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Innovation Workshop Chairman Li Kaifu. Photo by Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing

Beijing News Shell Finance News On the morning of September 12, 2020, the first HICOOL Global Entrepreneurs Summit officially opened. Chairman and CEO of Innovation Works Li Kaifu attended and gave a keynote speech. He believed that”to C is the theme of Internet companies in the past, and to B will be the future. The core of China’s economic growth in the next 10 years The driving force will come from the B-side efficiency improvement and supply-side innovation brought by technology.”

In the past, to C (consumer service) fields such as social, media, e-commerce, payment, and travel Internet were nurtured Successful companies such as Meituan, WeChat, Toutiao, Douyin, etc. In the future, the future of entrepreneurial projects will be more in the fields of corporate services, industrial supply chains, logistics, medical care, agriculture, and retail.

In Li Kaifu’s view, compared with Europe and the United States, the Chinese enterprise service market has just started. The reasons are as follows:First, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises are massive and scattered, and payment habits are still being cultivated. The second is that the products and services of Chinese entrepreneurs are still lacking in leadership and it is difficult to meet the needs. The budgets of major clients are all covered by IBM, Microsoft, SAP And other global leading companies to carve up. Third, the lack of a forming channel system for entering SMEs and the low degree of electronicization of SME decision-makers have led to excessively high channel costs for startups to enter SMEs.

However, Kai-Fu Lee judged that the golden age of China’s to B is beginning because of the gradual improvement of technological infrastructure, the interaction of work and life patterns, and the overall improvement of efficiency due to operating pressure, and national policies are also fully supported. Kai-Fu Lee finally said that in the future, business will gradually turn to technology-driven.

Li Kaifu also mentioned the entrepreneurial and innovative environment in Beijing.”When I joined Microsoft 22 years ago, Microsoft said,”Please come to Shanghai, I choose to come to Beijing. 15 years ago, Google said,”Please come to work in Shanghai, I choose Beijing.” When the Innovation Workshop was established, it undoubtedly set up its headquarters in Beijing. Beijing.” Li Kaifu said. He pointed out that Beijing has the best innovative talents in the world, and Innovation Workshop will join hands with Beijing and global entrepreneurs to grasp the opportunities bred by the”golden age” of to B entrepreneurship.

Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Bai Jinlei Edited by Li Xiangling

Source:Beijing News