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On the morning of September 15th, at the Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Government’s”Five Jinan” to accelerate the construction of the Yellow River At the “River Basin Central City” series of press conferences, Zhi Song, deputy secretary of the Gangcheng District Committee and District Mayor, introduced that this year, the Gangcheng District will focus on the implementation of “eight major projects”, including “double recruitment and double introduction”, enterprise-local integration development project, and industrial energy level improvement Project, characteristic town cultivation project, enterprise echelon cultivation project, intelligent transformation project, quality standard improvement project, scientific and technological innovation project.

Building three characteristic industrial towns

Gangcheng District will firmly establish the concept of “service support for Shangang is to develop itself”, adhere to “one enterprise and land, development as one”, and promote enterprise In-depth integration and development in ideology, development planning, industrial development, talent technology, finance, taxation and capital operation, urban construction management, ecological construction, etc., and work together to create a”you have me in you, you in me, and no distinction between you and me” A community with a shared future for enterprises and localities.

getUrls?link=1b82b62c80b738b6042e45e6318becb1 - Jinan Gangcheng District will build three characteristic industrial towns of electronic information, non-woven industry and mahogany furniture

At the same time, fully implement the”chain length system” of the industrial chain, promote the construction of the chain to supplement the chain and strengthen the chain extension, promote the”industrial highland” to leap to the”industrial peak”, and accelerate the cultivation of high-quality steel and prefabricated buildings Two hundred-billion-level industries and four ten-billion-level industries of auto parts, equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, and energy conservation and environmental protection will strive to create”2+4″ industrial landmarks.

According to the principle of”appropriate integration, key cultivation, intensive development, and brand promotion”, Gangcheng District will focus on building three characteristic industrial towns, namely, electronic information, non-woven industry and mahogany furniture.

Accelerate the construction of Jinan Fine Steel Industry Technology Research Institute

Implement the requirements for building a new “pro-” and “qing” relationship between government and business. Upgrading business regulations, reforming stocks, listing stocks, and strengthening leading companies, support backbone enterprises to become bigger, better and stronger, and guide small and medium-sized enterprises to do specialization and specialization, forming both”towering trees” and”shrubs” The industrial development pattern of “Cong” and “Small Forest”.

Implement the Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Action Plan, accelerate the promotion of”intelligent manufacturing” supported by artificial intelligence, big data, and 5G, and provide”real money” to support traditional advantageous industries such as steel and building materials to accelerate digitalization Renovation and intelligent upgrading, continue to promote enterprise technological transformation and equipment renewal, and promote traditional manufacturing to improve quality and efficiency.

Grasp the special action of increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brand”three products”, implement the enterprise standard”leader” system, and guide enterprises to increase the effective supply of mid-to-high-end products and services.

Strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning, accelerate the construction of platform carriers such as the District Science and Technology Innovation Center, Jinan Fine Steel Industry Technology Research Institute, and Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, and accelerate the establishment of enterprises as the main body and market It is an industrial innovation system that is oriented and deeply integrated with production, education and research.

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