Li Kaifu is back in public view, but not necessarily in the way he hoped.

September 12, Innovation Workshop Chairman and CEO Kai-Fu Lee publicly stated at the first HICOOL Global Entrepreneurs Summit In the early days, he helped Megvii technology companies find partners including Meitu and Ant Financial, allowing them to obtain a large amount of face data, and found several valuable commercialization directions in the subsequent exploration process.

The matter quickly fermented afterwards, causing heated discussions in the community.

One ​​sentence of verbal error, the three shocks

Almost immediately, the Ant Group official gave Clarification:”We noticed that Mr. Kaifu Li mentioned the cooperation between Ant Financial and Megvii Technology in public. What we need to clarify is:1. The Ant Group has never had any contact with Mr. Kai-Fu Li on matters related to the cooperation with Megvii Technology; 2. The Ant Group has never provided any face data to Megvii Technology; 3. We reiterate that data security and privacy protection are the ant Lifeline.”

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Li Kaifu said in his speech,”Megvii Technology is a company we invested in eight years ago, and today it is an artificial intelligence giant that is about to IPO. Its development The path is very unique. They are a group of very technical technical people, without any experience in this product industry, relying on their unique technical capabilities to find us to start a business.”

But his speech , For Megvii Technology, it is tantamount to”making things worse.” After submitting the prospectus in August 2019, the IPO is still pending; Megvii Technology CEO Yin Qi was interviewed by Caijing magazine at the end of July Shi once said that the uncontrollable IPO has indeed felt the pressure. It is not clear how much Lee’s remarks will affect this company.

The official WeChat account of Megvii also issued a statement stating:”We are concerned about the online reports of Mr. Kaifu Li’s remarks about Megvii. What we need to declare is:1. In the process of customer cooperation, Megvii always respects And we are committed to assisting customers to ensure data security. We do not grasp and will not actively collect any personal information of end users. This is our consistent principle. 2. Data security is the foundation of artificial intelligence enterprises. Megvii has always attached great importance to it.”Data privacy security protection” issues, and a complete data privacy protection system has been formulated and implemented within the enterprise.”

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For this, Kaifu Li published a document on the evening of the same day and apologized to the above three companies:

“About the content of this morning’s speech mentioned the early cooperation between Megvii Technology and Meitu and Ant Financial, which triggered discussions on the Internet, I will explain:1. In the early stage, I once suggested and helped the Megvii team find more Use partners to enhance the technical level and improve the model recognition rate. 2. In cooperation, Megvii provides AI technology to the partners. I understand that the data is always stored in the client server and does not involve any data sharing and transmission. 3. I I am deeply sorry that my verbal error caused troubles to the three companies.”

getUrls?link=84858ae2003780551f998180f68bf7af - Kaifu Lee uncovered the black hole and noticed that your"face data" was publicly sold?

As of now, Meitu has not refuted the rumors on its official WeChat account and WeChat account.

“Conspiracy theory”?”boast”?

After the event was fermented, a Weibo user”Simo Dayemao” commented on the Weibo of”Observer Network”,”At the listing stage of Ant Group, Kai-Fu Lee revealed such news. …”

However, this may also be a kind of”conspiracy theory” of netizens’ inertial thinking. It’s worth mentioning that before the incident broke out, JD Digital Science also submitted a prospectus, but even if it was close to Ant Group People do not think there is any connection between the two.

Some people also told Caishi Media that Kai-Fu Lee’s style has always been this way,”not rigorous in speaking.” This person believes that because Mr. Kai-Fu Lee has been a youth mentor and entrepreneurial mentor for many years, his style may not be very rigorous and inexplicable. Talking big talk will cause some misunderstandings.

But it must be explained that even if the”spoken error” as Li Kaifu himself said, can cause such an uproar, it must have touched the sensitive nerves of the Chinese people.

It is very coincidental that exactly one year ago, on September 12, 2019, the”People’s Daily” published an article”170,000 pieces of”face data” were sold publicly, which is terrible!”, which mentioned:Some businesses publicly sold”face data”, the number of which reached 170,000. As you can see in the product information released by the merchants, these”face data” cover the portraits of 2000 people, each with about 50 to 100 photos. In addition, each photo is accompanied by a data file. In addition to the information about the position of the face, there are 106 key points of the face, such as the contour information of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and eyebrows.

Although the operator of the online mall has determined that the merchant involved has violated the regulations and the goods involved have been removed from the shelves, it is still wise to think about your face data as a commodity and be sold publicly. pole!

“AI Star Company” can’t do whatever it wants!

What cannot be ignored is that due to the”AI winter” in the past two years, many AI startups that were once sought after by capital are also in the”wintering period”, and a few companies are still fighting.”Crooked Idea”.

This is another reason why Lee Kai-fu’s”spoken error” makes the public shudder. After all, many companies have mastered our data, and good use is to promote the healthy development of society, bad use may lead to”black production.”

Previously, there were also rumors in the market that a few AI companies had unfavorable financing, hopeless profitability, and their own terms such as”performance vs. gambling”, and even adopted the method of spending money to buy revenue data to”beat bloat.” Make your report look better.

It must be explained that the ups and downs of the industry and the ups and downs of enterprises are normal phenomena in line with the laws of the market, but if the direction is wrong, the wrong force is used, even if the industry picks up, this kind of company There will be no bright prospects either!