[September 11 Special Article] September 10, 2019, Teacher’s Day, Ma Yun span> officially announced that he will step down as chairman of Alibaba and still retain the directorship. Alibaba’s stock price fell slightly by 1.57%that day, closing at $175 per share. As of the close of the market on September 9, 2020, Alibaba stock price closed at 273 US dollars, up 98 US dollars per share, a cumulative increase of 55%.

Because the Alibaba Group (9988.HK) completed its secondary listing in Hong Kong in November 2019 , In order to increase liquidity, the stock split 8 shares from 1 share. Now the total share capital is 21.5 billion shares, which is 2.688 billion shares before the split. Therefore, Jack Ma left the chairman of Alibaba. This year, Alibaba has a net increase in market value of approximately $263.4 billion.

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In terms of stock price growth, in the past year Among the Chinese concept stocks of new economy companies, Alibaba rose 55%, which is not the most amazing. For example, it is also an integrated e-commerce platform and an important opponent of Alibaba, JD has a cumulative increase of 148%, and Pinduoduo’s cumulative increase is 142%, Tencent The two major e-commerce companies under the department are almost on par, and the increase is far more than Alibaba.

Even if Tencent is an e-commerce brotherVipshop, the stock price nearly doubled to 94%. If it were not for the weak performance in the second quarter, Vipshop’s stock price rose as much as JD and Pinduoduo.

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but Alibaba is really too big, and it is really not easy to reach 55%. For example, the US technology giant, a company with a market value of more than 500 billion US dollars at the time, at the same time, Apple increased by 122%, Amazon increased by 78%, Microsoft increased by 54%, Facebook increased by 46%, Google increased by 26%, Alibaba underperformed two American giants, but also outperformed three.

Compared with the biggest rival Tencent (increased by 47%), Alibaba still leads the growth rate by about 8 percentage points.

As of September 8, the market value of Tencent is HK$4.8298 billion. A year ago (September 10, 2019), Alibaba has not yet completed the secondary listing on the Hong Kong stock market, Tencent is still the king of Hong Kong stocks. At that time, the stock price was HK$345 and the market value was HK$336.1 billion. In the past year, Tencent increased its market value by HK$15236 billion. At the same time, the total market value of Alibaba in Hong Kong stocks is HK$5658.8 billion.

getUrls?link=6b8cb5b9d4bd5c74f01b31cc13f71d28 - Jack Ma retires this year:Ali"underperforms" JD.com, but its market value leads Tencent by 800 billion yuan

If calculated in US dollars, Tencent has a market value of approximately US$421.7 billion a year ago, which is less than Alibaba The market capitalization at that time was 455.6 billion US dollars, which was 33.8 billion US dollars more than Tencent. And one year later, Alibaba and Tencent, the market value gap has been 910 billion Hong Kong dollars (it needs to be noted that the highest market value gap has exceeded 1 trillion Hong Kong dollars some time ago), converted into US dollars, it is 117.4 billion US dollars, the gap has widened $83.6 billion.

Therefore, Alibaba one year after Jack Ma’s retirement, the scissors gap with the market value expanded by 83.6 billion U.S. dollars. According to the latest exchange rate between the renminbi and the US dollar, it is about 571.1 billion yuan, which is the result of the recent continuous appreciation of the renminbi.

In the past year, Ali’s share price growth underperformed Pinduoduo, but its market capitalization led Tencent to expand To 910 billion Hong Kong dollars (800 billion yuan), it is almost equal to a Jingdong market value (920 billion Hong Kong dollars). Zhang Yong joined Alibaba in 2007 The span>Group, it has been 13 years this year, and it has just been a year since Ma Yun took over. I don’t know that the board of directors of Alibaba gave”Xiaoyaozi”How many points did Zhang Yong score?”