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On the morning of September 15, The 2020 Online China International Smart Industry Expo kicked off in Chongqing Lijia Smart Park. The picture shows the online summit held, and the co-chair of the United Nations Digital Cooperation High-level Group Ma Yun delivered a video speech.

International Online Report (Reporter Zhao Yan):The opening ceremony and summit of the 2020 Online China International Smart Expo was held in Chongqing on the morning of the 15th. Jack Ma, the co-chair of the United Nations Digital Cooperation High-level Group, delivered a video speech.

Ma Yun said that the past year was very unusual, the world has undergone tremendous changes, and the epidemic has also brought great challenges. Among all the great uncertainties today, one thing is certain, that is, the trend of digitization has not changed. Digitalization used to only make some companies live better, but today is the key to their survival. The digitization process may have taken 30 to 50 years to complete, but it has been greatly accelerated, and this process is likely to be shortened to 10 to 20 years. Among all the uncertainties we face, digitalization is the most certain huge opportunity.

Ma Yun believes that today, every company must think about digital upgrades. All industries are facing an unprecedented opportunity to use digital technology to increase research and development to reduce enterprise promotion costs, channel costs, labor costs and management costs. Driven by technology, every traditional industry has the opportunity to become a modern industry. This epidemic is turning many original hardware technologies into everyday technologies. This is a huge opportunity. The biggest beneficiary of the digitization process is not the Internet companies, but the use of the Internet to transform their own businesses.

Ma Yun said that the most certain development in the next ten years must be digital technology. Traditional industries use digital technology to improve and develop themselves. The digital economy of the Internet is condensing this powerful domestic demand force. China’s third, fourth, and fifth-tier cities have huge markets and potentials. The transformation of digital infrastructure and the development of digital consumption in these cities are the engines for the next round of economic development. With the development of digital technology, many jobs in the manufacturing industry in the future will definitely be replaced by machines. It is not the manufacturing industry that will create more jobs in the future, but the service industry of the digital economy. Both the manufacturing and service industries are inseparable from the development of the digital economy. The new economic system allows money to find companies and good companies. The core of all this is to rely on intelligence, big data, cloud computing and regional areas. Block chain.

Ma Yun also said that in the face of the great changes in the future, the most urgent need for reforms and changes today is education. The way children’s education determines the future of the country’s society, continuing to educate today’s children using the industrial age methods, children will not be able to compete with machines in the future. Today’s education methods are established for industrialized assembly line production, and we need new education methods for the digital age and education for the future. Tomorrow’s economic, social, and technological changes are like an airplane breaking through the bumps of the clouds. As long as we have firm direction, belief and action, we will be able to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.