Qilu News, September 14 On September 11-13, 2020, the 6th Jinan E-commerce Industry Expo was grandly held at Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. Jinan Pioneer Zone joined hands with a number of characteristic e-commerce companies to participate in the e-commerce Expo, fully presenting the practical exploration and innovation achievements of the Pioneer Zone in vigorously promoting the development of e-commerce.

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Jinan Pioneer Zone appeared at the 6th E-commerce Expo

The theme of this expo is”Innovative Convergence Application Empowerment”, focusing on the”Internet +” Application demonstration, live broadcast economy, cross-border e-commerce, etc. The exhibition combines the advantages of Shandong’s industry and closely follows the trend of live broadcast economic development. Jinan theme image display area,”service enterprises to help farmers” live broadcast area, east-west poverty alleviation cooperation exhibition area,”Jinan made, global travel” and other theme special exhibition areas are set up.

As a pilot demonstration zone for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy across the country, the Jinan Pilot Zone has always assumed the role of a pioneer, focusing on major national development strategies, aiming at the mission of kinetic energy conversion, and embarking on a”first path” with Jinan characteristics”. Through the agglomeration of new kinetic energy, accelerate the promotion of the application of new technologies, the agglomeration of new industries, and the cultivation of new business forms, and expand the economic circle of the provincial capital; in accordance with the development concept of”industry-city integration”, accelerate the deployment of new infrastructure such as 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence. As the second batch of national e-commerce demonstration cities, Jinan attaches great importance to the development of the e-commerce industry. In order to guide and support the development of the e-commerce industry, Jinan Pioneer Zone provides new economic enterprises with good policy conditions and high-quality supporting foundations, builds a complete e-commerce development ecological chain, escorts the development of the e-commerce industry, and helps Jinan’s digital economy Quality development.

With the help of this expo platform, Jinan Pioneer Zone has joined hands with more than 10 home appliance companies, including Shandong Haoli Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Lecai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., and Shandong Chuyu E-commerce Co., Ltd. Agricultural units participated in the exhibition. Taiping fragrant pears, Lujia apples, Kongjiu gift boxes, Adiyak remote monitoring smart locks and other local characteristic products and”black technology” were all unveiled, fully demonstrating the pioneering area’s digital economy and e-commerce development. New models and new results achieved.

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JD (Shandong) Digital Economy Industrial Park Simultaneous Participation

As the highlight of the simultaneous exhibition, JD (Shandong) Digital Economy Industry, located in the advanced area of ​​Jinan The park also launched a two-day online and offline live broadcast interaction, as well as a two-week e-commerce special festival comprehensive marketing activities, to showcase and promote local Internet celebrity products and characteristic brand products, and realize the city brand promotion and corporate product sales in the pioneer area The all-in-one. In the”6th (Jinan) E-commerce Industry Expo E-commerce Excellence Selection Activity”, JD (Shandong) Digital Economy Industrial Park also won two awards-“Internet +” with its strong e-commerce support capabilities during the epidemic. Innovative Application Award and Contribution Award for Anti-epidemic Guarantee Supply. In the future, the industrial park will integrate JD’s e-commerce live broadcast platform and service resources, build an e-commerce live broadcast incubation base, promote the e-commerce of local industries, and create a live broadcast e-commerce highland for the pilot area.

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Visit to the offline exhibition area of ​​Jinan Pioneer Zone

In September 2018, JD Zhilian Cloud landed in the Digital Economy Industrial Park in Jinan Pioneer Zone. The park is tight Focusing on the”four new” industrial development ideas in the Jinan Pioneer Zone, with”cloud computing + big data” as the core business, the overall promotion of”e-commerce + all elements” has injected strong impetus into the e-commerce economic development of the Pioneer Zone.

Focus on the digital economy and promote innovative development. Jinan Pioneer Zone will pinpoint Jinan’s position in the national e-commerce industry, actively respond to the national”Internet +” strategy, seize the opportunity of”new infrastructure”, and vigorously develop a new e-commerce industrial cluster represented by live e-commerce. JD Zhilian Cloud will also give full play to its technical advantages in 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, etc., actively promote the digital reform of the pioneer zone in the field of e-commerce, and provide a powerful engine and an important driver for the transformation of Jinan’s industry force.