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 Does Atlantis really exist? Is it really the home of Neptune?

 Lost Empire, does Atlantis really exist? It really is Neptune Home?

We are The curiosity and love of the sea seemed to be born.

Maybe it’s because life originates from the ocean. Our hippocampus has long been imprinted with the sea.

The vast, mysterious sea is like a magical marine museum, waiting for us to explore and discover.


The Lost Empire:Atlantis

I believe everyone is familiar with this name, from an anime when he was a child, to before”Neptune” has appeared in two years.

However, the earliest source of Atlantis is from the”philosopher’s record” of Plato , a great philosopher more than 2000 years ago. This book is a bit like the Greek version of The Analects, but it is also a dialogue. It talks about various philosophical issues that Socrates and others discuss.

 Lost Empire, does Atlantis really exist? Is it really the home of Neptune?


The”Timeiou” and”Creidi” The Atlas mentions Atlantis:

“Before 9,000 years ago, outside the Hercules pillar (the Strait of Gibraltar at the western end of the Mediterranean) There is an Atlantic Ocean, and a great west island in the ocean. Atlantis is beautiful, the land is fertile, and the people on the island are prosperous and rich. Later, the Atlantis were corrupted and attempted to invade Greece. Then Zeus summoned the gods, set off an earthquake and flood, and sunk the land to the bottom of the sea …”

Atlant restored as described by Plato The King of Tes

In addition, it is also written in the Dialogue that when the gods of Olympus lottery divided the territories Poseidon, Poseidon picked Atlantis Island, he married a human woman on the island, and gave birth to 5 twins, which later became Atlantis King of 10 kingdoms.

In the thousands of years since then, Atlantis has built magnificent cities, the most spectacular of which is Central King City strong>.

The concentric circles of the canal, as well as the tall walls that are cast with brass and bling, and the innermost is the magnificent palace.

 Lost Empire, does Atlantis really exist? Is it really the home of Neptune?

Photos of”Sea King”

Atlantis Is extremely powerful. Of course, it is not the magic soldiers who ride the Canglong and Great White Shark in Aquaman. In the central kingdom alone, there are 720,000 infantry, 120,000 cavalry, 10,000 chariots, and 1,200 warships. Plus the other 9 kingdoms, I don’t know how many.

It can be seen that in the eyes of the ancient Greeks more than 2000 years ago, Atlantis was so powerful that he had no friends!

If it really wants to be like the legend, this prehistoric civilization more than 10,000 years ago really existed, what will it develop on the ocean floor?

 Lost Empire, does Atlantis really exist? Is it really the home of Neptune?

“Sea King” Seven Seas National Assembly Hall


Does Atlantis exist

In fact, except for Plato’s Dialogues, there is no record of”Atlantis” in the literature of various countries throughout the ancient Greek civilization.

For this reason, even in the ancient West, scholars do not believe in the existence of this powerful empire, and they will not bother to examine it.

 Lost Empire, does Atlantis really exist? Is it really the home of Neptune?

Atlantis before sinking in Neptune

Until 19 The rise of the archeological fever of the century has ignited people’s curiosity about ancient civilizations. As a result, more research has been done on Atlantis.

Among them, various speculations about brain opening also appeared:

Atlantis is an alien civilization;

Atlantis is the Garden of Eden in the Bible;

Ancient Egyptian civilization was established by the Atlantis;

Azores on the Atlantic Islands, Canary Islands, are the remnants of Atlantis;

The Mayans and Aztecs of Central America are the descendants of Atlantis;

Atlantis has become an undersea civilization, just under the”Bermuda Triangle” …

 The Lost Empire, Does Atlantis really exist? Is it really the home of Neptune?

Despite so much speculation, to date, archaeologists have not found any artifacts that may be related to Atlantis, let alone more than 10,000 years. State-of-the-art and in line with Plato’s description of technology Ancient ruins.

These results have made the possibility of the existence of Atlantis described by Plato even smaller.


The more mysterious, the more attractive

Underwater world like Atlantis, because of its mystery attracted more people to pay attention, satisfy everyone’s curiosity and the sense of achievement of decryption, most people’s marine world enlightenment 《 20,000 Miles Under the Sea .

In 1870, the marine science fiction novel”Two Thousands of Miles Under the Sea” created by French writer Jules Verne. This book was well received by readers once it was published. . It has been selling well for the next 150 years. For many people’s childhood, opened the door to the longing for the ocean .

 Lost Empire, does Atlantis really exist? Is it really the home of Neptune?

“Every time I ask my child where to travel, she always says the beach .”I believe many parents will resonate.

As stated at the beginning, the sea has long left a deep mark on our brains, and children also like the sea by nature. The vast, mysterious sea is also the first stop for children to explore the world.