It’s white, so clean.

This is the ending written by Cao Xueqin for A Dream of Red Mansions.

It may also be the ending written by us for at least 5 million takeout riders in China.

September 8, two days ago.

“People” published the article”Takeaway rider, stuck in the system”.

Moments of friends, Weibo, Zhihu, instantly fry the pot.

WeChat end reading likes double 10w+; the next day Zhihu topped the hot list, and there were many hot searches on Weibo.

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The article really moved that”building”.

Meituan and issued a statement successively, apologizing and rectifying .

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No matter what Whether the logic of these statements is self-consistent, whether the measures are effective, and whether the follow-up guarantees effective implementation.

They have indeed fulfilled the company’s most urgent desire –

quell the situation


September 10th, today.

Sir’s circle of friends has almost no follow-up discussion or forwarding on this matter.

Zhihu Hot List no longer has any related topics.

Sir opens Weibo at 4 pm, and related topics are the most popular, ranking 46th.

Open it after an hour, and it has been squeezed out of the list by many celebrities.

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Is it because the matter is resolved?


is because we perceive our own powerlessness.

Because we still had to open the takeaway software at the meal point after we appealed and condemned.

is because.

We ourselves are in a constantly updated system.

Will the matter be resolved?

Sir wants to be more realistic.

The magic box is already open, all you can do is face it.

Today’s article, let’s talk about the problem that has always been avoided——

This person VS system racing.

The system, where will you and me in the system go?

Even if the answer is helpless.


Where is the system

In the article”People”, a detail impressed Sir deeply.

In order to improve rider’s safety awareness, Meituan will pop up safety education videos from time to time during the rider’s order, so that the rider will stop and watch it before returning to normal order.

Don’t seem to be so cold-blooded?

The real situation is:

Hunan’s Meituan rider Adou said that during a peak meal delivery period, He had to stop by the side of the road to watch a safety education video that popped up suddenly, but was knocked down by a speeding bicycle, sprained his ankle, and was forced to rest.


I am satirical.

The irony lies not only in the embarrassment of the takeaway boy.

It is more that it exposes the endless loop of companies’ crazy pursuit of efficiency and profit, which will inevitably sacrifice the humanity of employees.

This is the fundamental contradiction of this takeaway hot spot.

is also the first clue we need to clarify:

This is not a certain company The problem is a situation that (almost) all large commercial enterprises cannot avoid.


Large-scale public opinion crusades are just another catharsis of shots.

Are you hungry and Meituan?

Most companies that rely on algorithms have had conflicts with”people”.

The author streamlined manuscript washing to meet the algorithm-based content push mechanism.

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In the video field, there have also been out of control due to algorithms, and countless vulgar and distorted content has flooded into it.

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It seems shocking that there is no harm in the food delivery industry.

In essence, it is also the domestication of”people” as tools under the rules.

Push the time back again.

“Algorithm” is an emerging technology, but it is not new logic.

In the past, it had another name——

Called performance, called assessment


No matter how the title is changed, it is the golden rule of an enterprise to extract the maximum value of employees while controlling the minimum cost.

Start, it needs your ability.

Screen your resume, set up interviews, written tests, and make you stand out from the crowd.

No end.

The cost of cultivating capacity is too high, and instead squeeze your time.

So Jack Ma would say”996 is a kind of blessing.”

So we will be in Shenzhen Nanshan, Beishangguang CBD, and see the bright lights all night.

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If the time Still too expensive?

What can also be extracted is blood and sweat.

As far back as 100 years ago, the term”sweatshop” appeared in the United States.

The large companies in the world have been described by the media:Foxconn, Nike, Gucci…

close to the present.

The examples of employees sacrificing their health and even their lives for the company are endless.

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“Qihua Shuo” once raised an issue.

“The work of interest is always 996, should I 886?”

Broadcast It caused great controversy.

Luo Zhenyu, Ma Dong, Li in the”Boss” camp Dan, Xue Zhaofeng, and even Xu Jiru, who spoke from the elite class, were all spared from being scolded and labeled as”capitalists.”

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Are they wrong?

At least from Sir’s point of view, their views are still debatable.

Then why is it so disgusting?

too cruel.

The cruelty is, not that they are wrong.

but just right.

This is a consensus that we do not want to admit in our subconscious mind.

So, the breaking point of today’s”discussion”——

We don’t have to use blood The name of”996″ is romanticized, and it is impossible to simply use poetry to escape the fierce competition in reality.

Expand the field of vision.

To see:systems, algorithms, and unspoken rules have drawn a huge circle around us.

Find out exactly:”You”, where is it.


Where is the person

Don’t get me wrong.

Sir is not an”algorithm” that wants to throw all the pot to cannibalism.

but after clarifying the costs and risks of technological development, we should reflect on a question:

We, who enjoy the convenience brought by algorithms/systems every day, have been”systematized” long ago.

There are really signs.

Return to this takeaway event.

In the audience.

After seeing the sadness of the delivery staff, most people’s first reaction is compassion and crusade.

This is the most praised answer under the article”People”:

getUrls?link=817b85e4472bf86cd3f0f0a32936f1c0 - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

The most common voices on other platforms are similar:

“I’m never in a hurry to order takeout.”

“It’s okay to be late.”

“Are you hungry to uninstall Meituan.”


on the platform.

After the public opinion is boiling, the first choice for public relations is “Human Qing”.

“The system is dead, and people are alive. Comparing your heart to your heart…”

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even the takeaway boy himself.

the one they say most often:

“You don’t do it, much People are queuing to do it.”

Think carefully.

Where is the problem——

Our concern for others is limited to sympathy Not empathy.

In our review of ourselves, only see the value but dare not mention the rights.

There is no”person” in the world of algorithms.

This is not terrible.

The most terrifying thing is that we, who are increasingly surrounded by algorithms, have also become blurred.

Sir also found this topic in yesterday’s hot search list:

Hungry SpiritKnight

The above is a screenshot of takeaway delivery, showing”Knight Body temperature is 63.3℃”.

Below is a poster for the movie”Ghost Rider”.

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getUrls?link=01e9abcec6f535f90c2c69d321fd1d5f - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

click to open Topic page.

It’s hard for you to believe in such a situation:

Everyone is playing tricks and witty.

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getUrls?link=87350786fcbfd9300d651d05dd18f809 - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

Ironic .

The takeaway knights in the system are not like “people”, and we don’t treat them as “people” either.

Because of this——

A contradiction that urgently needs to be resolved has surfaced with difficulty, first I was skipped by the sigh of”he is really not easy”.

I was covered by the laughing and joking spoof again, and I fell silent.

No way.

This is an era when there is no time to look back. The vast majority of people are the donkey blindfolded.

We are all being pushed by the”system”.


While you are calling for the anti-human nature of 996 and 007, you can only adapt to the role of social animals with fear.

Forefoot, you just showed off on foreign social media, how convenient domestic life is, and how prosperous the economy is, and the backfoot feels heartbroken for what happened to the takeaway guy.

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Is it absurd?


Because we need to eat a box of fresh and quick takeaways during a short break.

Then return to speed on the track of your own.

Because we need to stand closely with greater benefits.

With the honor of”I am a member”, to paralyze the helplessness of”what am I for?”

Sir admits that this is an aphasia that everyone faces.

Not cowardly.

Being so sad because of selling”self”.

Learning to truly treat each individual in the system with an equal and complete”person” is more worthy of respect.


System and people , People are always eggs

If we don’t brake, where will we be pushed?

Go back to the film and television to find the answer.

The following scene, you definitely don’t want to see it in the future.

In the future world, human science and technology will develop rapidly.

A baby quacked and fell to the ground.

What is the future of TA? What kind of work will you do? How old will you live?

In the moment, parents will discuss excitedly and let the baby catch the lottery.


A machine gently sweeps the baby’s forehead.



“Di——site workers.”


What machine is so amazing?


Super algorithm.

This is the future imagination of the”system” in the third season of Westworld.

“Thunder Wave”, a processing system developed by Insett.

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Thunder Wave is equivalent to a data processor, which can produce strategies through algorithms.

Endless calculations, in the name of efficiency and science.

It is powerful enough to predict human history through data——

December 18, 2019 The impeachment of the 45th president of Washington on Japan (already in reality)

May 20, 2020, the destruction of the Indonesian ecosystem

Buenos Aires assassination of the US presidential candidate on December 9, 2024

Paris thermonuclear weapons on October 9, 2025 Attack

The Second Civil War in Moscow, Russia in 2037

Unknown location on February 27, 2058Major/critical events

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An extreme hypothesis, but it actually demonstrates-In front of technology,”people” have no power to fight back.

First, deprive you of your choice.

Sounds very advanced:

It can realize the potential and specify the most suitable life for customers direction.

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Before you were born, and every step of your growth, It is sampling data and using this data to guide you where to go next.

Attention, the data of everyone is sampled. Then integrate the data to give you a standard and safe optimal solution.

Want to stand alone? no way.

Of course, some people will think–

I don’t have to be confused at least, and follow the route obediently for the rest of my life It’s not bad or bad, right?

The deceptiveness of”system selection” is here.

It allows everyone to go in one direction, and at the same time makes you feel that it is your own choice to follow everyone forward.

What if you think something is wrong?

Easy to handle.

It slowly deprives you of emotion.

The current algorithm shortens the time and increases the radius by continuously sending orders to the delivery staff, so-called”optimization”.

The algorithm will be much more advanced in the future.

It prepares a box of”chips” for each customer. Take one tablet every day, you can use it to connect to the tablet and control your emotions.

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I’m bored, tired, come one.

Tomorrow is another day full of vitality.

Finally, it was a final word.

Deprive you of hope.

Caleb is such a person.

The heroine Delori brings him to a restaurant and tells him:

Your 2 I will come here on the 23rd to order the same things

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Caleb said,”Are you watching me?”

Dorris:”No, something is watching you.”

Caleb understood immediately, oh no surprise, big data.

getUrls?link=96bc3dea557b6943156bb22f8ed36c3b - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

Well, big data seems to be no big deal.

until the hostess showed him her”file”.

“Score” for everything and everything:

Social score:2.7


Professional rating:3.6


getUrls?link=bb94706a8867bf45c5846c0d4674d844 - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

The score will be synchronized with all companies and employers, only he does not know.

So the system sets a limit for him:no matter how hard he works, he can only be a construction worker.

getUrls?link=8c0cc8e6dec424e2743f03557dedc471 - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

More than that.

Based on his depression history, medication records and other information, the system calculated that he would commit suicide within 10-12 years.

Even the location is considered good, the beach.

Yes, Keller really used to sneak to the beach late at night.

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In”Western World”, Demei referred to”Lei Hebo” as “False God”.

Two meanings.

The first level, the true gods, are the makers behind the system.

On the second level, this god does not give people hope.

Are you exaggerating?

Cast your eyes around.

Sir is more familiar with film and television circles.

Netflix, the first streaming media giant to make its fortune by”algorithms”.

In the early days, relying on powerful data collection and user estimation, a series of high-quality film and television dramas were cast and filmed.

The most typical example is”House of Cards”.

From BBC production to Netflix production, starring Kevin Spacey was hesitant at first.

but Netflix can convince him with just one sentence:

“The algorithm has been calculated Well, as long as you are here,”House of Cards” will continue to be popular.”

So in 2013, Netflix engineers discovered that they liked BBC dramas, There is an intersection between director David Fincher and Kevin Spacey. If a movie satisfies these factors, it may sell well.


A large number of users have poured in, and Netflix has increasingly believed in algorithms.

The original scoring system that users used to rate the film has been changed to”likes” and”dislikes” that are easier to calculate.

getUrls?link=8686cda755f7a3e5f506a578e6a43a98 - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

As a result, Netflix is ​​indeed rapidly gaining popularity around the world; on the other hand, we are increasingly disappointed with “Netflix produced”.

Because according to the”algorithm”, most people like to watch soapy, stimulating, and bloody.

Sir also wants to mention a director.

Xin Haicheng.

A animation director who was originally very authoritative and expressive.

But slowly, he changed.

Whether it is”Your name.”, or”Children of the Weather.”

After mastering more resources, he gradually gave up personal expression.

On the contrary, it is moving towards commercial production.

Set up a large professional team with a clear division of labor, accurate the emotional curve of the story to every minute, and completely abandon the previously preferred low ending.

getUrls?link=659bf09ea640a0e7cbd8f5f9b6411b70 - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

△ 《Your name.”Every minute is arranged clearly and clearly by Xin Haicheng

and the form of the work is also from the exquisite and beautiful short film——

“Five Centimeters Per Second” and”The Garden of Words“, the duration is 1 hour and 46 minutes respectively.

commercial blockbuster to standard mode——

“Your name.”106 minutes,”Weathering Son” 111 minutes (113 minutes for the Chinese version).

Sir does not deny Xin Haicheng’s aggressiveness to break through and change.

Xin Haicheng is not the first.

Across the world, many directors have entered the Sura Field of Cyberpunk.

Just as Martin Scorsese was concerned about the”Marvel movies” before:

they It is a sequel in name and a remake in spirit. Everything in it is officially stamped because there can be no other way. This is the essence of the modern series of films:market research, audience testing, review, modification, renovation and reprocessing until they can be consumed.

This is the”belief” of many commercial films today:

Big data, instead of director’s expression; mood table, instead of drama structure; algorithm screening, instead of light and shadow analysis.

Is this an improvement?

Sir only feels that these works are becoming less and less”human”.

It is more cruel outside the film and television circles.

There is such a detail in the documentary”American Factory” at the beginning of the year.

When there is no solution to the contest between human and system.

Fuyao Group has found a solution to overcome the problem.

Realize factory automation.

More and more standardized tasks are being replaced by robotic arms step by step.

They do not make mistakes, do not shout tired, and do not make additional requirements.

getUrls?link=d0d670fe11ea7d757a552e0f62b3ea24 - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother

Liberate labor?

At the end of the documentary, the leaders took a confident and determined step, pointed the workshop, and lined up troops.

“Next time I have to cancel these four people”

getUrls?link=15589d5949524252adaa8e4522f9accb - Look, sympathy can't save the takeaway brother


This word is used accurately and coldly.

But who can guarantee that this”cancellation” will not fall on oneself?

As long as we continue to surrender to the”system” easily, continue to let the”people” be ignored.

Takeaway boy.

Site workers.

workshop worker




Well, it’s really clean.

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