September 12 In the evening, the former chairman of Alibaba’s board of directors Ma Yun appeared in many night travel Internet celebrities in Changsha, Wen Heyou, Taiping Street, Jia Yi’s Former Residence, Hunan Xiao Factory…wherever he went, people were crowded with cheers, everyone took out their mobile phones to take pictures, online and offline were boiling .

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In the afternoon of the same day in the discussion with Hunan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Du Jiahao, and Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Xu Dazhe, Ma Yun was right Changsha”Night Economy” showed great interest:”‘Night economy’ represents economic activity, It is an important way to expand consumption and domestic demand, reflecting the pursuit of young people. And the city that young people are willing to go to must have its unique charm.Changsha is an Internet celebrity city in the eyes of young people, and its night economy is popular throughout the country Ranked first, I have heard about it, this time I came to feel it myself.

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Ma Yun looks like an old Changsha city, wearing a mask, a T-shirt, a white baseball cap, holding a fan, and going to major nets Red check in point to check in.

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Later, the first student of Lakeside University Yujiahui founder Dai Yuefeng and the sixth student Wenheyou founder Wen Bin and the sixth student Prosperity Selection founder Yue Lihua and several other students have a supper with Ma Yun, and experience the excitement of Changsha’s”night economy”.

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“When you enter Taobao, there is no day or night, and the suburbs become the city center.” The joyous jokes of netizens are about the quietly rising night economy. Since the beginning of this year, Changsha’s night economy has shown a new trend. The economic belt along the Yangtze River with Dufujiang Pavilion as the core, Taiping Old Street and Po The old neighborhoods such as Zi Street and Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street, as well as Wen Heyou, Tea Yanyue Se, Yi Yuhe and other”check-in places” with the smell of urban fireworks, gather top-level traffic and have become new growth poles and promote Changsha”night economy” and”net celebrity economy” developed rapidly.

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The increasingly rich night scenes have enabled Changsha to successfully win the title of “China’s Top Ten Night Economic Influential Cities”. From July 26th to October 31st, the 98-day”Summer Courtesy·Autumn Rhyme” Changsha Consumption Season-the first”Night Star City” Consumption Festival is in full swing strong>, as the nation’s first large-scale night economic theme promotion event, it covers the many types and scales of activities, participating companies and The number of units is unprecedented.

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“Night Star City” one of the main activities of the Consumer Festival,The 2020 China City Night Economic Development Summit to be held in Changsha, Hunan on October 29th is already under intense preparations. The summit will be assembledThe Internet celebrity city heavyweight marketing giants, various new retail giants……Several students from Lakeside University who are engaged in night economics-related industries are also among the invited speakers. The lineup is strong and it is really exciting!

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“Summer is courteous, autumn is charming”, go to top business districts &34;night shopping&34;, experience the”Night Star City” consumer festival activities Kind of promotion, discounts and concessions; go to the late-night cafeteria special block &34;Night Tour&34;, check in stinky tofu, tea beauty and other Internet celebrities; go to Orange Continent to watch fireworks and experience the drone light show… At the end of October, I went to the China Urban Night Economic Development Summit to watch big coffee talk about the bright future of night economic development, and empower the city’s night economic development; these are polishing the citizens The happy background of life makes the development of the city orderly and more quality. Come to the Internet celebrity Changsha to check in~

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