“No one can extinguish the sky full of stars. Every developer is a spark for Huawei to gather.”

On the eve of the US’s “cut supply” of Huawei chips, Huawei launched a breakthrough war, released Harmony 2.0, expounded on Huawei’s ecology, and made it clear that it will fully support mobile phones equipped with Harmony systems next year.

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Developed by Huawei The scene of the conference. Picture source:Huawei


Chip problem, crisis and opportunity coexist


September 10 The”Huawei Developer Conference 2020″ held until the 12th has attracted the most attention. Because the day is very special-September 15 is the day when the United States began to implement a complete”cut off” of Huawei chips.


“The technology involved in the chip issue is very complex. Huawei must have difficulties in this regard, no doubt.” Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Software Department, accepted during the conference Said in the interview.


“From the point of view of the chip issue, all industries in China should be sober? There are so many Fortune 500 companies in China, although they are flourishing, they are very dangerous. It may wither, because if you don’t have a root, it’s just a pile of loose sand.”


“Take software as an example. Chinese software developers are especially like stevedores. Software kernels? Databases? File systems? Nothing. When assembling, there was no production line.” Wang Chenglu said,”It turns out that everyone is eager to make money, go public, cash out, and then financially free, and do nothing. The more stories like this, the sadder.”


“I prefer to see the positive side, because the chip problem has given the company reflection. No choice is the best choice. Restrictions instead give everyone a very good opportunity. Crisis and opportunities coexist.”Wang Chenglu said.


The most direct manifestation brought by the “discontinued supply” may be that Huawei’s mobile phones have no “core” available. Therefore, many analysts believe that after the “discontinued supply” of chips, Huawei next year Mobile phone shipments may decline severely.


In response, Wang Chenglu responded, “I don’t know if it will decline next year, at least not yet. It has maintained a very fast growth. The difficulties we are facing, of course Very challenging, but I believe that a solution can be found.”


According to the CEO of Huawei Consumer BusinessYu Chengdong said that even if it is sanctioned, in the first half of 2020, Huawei’s global shipments of consumer business mobile phones reached 105 million; consumer business revenue reached 255.8 billion yuan.”In the most recent quarter, Huawei mobile phones have achieved the first place in the global and domestic markets. The domestic market share exceeds 51%, but it is out of stock.”


A good news Yes,”After the United States announced sanctions last year, the domestic rate of Huawei’s first flagship mobile phone device was less than 30%. The P40 flagship phone released this year has a domestic rate of over 86%.” Wang Chenglu said.

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Huawei release Hongmeng 2.0 means that it will support mobile phones with Hongmeng next year. Photo by Wu Tao of Chinanews.com


Hongmeng develops and strives for opportunities


Chip requirements for hardware Development and the software ecosystem are equally important. This will become the highlight of the 2020 Huawei Developers Conference.


The big ecology is Hongmeng.


“To start the ecology first, the Hongmeng system has invested hundreds of millions of yuan, and the experience has been improving. Now it can reach the level of 70%-80%of Android, but every day, We are improving every week and every month.” Yu Chengdong said a few days ago.


Huawei disclosed Hongmeng’s open source roadmap at the developer conference. Wang Chenglu said that Huawei’s mobile phones, wearable devices, and tablets will soon use the Hongmeng system and will also be open to third-party devices.”By October 2021, Hongmeng will open source all devices above 4GB.”


For the question of”when will Harmony be used on mobile phones” that consumers are most concerned about, Huawei also gave a timetable:”Next year, we will fully support mobile phones equipped with Harmony systems.”


Every aspect is preparing for Harmony. Huawei’s new mobile phone system EMUI 11 has an”Easter Egg” buried in it-devices equipped with Harmony 2.0 can interact with EMUI 11, allowing Users”early adopters” Hongmeng ecological experience. Honor also announced that the follow-up Honor 30 and V30 series can be upgraded to the Hongmeng system, and more models are still being added.


“The day Hongmeng was born, it was not on the same track as Android. We have very strong confidence in Hongmeng, and Android may not be able to compete with Hongmeng.” Wang Chenglu In an interview, it was stated that Hongmeng’s distributed capabilities, Android may not even think of it.


On August 9, 2019, when the Huawei Hongmeng system was officially unveiled, Huawei introduced at the time,”The biggest feature of Hongmeng is the full-scene distributed OS based on the microkernel.”


“In the entire mobile system, Apple and Google are the duopoly. They are the rule makers. China does not have its own system, and developers will never be able to follow them. Equal communication.” said Wang Yanmin, President of Global Ecological Development Department of Huawei Consumer Business.


Wang Yanmin said in an interview with Chinanews.com that opportunities are always obtained in exchange for hard work. It is time for a challenger to build a new ecosystem that can be more fair, open, and To be safe and to make consumers more trustworthy is also our goal.


“In the Apple ecosystem, 30%of your IAP in-app purchase income will be taken away, and advertising commissions will also be collected. We give developers more choices”Wang Yanmin said.

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Wang Chenglu, etc. Huawei executives were interviewed by the media. Photo by Wu Tao from Chinanews.com


HMS will go first


EMUI 11 let The user”early adopters” of Hongmeng is a bit like a warrior and a horse. The food and grass are first. First, let users understand it briefly, cultivate usage habits, and facilitate entry into Hongmeng. Users are not so”unfamiliar.”


In fact, before Hongmeng did not fully land, Huawei HMS was already in rapid development, and the targets were Android’s GMS and Apple’s basic iOS applications.


In 2016, Huawei’s mobile core service HMS Core 2.0 was released and has now been updated to HMS Core 5.0.


HMS refers to Huawei Mobile Services, and GMS refers to Google’s”Family Bucket” services including Google Maps, Mail, and Search.


From May 2019, Google will only allow Huawei phones to use the open source code of the Android system, and Google GMS services are not allowed. Huawei must make HMS become powerful quickly, otherwise a mobile phone without application services will have a high configuration.


The latest data shows that HMS currently has 1.8 million developers worldwide, the number of integrated HMS applications exceeds 96,000, and more than 60,000 overseas applications have been launched on Huawei applications. In the App Gallery, more than 80%of the top 3,000 applications are available in the Huawei App Gallery.


“Currently, HMS’s overseas service capabilities are more geared towards the App level.” Wang Yanmin said in an interview with a reporter from Chinanews.com,”Considering the current environment, HMS is mainly considering Meet the daily basic application needs of consumers, and continue to improve competitiveness.”


Huawei Cloud Services President Zhang Ping’an also said that now that there is basically no GMS, Huawei mobile phones are “basically usable””.


HMS goes first. Once Hongmeng is launched overseas, can apps that use HMS services run the Hongmeng system without any modification? Wang Chenglu gave an accurate answer for the first time,”Yes.”


“Huawei has contributed a lot of ideas to Android, but Android itself has very strict thinking. It used to be very painful for Huawei and its cooperation. A small innovation has been communicated for a year. Stay creative.” Wang Chenglu said, breaking the Android cooperation will have more advantages than disadvantages.

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Hongmeng 2.0 After the release, a double rainbow appeared in the sky outside the conference site. Photo by Wu Tao of Chinanews.com


Ecology construction, facing difficulties


HMS is Huawei Hongmeng is a big ecology, but it is not easy to build an ecology.


“There are two difficult things in the world, one is building an atomic bomb, the other is building ecology, and compared with the former, the latter is more difficult because of the first-mover advantage of ecological construction Very big.” said Wang Huiwen, the founder and senior vice president of Meituan Dianping, at the”Songhu Dialogue” held during the Huawei Developer Conference.


“This requires everyone’s efforts and help”, Huawei executives have repeatedly emphasized. According to Yu Chengdong, it is necessary to gather sparks.


“All the forces in China should unite so that the ecology can flourish. Huawei has taken a crucial step and hopes to build confidence for industry partners.” Wang Chenglu said.


Zhang Pingan said, “To be honest, in this battle, from the beginning, no one is sure to win. Because so many companies want to build an ecosystem, We have come back from a feather, and whether Huawei can do ecologically, we are actually drumming.”


In Wang Huiwen’s view,”the difficulty of ecological construction lies in the upstream and downstream All links can be mobilized, and in the process, all parties have positive commercial interests.”


Wang Chenglu also said,”What is the most difficult thing to do in ecology? It must be Benefit distribution, the ecology must be determined, minded, and not win-win will not last.”


“Ecology is a very complex system engineering, in which key interests are related There are consumers, developers, third-party service providers, and platforms. Each stakeholder embodies different values. It is difficult to explain in one sentence.” Wang Yanmin said.


However, it is worth noting that reporters from Chinanews.com visited the exhibition during the Huawei Developer Conference and found that many manufacturers have joined the Hongmeng”big family”, including BYD already using Huawei HiCar.


It is understood that Midea, Joyoung and Boss Electric will soon release home appliances equipped with the Hongmeng system. These home appliances will be able to collaborate with multiple devices. For example, mobile phones can push the user’s body information collected by wearable devices to cooking machines, cooking opportunities to recommend targeted recipes, and so on.


“Ecology is one or two orders of magnitude more difficult than technology. Huawei gives everyone a choice. Welcome to try. Only by concentrating everyone’s efforts can it be done. I have this Confidence.” Wang Chenglu pointed out.


Coincidentally, after the release of Hongmeng 2.0, a double rainbow appeared in the sky outside the venue. Many people said,”Huawei sees a rainbow after the rain.”