Just now! Taobao was hot searched by netizens, what happened?

A few days ago, such a reminder suddenly appeared on Taobao, saying that”the program used is an internal beta version”. The people who eat melon were aggressive, some netizens commented,”I didn’t expect Taobao that has been so long. This is a beta version.”

 Just now, Taobao has been popularly searched. It turns out that the

Taobao official came forward and explained that closing the reminder means Yes, everyone can continue to buy and buy!

 Just now, Taobao was promoted to hot search, the original

But what is the truth behind the internal test reminder?

Someone finally found out! It turned out that Alibaba’s latest”born” has a special edition of Taobao, everyone will definitely download it again after receiving the internal test reminder on the Taotao page. As long as you search for the word”Taobao” in the APP Store, you will get the”Taobao Special” Version”. No wonder the”Taobao Special Edition” app suddenly dominated the charts in multiple application markets recently.

Now, netizens finally understood Taobao’s”good intentions”. In this way, Taobao took the initiative and escorted the brothers to the hot search list.

 Just now, Taobao was promoted by hot search, the original

Someone could n’t laugh or cry,”Do you know how many times I uninstalled in the morning”, Some netizens said that they were ridiculing,”Is the beta version not to buy things at no cost?” It also seems to predict that Taobao special edition products may be extremely cheap.

 Just now, Taobao was promoted to hot search, the original

However, even if Taobao made his way for the special edition of Taobao, my brother’s debut The process was not smooth, because the icon was too ugly, which caused a lot of netizens to talk about the cottage, and some people reported fraud under the Taobao official.

 Just now, Taobao was promoted by hot search. It turned out that the

Taobao had to respond,”This is really my brother”!

Taobao did its best, but what he didn’t expect was that the brother”can’t move, can’t move.” This may be the second app that was”discarded” after the nailing in Ali Department. Earlier, because nailing was chosen by the school as the”online lesson platform”, it was tragic for elementary and middle school students all over the country. This time, history repeats itself, but absolutely nothing One would guess that”Taobao Special Edition” is because it looks too ugly!

However, aside from his looks, Taobao has revealed that this brother who is going to bring”face” is not small.

 Just now, Taobao was pushed to hot search, the original

Taobao Special Edition is actually an app created by Taobao for C2M strategy, and it is also The world’s first shopping app with C2M goods as the core supply. In this app, the industrial belt source factory supplies directly, and consumers will enjoy a zero-spread shopping experience. Some people in the industry have predicted that the special edition of Taobao will become the biggest growth opportunity for industry players in the next three years.

Looking for”Taobao Special Edition” is here! How exactly? Let’s wait and see