As the listing application of JD Digital is accepted by the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board, Liu Qiangdong’s sullenness in the past two years is expected to be wiped out. . Jingdong Mathematics is Jingdong Group The financial sector is similar to the Ant Technology Group of Alibaba. Ant Group has already applied for simultaneous listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the domestic science and technology innovation board. Jingdong Digital Science followed closely behind. Can share in the valuation premium brought by Ant Group.

Jingdong There are many things to watch for the listing of Digital Science. As the smaller Ant Group, The listing of Digital Science will also allow Liu Qiangdong’s wealth to enter the top five of the rich list. After the position of the richest man, Dong Ge is not without a chance.
First, Internet companies like to do finance

The financial sector of Internet companies is really too profitable. Ant Group is valued at more than US$200 billion, and Jingdong is valued at more than 200 billion yuan. Many people believe that the long-term Ant Group will be no less than the listed Alibaba, JD Digital Science Market has great potential. Earlier, 360 Finance was also listed, and it won’t take long for the financial sectors of Tencent and Baidu to be listed.
It is foreseeable that the financial sectors of other domestic Internet giants will also line up for listing. Finance is so profitable in China, and Internet companies have a huge user base. Who doesn’t want to make financial money?

Looking at the number of users of the two key businesses of JD Digital Science, Jingdong The annual active users of Baitiao (similar to Ant Huabei) from 2017 to 2019 were 24.927 million, 35.844 million and 57.806 million, respectively, with a compound annual growth rate The rate reached 52.28%; Jingdong gold bullion (similar to Ant Boring and WeChat Micro Loan) 2017-2019 annual active users were 302.08 10,000 households, 6.7731 million households, and 15.20557 million households, with a compound growth rate of 124.36%in the past three years. The loan scale also increased from 103.685 billion in 2017 to 458.915 billion in 2019.

getUrls?link=2660acd9e6010ac6076807e5ad318089 - goes public:Liu Qiangdong’s wealth exceeds 210 billion, and his female assistant is worth over 18 billion

As you can see from the prospectus, JD The revenue growth rate of Mathematical Science has exceeded 30%for two consecutive years. JD Finance has 14 subsidiaries, Internet banking online is engaged in third-party payment, and online banking online business service companies involve third-party payment related services , Shanghai Banghui Commercial Factoring is engaged in commercial factoring business, Beijing Oakwood Asset Management Company is engaged in investment business, in addition to 6 information technology service companies and 4 small loan companies. Jingdong Digital Science is a smaller ant group.

2. The most inspirational management trainee in history:Dong Ge’s 31-year-old female assistant has a net worth of over 18 billion

Liu Qiangdong ranks with 58.42 billion yuan in wealth The 31st place in the”2020 New Fortune 500 Rich List” is now far more than that. JD The current market value of the group is 110 billion US dollars, Liu Qiangdong holds Jingdong Group shares 15.1%, this part of assets has 16.6 billion US dollars. After JD Digital Science goes public, Liu Qiangdong’s assets will also double. As a new year for the capital market, a large number of companies went public this year, and the wealthy appeared like a scramble. The owner of Nongfu Springs Zhong Suisui also became the richest man a few days ago. The list of China’s richest people will undergo radical changes next year.

The prospectus shows that Jingdong Digital Science plans to raise 20 billion yuan. The proposed issuance of no more than 538 million shares will account for no less than 10%of the total share capital after the issuance. All this issuance is the issuance of new shares and does not involve the public offering of shares by the original shareholders.

Liu Qiangdong directly holds 8.86%of the issuer’s total share capital before the issuance, and indirectly controls 41.49%of the issuer’s total share capital before the issuance through Linghang Fangyuan, Suqian Aggregation, and Boda Heneng. 50.35%of the total share capital before the issuance, 74.77%of the issuer’s total voting rights were controlled through special voting rights arrangements.

According to the issue price, the market value of JD will exceed 200 billion after the listing. While Liu Qiangdong holds 50.35%of the shares, Liu Qiangdong’s net worth has directly increased by hundreds of billions. Jingdong Group and JingdongMathematics, Liu Qiangdong’s net worth exceeds 210 billion yuan, can enter the top five rich list. For Liu Qiangdong, he still has two aces in his hand, Jingdong logistics and Jingdong Health also has plans to go public, and the valuation of these two companies will not be less than 200 billion yuan. Liu Qiangdong also has a chance to get involved in the position of China’s richest man.

It is worth noting that JD Digital Science is listed, and even Liu Qiangdong’s assistant is worth tens of billions. This shows that being with the person is too important, and Dong Ge never treats his assistants badly. Zhang Yao, 31, holds a total of 9.206%of the shares of Jingdong. Based on a market value of 200 billion yuan, Zhang Yu’s net worth will be around 18.4 billion yuan. According to public information, Zhang Yao was born in 1989, is a Jingdong management trainee, and once worked for JD Finance, currently Assistant Liu Qiangdong.

getUrls?link=34d55012e38dd3a4ad8cc2feef4e3236 - goes public:Liu Qiangdong’s wealth exceeds 210 billion, and his female assistant is worth over 18 billion

As early as 2016, Liu Qiangdong’s female assistant He became popular overnight because he served as the corporate legal person of many companies under JD, and was hailed as”the most inspirational management trainee in history”. How Dong Ge likes this female assistant can be seen from his actions. There are a total of 427 companies under Zhang Yu’s name and actual control over 291 companies, including Jingdong logistics, Jingdong large pharmacy, Jingdong cloud and many other places Branch. Especially since 2019, among the 13 new companies that Liu Qiangdong added, Zhang Yu is the legal representative.

3. Jingdong Mathematics:One size smaller Ant GroupAnt Group said in response to the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s inquiries about competitors that WeChat Pay is not an opponent, and Jingdong also said that Ant The group is not an opponent. Ant Group means that Ant Group is stronger than WeChat Pay. Jingdong Digital Science means that it is competing with Ant Group. Great, now everyone can make a fortune in silence.

From the perspective of listing, I want to say that I am unique, and I don’t want to be compared directly with a strong opponent. But the competition between each other is obvious. There is no shortage of the types of business that should be between each other. In the end, who can occupy more market share and make more money depends on how many users can be attracted.

getUrls?link=e42da07770769894ef0306eb8b8482a5 - goes public:Liu Qiangdong’s wealth exceeds 210 billion, and his female assistant is worth over 18 billion

The Hurun Global In the Hornbeast list, the top 5 Chinese financial technology unicorn companies are Ant Group, Lufax, and Jingdong Mathematics, WeBank, Suning Financial Services. The number one giant in the financial technology sector is the Ant Group. And because the market is large enough, although Jingdong Digital Science can’t compare with Ant Group and WeChat Pay, it’s worth thousands of dollars when listed. Billion yuan market value. After all, Ant Group’s conservative listings have exceeded US$200 billion in market value. In terms of operating income, Jingdong Mathematics has been About one-seventh of Ant Financial.

Same as Ant Financial’s name changed to Ant Technology Group, JD is also operated by Jingdong Finance changed its name. The two companies changed their names before going public in order to strive for higher valuations when they went public. After all, technology companies are more sought after in the capital market than financial companies. Nearly 70%of the employees of Ant Group and JD Digital are R&D personnel. How about the two technology-driven giants after they go public? Changing the financial industry is worthy of attention.


Shanglin Institute:Yang Fei, PhD in Economics, University Teacher , In-depth observation of industrial economy and financial events.