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There is no doubt that this year’s Inventory has risen to a more important position than ever. Now that live broadcasts are highly sought after, fundamentally, it is inseparable from the blowout demand of brand owners to clear inventory.

When everyone’s attention is on the live broadcast, on the other side, the e-commerce platform designed to clear inventory seems to usher in an opportunity for rapid development, taking this opportunity to improve its own Brand supply chain.

To some extent, the development trajectories of live streaming and inventory e-commerce are actually similar. Through the fate of live broadcast e-commerce, we can also infer some problems and trends in the development of inventory e-commerce.

Establishing a new type of customer-group relationship:vigilant mode&34;wear new clothes, follow the old road&34;

From a functional point of view, in the future In theory, inventory e-commerce can be called an enhanced version of live streaming.

For live streaming, please borrow the description of Xu Lei from Jingdong:Live streaming is not retail, more It is marketing behavior, the purpose is to clear inventory, push new products, live broadcast products C2M, etc.; only in specific scenarios, specific products will continue to be broadcast live.

Summary keywords:Specific scenes, specific products, non-retail, marketing behavior, inventory clearance.

The reason that inventory e-commerce is an enhanced version of live delivery is that on the one hand, the two have the same starting point and the same path of realization, that is, the purpose of clearing inventory through scene reconstruction ; On the other hand, the breakthrough is reflected in the inventory e-commerce breaking through the Tianhua board in the concept of goods and retail in live broadcast.

In terms of commodities, there has been a saying about live streaming delivery:live streaming delivery follows the”69 yuan rule”. As long as the product price exceeds 69 yuan, sales will drop sharply. This can be avoided by inventory e-commerce. Special sales of well-known brands are aimed at obtaining high-quality goods at lower prices. This kind of inventory e-commerce caters to the consumption upgrade needs of users in third-, fourth- and fifth-tier cities.

In terms of form, Xu Lei said that live streaming is not retail, because the basic framework of retail form usually includes front-end drainage and supply chain. In terms of traffic, live streaming products mainly include platforms & 34; tap water & 34; and the anchor’s own fan base, but the supply chain is almost blank. The so-called supply chain management is, for big anchors, the team behind it depends on the brand, price, and quality. For small anchors, it is the MCN company behind it.

Unlike inventory e-commerce, it not only needs a new form of traffic entry similar to live broadcast, but also needs to establish a stable and efficient supply chain like traditional e-commerce as support.

The Internet Jianghu team believes that the standard for the realization of inventory clearance lies in specific scenarios. Through insight into the user’s attention economy, new consumption scenarios can be explored to stimulate users to generate intentional economy and consumption behavior.

From this perspective, the underlying logic of buying diapers in the mother and baby community and buying lipstick in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast is the same. They all bypass the mainstream e-commerce forms and trigger user consumption behavior based on specific scenarios. The standard configuration for success lies in the exploration of new scenarios.

For example, Pinduoduo and Juhuasuan are competing products. In theory, the former’s inventory clearance capability requires Better than the latter. The reason is that Pinduoduo has opened up a new incremental space for traffic through social networking, while Juhuasuan relies on Taobao and leverages Taobao’s traffic supply chain Advantages, in the eyes of the outside world, it is difficult to distinguish from Taobao’s normal discount activities, and there is no new scene.

Without new scenarios, there will be no new traffic bonuses.

If you just pull a banner of special sales and inventory clearance, you can do inventory e-commerce. That day, Mao, Taobao, and simply did the calculations themselves. In fact, the purpose of inventory e-commerce is to sell goods that these conventional models cannot sell. Even if it really works, mainstream e-commerce companies will probably not do it, because it may cause harm to non-finished, non-special products of the same brand that are normally sold.

The new scene means new traffic, and selling tails requires exclusive traffic.

As the American writer Neil Bozeman said in his book”Entertainment to Death”:&34;Everyone will have their own life inertia and indulge in the information they are willing to accept. &34;

Inventory e-commerce does not want traditional e-commerce to tell new stories, but to dig out, provide, and touch new information and scenarios that people are willing to accept.

Friends are also friends’ alternative e-commerce:unreasonable and reasonable &34;choose one&34;?

Do e-commerce companies need to choose one? Before answering this question, we might as well take a look at the field of live streaming.

Is Li Jiaqi’s opponent Wei Ya and Simba? Obviously not. Although they are often compared, everyone has their own one-acre three-quarter land.

Li Jiaqi, as the &34;lipstick brother&34;, sells the most and the fastest. It will still be lipstick, makeup, snacks. The category of Via will be more comprehensive, and Simba’s mining users pay attention The force is concentrated on fast hands.

So are Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi, and Simba’s opponents new Internet celebrities who may rise in the future? It’s impossible. In this impetuous industry atmosphere, it is almost impossible to create the next Wei Ya Li Jiaqi.

So Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya, and Simba are not rivals with each other. The real opponents are actually the stars with their own traffic. There are not a few celebrities”Crossing the River” who are leading the street, but there are also representatives of Liu Tao and Wang Han who have successfully made their way out of the circle.

For inventory e-commerce, it also has a competitive logic similar to the field of live streaming. The main opponents of various inventory e-commerce companies are not players on the same track, and the impact of”the peers are enemies” has been minimized in the inventory market.

From the point of view of the rise of the industry, in the past, mainstream platforms could not sell tailings, and we need to find ways to find multiple sewers to digest. There are many”clearing inventory” companies, and many companies have their own special sales channels, such as special stores, street stalls, and discounts in shopping malls.

Since it is reduced to inventory and tailings, there are always reasons why it cannot be sold. A single channel cannot solve the”indigestion” of brand owners, and multi-channel distribution is needed.

Nowadays, with the title of inventory e-commerce, the offline”sewage” in the past has become a tall”outlet form”. It’s a way to make an online sale venue, and to make an online individual & 34; a stall&34;, it’s also a way to distribute in the form of social e-commerce. All in all, it makes sense only for the existence of an e-commerce supplier with sufficiently diversified channels. A single channel cannot support the huge demand for inventory clearance.

The question is here. Since a friend can be a friend, then Vipshop and love Why does the inventory dispute because of the”two choice one” problem?

For Ai Stock’s accusation, Vipshop stated that the news is not true. It’s just that there is no wind and no waves. In the eyes of outsiders, the credibility of this incident may be quite high.

On the one hand, from a cognitive point of view, China’s Internet is essentially not competing upwards, but competing downwards. Players in a dominant position usually turn from value creation to resource possession after a certain stage of development. Scenes like this &34;choose one&34; are actually commonplace.

On the other hand, from the business verbal point of view,”International Finance” has interviewed and reported that some businesses said that the relevant person in charge of Vipshop’s brand management had given verbal hints. If the brand continues to appear in love inventory, it may lead to two situations:either the contract cannot be renewed, or the resource is limited. Economic also interviewed merchants. The merchants stated that they had received a call from Vipshop, asking brand merchants to stop cooperating with Ai Stock.

As we said earlier, peers in the inventory market are not so desperate. If the”choose one of the two” rumors are true, then what would be the motivation for Vipshop to take this measure? The answer is the same as in the field of live streaming. The mainstream e-commerce&34;star&34;attack the inventory e-commerce&34;net celebrity&34;

Tmall will not specialize in tailing goods platform, so as not to dilute the brand tonality, but it will be different if the brand owners buckle because of reality.

A pandemic caused many clothing, footwear and hat brands to experience an inventory crisis. According to reports, Nike and Adi shoes and clothing are as low as 2 to 50%off. The urban beauty of the underwear brand sells inventory at 50%off, and this is also a microcosm of the performance of the current brand owners.

You can buy head brands like Adinike on Tmall and JD One-200. This also leads to discounts for second- and third-tier brands. Now that the products on mainstream platforms are so cheap, will people still stare at inventory e-commerce or e-commerce specials?

In addition, in the alternative model, after live streaming has become popular, first, second and third tier brands also want to engage in live streaming, which also further reduces the number of brands that are placed on inventory e-commerce, which in turn leads to inventory e-commerce Competition between brands.

The”squeeze out” of inventory e-commerce by mainstream platforms and alternative model environmental changes seems to have also affected the attitude of the capital market to inventory e-commerce.

In the second quarter of this year, Vipshop’s net revenue reached RMB 24.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6%, and it has maintained 31 quarters of profitability. However, after the release of the financial report, the stock price of Vipshop was not ideal. As of the close of trading on August 19, Eastern Time, the market value of Vipshop has fallen from over US$16 billion to US$12.95 billion, and its after-hours share price is US$19.26, down 19.45%.

The epidemic has stimulated a huge inventory market for tail stocks, and Vipshop will maintain continued profitability, but why does the stock price behave like this? This may be greatly discounted with mainstream platform products, which has a certain connection with the formation of a”crowding effect” on the professional inventory market.

In terms of business model, Vipshop has not made a major innovative breakthrough in the traditional e-commerce model. In terms of traffic, according to Tianyancha app search, Vipshop is backed by the two major shareholders of Tencent JD. It seems that the traffic is somewhat dependent on both, and it seems that there is no new scene or exclusive traffic from the outside world.

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On top mainstream e-commerce platforms, brand merchants have discounts The reality of sales promotion cannot be changed by Vipshop. It is also an effective strategy to take some measures based on your own brand advantages and traffic volume advantages to maintain your brand-side advantages.

Of course, except for both parties and businesses, perhaps outsiders don’t know if Vipshop has”choose one”, but from the perspective of competitive strategy, it is possible to implement it. However, large-scale brand discounts and promotions are only a stopgap measure, and the future tail goods market will ultimately rely on multiple channels to build a market prosperity.

Enclose the land first and then leave the circle:inventory &34;flowers bloom&34;, slowly map it

Only explain the inventory function, Inventory e-commerce is an enhanced version of live delivery. But when it comes to the maturity of industry development, inventory e-commerce is actually lagging behind live streaming.

Today’s live broadcast delivery is not only a promotion, but also has the functions of pulling new products and new product releases. It has developed from &34;people bringing goods&34; to &34;people bringing goods&34; and &34;goods bringing people&34 ; Both have become mature. The development of inventory e-commerce is relatively slow and the ability to resist risks is low. Once brand owners start a discount on mainstream platforms, the back-end inventory e-commerce will become a fish in the pool.

In fact, inventory e-commerce companies have not thought about raising barriers. As early as 2018, there were media reports that Haoqo cooperated with suppliers to sell new products. At that time, Haoqo had inventory and new products. The ratio reaches about 4:6. I love inventory and I am not satisfied with the inventory market. I have already started new products. However, in terms of new products, it is difficult for these newborn calves to wrestle with Tmall and Especially when the chassis is unstable, reaching up upstream may be too greedy.

In fact, each market segment, especially clothing, shoes and hats, will produce a large amount of inventory every year. For players of inventory e-commerce, there is no need to rush to extend to new products, and follow the rule to go step by step. OK.

*Honestly polish the mode in the window period

Live broadcast is emotional, and emotional things are usually more likely to resonate, so live broadcast Goods can achieve a short-term outbreak. In general, e-commerce is rational, and rational things cannot expect the concentrated outbreak of user emotions, and can only be polished and corrected slowly. Inventory e-commerce has been developing for several years, but there is no real top brand yet. Vipshop’s large number of famous users is also an advantage accumulated before. To a certain extent, the business model of all kinds of inventory e-commerce needs to be further proved.

*Increase the barriers to entry during the growth period

For inventory e-commerce, tapping the unique traffic increase point is one aspect. However, in recent years, model homogenization has become a significant feature of inventory e-commerce. It can be seen that the barriers of the model itself are not deep. Therefore, the diversification of the inventory business has become a must-answer question. For example, the establishment of a highly flexible manufacturing process and the promotion of C2M sales models can be a solution.

*Get out of the circle decisively at the maturity stage

It is inevitable to go out of the circle, otherwise you can only carry the label of selling tails for a lifetime.

Many brands would rather burn it than choose a channel that looks relatively low to clear inventory, but if this inventory clearing channel can be higher, the result may be very different. Therefore, whether inventory e-commerce can break through the ceiling depends on whether it can achieve the”de-tailing” of the brand image. Just like the way Vipshop is taking now, there are new products and special sales.

Of course, as far as inventory e-commerce is concerned, getting involved in new products is only poetry and distant places. The most important thing at the moment is to do inventory e-commerce. Just like live streaming, if there is no discount as a gimmick to attract a lot of attention at the beginning, I am afraid that the initial spark will hardly form the current situation of a prairie fire. But if you have been focusing on cheap and cheap, then live streaming may not be as popular as it is now. Therefore, it is inevitable for inventory e-commerce to open up new product channels after maturity.

Out of the circle, in fact, it is to do a good job of inventory retail, but this is not anxious. The market plate is very big, as long as you follow the laws of the industry and don’t grow crookedly, one day it will grow into a towering tree.