Recently, Ma Yun mentioned in a speech:If I start a business again, I will definitely not be in the Internet industry. I will set my sights on traditional industries. The real change and opportunity lies in this place. In the next ten to twenty years, comprehensive digitization and technology will promote the comprehensive reform of traditional industries.

As a”pioneer” advocating the Internet in China, as the biggest”mentor” in the Internet industry, Jack Ma suddenly turned his gun and began to talk about the reforms of traditional industries, which I have to say is surprising The phenomenon. You know, in the past ten years, he has created concepts such as”e-commerce”,”physical store must die”,”new retail”,”new finance”, and”new manufacturing”, leading the development of the entire Internet and even physical enterprises The direction, of course, has successfully brought many companies into the ditch.

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Nowadays, when the mobile Internet is in full swing, it is advancing in 5G However, he began to sing bad news about the Internet. What does this mean? Personally think that he is in the next big game again!

1. E-commerce has become a traditional industry, and the dividends of the Internet are long gone.

With the growth of Internet users to the top, today’s e-commerce Like physical stores, it has become a traditional industry. The increasing cost of data traffic and the loss of e-commerce platform users have caused a large number of merchants to opt out of a certain treasure, and even some brands cannot make ends meet on a certain cat, and finally reluctantly choose to close the shop.

Under such a background, with countless entrepreneurs getting together and entering the Internet today, it is undoubtedly not the best choice to join the Internet industry again. As a leader in the Internet industry, Jack Ma certainly knew this truth, so he began to turn his attention to traditional industries, which is also the keen insight of businessmen.

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2. Does e-commerce defeat traditional cowhide? Realization, the Internet is a big opportunity to transform traditions

In the past many years, Jack Ma said many times:If you don’t learn e-commerce, there will be no business in the future. Now, more than ten years have passed. Although many companies have been eliminated, traditional companies have survived this wave of Internet turmoil. E-commerce’s defeat of tradition proved to be a”false proposition.”

In spite of this, the proposition that traditional industries use the Internet to achieve industrial upgrading and reform still exists. The value and significance of Internet data and intelligence to traditional industries is huge. In the future, if Ali can start from this aspect, it will inevitably be a huge market space.

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3. Alibaba may be empowering traditional There are big moves in this area

Every time Jack Ma’s concept is backed by Ali’s moves. Behind the concept of e-commerce is the rapid development of a treasure, the new retail is the expansion of Hema, and the new finance is Ant Financial The rapid growth of span>. Therefore, I personally feel that the new concept proposed by Jack Ma must have conspiracy or conspiracy behind it.

It is foreseeable that Alibaba is likely to launch new data and intelligence-enabled businesses for traditional enterprises in the near future. With the technical support of Alibaba Cloud and on the basis of Alibaba’s massive Internet big data, domestic companies that can truly empower traditional enterprises , There are only a few companies. With such a good opportunity at hand, whether from a business perspective or a social responsibility perspective, Ali will inevitably enter this field strongly.

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In fact, many years ago Nongfu Spring Zhong Suisui once said:The Internet is not the whole of China’s economy, and it does not even represent productivity. It has lost the direction of China’s economy. Nowadays, as a leader in the Internet industry, Jack Ma finally took a look back at the traditional industry after years of leaping forward and began to focus on the reform and upgrading of the traditional industry. Can he really bring traditional industries into the new Internet era? Can China’s industry really seamlessly integrate with the Internet? let us wait and see!