government, enterprises and institutions, and the service industry. Did not really use the Internet. At present, Chinese society is undergoing full digitization. The government, enterprises and institutions, and the service industry must seize this strategic opportunity to achieve digitization. Otherwise, we will lose an era.

In the future, how can Alibaba and Hunan cooperate more closely? Ma Yun gives an example:?

Traditional jobs are in the manufacturing industry, and the more developed the manufacturing industry, the”black light factory” has no workers, and the assembly line is replaced by robots, and there are fewer job opportunities. Therefore, facing the future, stable employment lies in the development of modern service industries. For example, we can see from the epidemic that restaurants that deliver food through the Internet live better than none, and food delivery is just a small digital application in the modern service industry. We can explore a cooperation path in Hunan that expands consumption, promotes modernization and digitalization of the service industry from the rich and varied service industry patterns presented by Changsha’s”night economy”.

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In addition, as a charity person, Jack Ma also talked about the development of the Jack Ma Foundation in Hunan and its next plans.

Ma Yun, who claims to be the spokesperson for rural teachers, founded the”Ma Yun Rural Teacher Student Program” in 2017. It is expected to invest at least 300 million yuan in 10 years. The goal is to inject new forces into rural education in China, discover and cultivate Future rural educator, and Hunan First Normal College is the only selected school in Hunan.

“The largest source of students for the rural teachers we funded comes from the first normal school.” Ma Yun praised the rural teachers who graduated from the first normal school, saying that they would further promote this demonstration cooperation and in other Strengthen cooperation with Hunan in the field of public welfare.

Xiang Banjun praised Teacher Ma’s charity feelings!

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On November 30, 2017, Jack Ma Public Welfare Foundation signed a cooperation framework agreement with Hunan First Normal College.

Mr. Xiangban asked that during this trip, Jack Ma will also go to Changsha’s online celebrity attractions to”check in” and fully experience the charm of the night economy of this”Internet celebrity city”.

Will the friends meet by chance~

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