At present, Sino-US relations are not optimistic. Due to US ideological prejudice and frequent attacks by politicians, frictions between China and the US continue. In the military, the United States has used force to threaten and provoke. In the field of science and technology, it has continuously attacked Chinese high-tech enterprises, and it has continuously increased tariffs on China in the field of trade. In the Sino-U.S. struggle, the United States has been extremely hegemonic and has been provoking China. Now China seems to have begun to fight back.

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Recently, the Nikkei Asian Review published an article”As the trade war and the epidemic threaten supply , China is hoarding resources” article. In this article, the author stated that due to the impact of the global epidemic, tensions in Sino-US relations and climate change, China is now hoarding a large amount of food and other strategic materials in order to ensure adequate supply preparations in order to cope with the changing situation and strengthen resistance. Risk capacity.

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This article shows as an example that China is taking measures at the government level to ensure food security. For example, there are many”CD operations” in various parts of China. These activities are aimed at raising people’s awareness of saving and are a kind of precautionary behavior. In addition, the article pointed out that from January to July, China’s crude oil imports increased by 12%year-on-year, and it intends to hoard rare metals. It is reported that a large state-owned enterprise recently proposed to the government to reserve the rare metal cobalt, which is one of the main raw materials for lithium batteries and electric vehicles.

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In fact, The Sino-US trade war without gunsmoke has been going on for a long time. The United States has been targeting Chinese companies and squeezing out Chinese manufacturers. However, according to the WTO, China’s share of the global export market has been increasing. What about the situation in the United States?

According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs of China a few days ago, the total value of Sino-US trade in 2020 is 2.42 trillion yuan (the first 8 months), with a surplus of 1.32 trillion yuan with the US , Which means that China is not the one”losing” in its trade with the United States. The imbalance in Sino-US trade is ultimately a greater price for American consumers, and American companies have also suffered a lot of losses.