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文/Chen Jiying

Every year around the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are the most popular”fried chicken” in the fresh food industry. Brands and retailers all enter the market to grab food-but is an exception. In 2019, Actively gave up the explosive category of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.

Yuan Linwei, who joined Jingdong Fresh in 2017, is now in charge of hairy crab quality control, don’t remember How many times Qing has been to Yangcheng Lake,”at least dozens of times”, but the longer he joins the job, the more cautious he is,”I have handled dozens of fresh products, and Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have the highest degree of difficulty, none of them.”

This is an industry with many pits,”all kinds of kittens are greasy, and there are a lot of sideballs.”

There are pits everywhere in the supply, quality, pricing, distribution, and after-sales links. The fake crabs are used to pass the water crabs and ropesrecharge The high-priced crabs, the wrong version of the fake crabs, etc., are like endless gophers.

In 2017, the output value of authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs was only a mere 300 million yuan, but the total sales of hairy crabs sold under the name of”Yangcheng Lake” that year were as high as 30 billion yuan, and the rate of genuine products was low. To 1%.

Last year, the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs sold on a certain platform were criticized by CCTV by name. The store’s daily sales of tens of thousands of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs were all counterfeit.

For foodies who lack the ability to discern, buying Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs is like a trembling adventure.

Because the industry routine is too deep, in 2019, reluctantly cut love and voluntarily gave up the Yangcheng Lake hairy crab category. Although it seems to be a waste of work, Yuanlin Wei very much supports the company’s decision,”If we can’t achieve 100%fidelity, we won’t do it!”

This year, entered the market with a high profile and offered to itself and the merchants. Wearing a”tightening curse”-only pay but not refund; dead crabs enjoy”one compensation two”; more than 50%of dead crabs will be refunded in full; if there is a shortage of two, one will lose one, which is the most stringent after-sales standard in the industry.

This time, why is Jingdong so confident?


Fake originals, and hairy crabs have anti-counterfeiting”Identity card”

As for the proliferation of fakes of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, Zhang Huahua (a pseudonym), an insider in Suzhou Jinshang, who has been in the business since 2014, hit the key point,”all for money.”

Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have a high premium. There are two types of crabs and pond crabs, which are three to four times and two to three times higher than the prices of crabs of the same specifications in other origins.

“For example, a Xinghua hairy crab sells for less than 200 yuan, the market price of Yangcheng Lake crabs of the same specification is five to six hundred yuan, and Yangcheng Lake pond crabs also get three to four hundred yuan.” Zhang Huahua is right This door is clear.

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Yuan Linwei still remembers that he was in Yangcheng Lake two years ago During the first-line visits, each of the hairy crab sales outlets under the banner of”Yangcheng Lake”, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false for a while.”Hairy crabs from other places can be worth several times after a bath.”

Last year, the chaos such as”bath crabs” in Yangcheng Lake was exposed by CCTV. Under the tightening of local supervision, many shops quietly removed the signs of”Yangcheng Lake”.

“Now our local government is very strict in investigations and severe penalties, so there are a lot of offline regulations.” Zhang Huahua is very pleased.

However, the chaos of e-commerce platforms has not been completely eradicated.

Now, click on certain platforms and search for”Yangcheng Lake”. Hundreds of thousands of shops are covered with screens. On the shop flyers, the ambiguous”Yangcheng Lake Town Hairy Crabs” and”Yangcheng Lake Town Spots””Yangcheng Lake Township” and other publicity can be seen everywhere, the cheapest so-called Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, the price is even as low as more than 1 yuan each.

This phenomenon once troubled colleagues and colleagues,”Some consumers who are price-sensitive will come and ask us, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs cost a few dollars apiece, how do you sell dozens of them?!”

On such a platform, sellers of Yangcheng Lake who insist on authentic and good products are difficult to get ahead. They are beaten up by counterfeit merchants with a”price war”. Consumers who do not distinguish between genuine and fake are also victims, and crab farmers are also victims. Because good products cannot be sold at good prices, it is unspeakable, and only the merchants who sell fakes will benefit.

“Some merchants sell fakes and change a brand a year”, Zhang Huahua complains,”make a fortune and run.”

JD, as a platform, can’t sit still. “This phenomenon is too abnormal.” Yuan Linwei hates it. “If you go on, the industry will be broken.”

In March of this year, before the epidemic had dissipated, JD Fresh began to convene hairy crab merchants on the platform to discuss governance plans.

Subsequently, a”Jingdong” standard, which is the most stringent in the industry, was released:for example, the industry’s requirements for Yangcheng Lake hairy crab merchants are usually 2 certificates, while Jingdong’s 6 certificates-agricultural geographical indication registration certificates; complete; Agreement document for the use of geographical indications; a letter of authorization given by the association; a water area tidal flat breeding certificate and relationship certificate (breeding certificate owner → brand owner); a letter of exemption.

Six certificates are complete, and one is indispensable before you can claim”Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.”

Among them, the “Proof of Relationship” column actually maps the crabs sold by merchants on the JD platform to the specific farms in Yangcheng Lake. “You have to make it clear where your source of goods comes from.” Yuan Linwei revealed that this year Jingdong’s head hairy crab merchants have signed agreements with many crab farmers for exclusive supply of farms outside their own farms to ensure the source of authentic goods.

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With the arrival of the crab season, one game will cover all JD platforms The large-scale inspection was launched in full swing,”If you have not submitted the six certificates, the three words”Yangcheng Lake” cannot appear on the product page. It must be modified and cannot be squeezed.” Yuan Linwei revealed that the machine and manual cooperation will continue to scan and check the product page. It has reached hundreds of thousands of times.

The hairy crab-head merchants, including Jinshang, are very pleased with JD’s strictness.”Regular merchants want supervision and love supervision, while counterfeit merchants fear supervision and hate supervision.”

JD’s quality control is not limited to the six pre-sale certificates, and the whole-process supervision based on blockchain technology is hidden in the background.

From the crab catching the water, then packing it into the warehouse, and then delivering it home, each crab will be equipped with a unique traceability chain——can be understood as a blockchain”ID card”,Scan the code to get the full link data,”data of different dimensions must match exactly,” Yuan Linwei said.

For example, a merchant submitted farm data in the early stage, and according to common sense, the normal shipment volume of this farm should be about 10,000 hairy crabs.”If you sell more than 10,000 Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, Only, then I will assume that you are adulterated and will no longer send you the source code and restrict you from continuing to sell on the platform.”

In addition to data supervision, there is also human flesh supervision-unannounced inspections and mysterious random inspections.

For the Yangcheng Lake hairy crab merchants on the platform, JD Fresh has dispatched internal quality inspection staff, and at the same time, it has teamed up with the quality inspection personnel of six external third-party organizations. Merchants rotate intensive spot checks.

“We will go to the site for inspection almost every day, and will also place orders from all over the country for random inspections, so that merchants will not be able to detect the rules of random inspections. Once a problem is found, it will assume that all orders in the past seven days have problems. Punishment,” Tang Yishen, general manager of the 7FRESH Fresh Food Business Department of JD Retail Group, is very firm.

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” Merchants with a little brain should not dare to”Jingdong sells fakes, and there is no chance.” Zhang Huahua is happy to see the result.”If you earn 1 yuan, you may be fined 100 yuan. Who will take the risk?!”

“We want In terms of determination, technology, and systems, we will completely eliminate fakes and shoddy products.” Yuan Linwei is now very confident. In a few days, he will fly to Yangcheng Lake to start the on-site inspection.


Be the first to create the most stringent standards, take the initiative to wear The difficulty in the category of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs is not only due to the proliferation of true and false products caused by greed — there are also incorrect versions of goods, false weights, and crabs in transportation.

Casualties and so on.

In order to eliminate the pain points of”wrong product version”, JD Fresh has formulated 100 food safety tests and 8 sensory experience rules for hairy crabs, including appearance, color, smell, and origin declaration , Impurities, etc.,”Combination of big data and professional experience”, Yuan Linwei explained.

False reporting of weight is also an old routine of many unscrupulous merchants-replacing nylon rope with a cotton rope that is easy to absorb water, and tying it in eight circles, and the weight of each crab can even increase by 20-30 grams.

“Some claim that the crab weighs 3.5 taels, but when it is actually shipped, 2.8 taels would be good. Isn’t there a joke,”Buy a rope, get a hairy crab””, Tang Yu knows it well. Routine,”One specification is missing, and the price difference is at least 20%or more.”

In the beginning, Jingdong’s requirement was that crabs should not be tied for more than four turns and ropes should not be soaked in water, but merchants can easily bypass this requirement— —Such as changing to a thicker and heavier rope.

Now, JD’s requirements for weighing crabs have become clean and neat-all weights are net weight without ropes.

“I don’t care how thick the rope you use, anyway, I use net weight as the standard,” Yuan Linwei said.

Another obscure area is the dehydration rate of crabs-crabs will lose water during transportation , resulting in weight loss. Many platforms allow more than 7-12%water loss. , But JD is stuck at 6%.

As soon as this standard was released, some businesses did not understand at first,”This is too demanding, right?! Jingdong requirements are too strict.”

Yuan Linwei didn’t panic at all. Previously, JD Fresh had teamed up with external agencies to send hairy crabs to all parts of the country, and found that the water loss rate could be maintained at 6%under high standard delivery. Next,”As soon as we took this data report out, the merchant understood it.”

“Oversold” is also a routine used by merchants. Many consumers who hold crab coupons find that merchants will delay the redemption of coupons when the crabs are delicious-either waiting for the redemption when the price of crabs drops, or there is not so much inventory at all.

But JD will dynamically monitor the platform and merchant data-once it is calculated that the crab coupons sold by the merchant exceed its ability to redeem crabs, it will limit the current and sales of the merchant.

Dead crabs are also hated by foodies. After the death of hairy crabs, a lot of toxins are produced in the body, and rash consumption can cause body poisoning.

In fact, around 2016, Jingdong also stepped on the pit.

At that time, although the death crab rate of the JD platform was lower than the industry level, it also reached a staggering 12-15%. Buyers who fell into the pit were complaining, and the after-sales cost of merchants was high.

By 2019, the death crab rate of Jingdong platform merchants has dropped to 6%, or even 4%-the drastic reduction in the death crab rate depends on a set of strict”JD standards” .

The suitable temperature for the hairy crabs just caught from the lake is 25°-28°C. Excessive exposure to the sun should not cause heat stroke, and the temperature should not be too low to cause a cold; wait until the crabs are left for one day and adapt to the temperature After spitting out the sand, we will weigh, bind, distribute, and deliver.

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For the above standards, JD will systematically export to merchants. Even as fine as the material of the foam box-the thickness must be more than 1.5 cm. If the box is too thin, it may be damaged during transportation and cause the hairy crabs to die.

In addition, the density of boxes, the material of aluminum foil bags, the number of ice bottles, etc., are based on variables such as different temperatures and different destinations. Jingdong has formulated quantitative standards.

In addition to strict standards, it also depends on the continuous acceleration of JD Logistics’ timeliness.

As one of the first domestic logistics companies to carry out the delivery of hairy crabs,”JD Logistics has carried out a comprehensive upgrade in the hairy crab warehouse, transportation, and distribution links this year,” Tang Yishen revealed.

In the main production areas of hairy crabs, including Suzhou, Panjin, Xinghua and other places, JD Logistics has set up a pre-processing center as a temporary sorting site to realize pre-cooling, leggings, and automatic sorting. Through intensive, Automated processing reduces the pretreatment cost of farmers and improves the overall efficiency of sorting out of the port.

On the other hand, JD Logistics has created high-efficiency transportation resources such as all-cargo aircraft, night flight routes, high-speed rail, and cold-chain vehicles. The capacity is more stable and the impact of extreme weather on the transportation of hairy crabs is minimized. .

In addition, JD Logistics continues to accelerate, and hairy crabs can now achieve same-day delivery in hundreds of cities across the country.

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Docking advantage products to Professional and complete full-process supervision to ensure that the authentic and good products are delivered as quickly as possible by efficient and professional logistics.”The two coexist and one is indispensable:express delivery guarantees timeliness, superior production areas guarantee the quality of live crabs”, Tang Yu Deeply did not dare to relax.

The strict pre-sales entry standards and the supervision of the whole process during the sale have given JD the confidence to put a”tightening curse” on itself and the merchants— -Loss of reorganization only pays,”10%of the weight is missing, and also a whole one”; each user can enjoy the service of one loss two once a month, and one loses two; if the merchant cannot exchange crabs on time, they must Compensate users.

“These are the most stringent after-sales standards pioneered in the industry”, Tang Yishen is very confident.


Occupy the commanding heights

If trillions of fresh food is the high ground of the e-commerce industry, then Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are the top fresh food e-commerce companies.

Therefore, although the annual output of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs is limited and the output value is not considered a major category, almost every e-commerce platform operates Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs as a benchmark category.

But for many years, why has Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs’ e-commerce crackdowns not been completely resolved?

Tang Xie can see clearly. He believes that it is because the platform has no intentions and no ability.

From the point of view of willingness, some platforms focus on low prices. However, the overall supply of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs is in short supply. The market prices have been strong for a long time. It is impossible to blindly fall. They can only indulge the merchants to”release water and do evil.” An unscrupulous merchant is enough to sacrifice to the sky, and it is not a platform responsibility anyway.”

Secondly, there is a lack of supervisory capabilities and no comprehensive measures have been introduced. It all depends on consumers’ independent rights protection. However, consumers are not experts in hairy crabs, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. The back and forth wrangling leads to high cost of rights protection, which is usually nothing.

If things go on like this, platforms that tolerate the sale of counterfeit products will eventually fall into the vicious circle of the”lemon market”-for such a platform that does not distinguish between true and false and price shopping, it is difficult for high-quality merchants to obtain reasonable prices through genuine products, so they have to leave Switching to other platforms, in the end, counterfeit Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs dominated the mainstream.

Zhang Huahua revealed that since the establishment of an online brand in 2014, Jinshang has always used JD as the main channel because of the strict quality control of the latter,”creating a mechanism for the survival of the fittest, a good business I can do it here”.

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At the level of e-commerce supervision, the government also Encountered multiple controls, it is difficult to let go of his hands and feet.

For example, the aforementioned CCTV exposed”Yangcheng Lake” hairy crab sellers selling fakes. The place of shipment is Yangcheng Lake, but the company is registered in other cities, and the buyers are scattered all over the country. , It is difficult for relevant departments to conduct effective territorial supervision and investigation.

It is not difficult to see from the JD model that the e-commerce platform’s high-strength full-process intervention is the right way for the high-difficulty fresh products such as Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, and this is also the inherent advantage of .

Actually, not only, but also hairy crabs. At present, it has become the consensus of the industry in the fresh food category-the platform’s strong intervention model and self-operating model. The platform model of Ali, its Hema, Tmall Fresh, etc., and Meituan’s Meituan Shopping, are all self-operated models.

In the past two years, after the Yangcheng Lake hairy crab chaos caused turbulent public opinion, the government is also more willing to maintain high-frequency communication with and join hands to control the industry chaos.

Since this year, The local authorities of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, the local market supervision system in Suzhou, and even the central department of the Supreme Procuratorate in Beijing have communicated with, listened to relevant experience reports, and tried to find the way to the source.

“We are now advancing our standards on the JD platform. After running through, we may have the opportunity to export to the outside world and become the industry standard.” Yuan Linwei is looking forward to this.

In this”crab battle”, Jingdong Fresh, as the”Xueba”, is landing on the commanding heights, trying to hand over the high-score paper-it is certain that , for the head platform Said that only through the extreme test of”Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs” can they score high scores in the future fresh food war.