by Shumo Finance

With the continuous advancement of technology, everyone’s savings methods are becoming more and more diversified, and they are no longer limited to banks Deposit this one. However, most people in China still”rely on” bank fixed deposits. After all, bank fixed deposits are notoriously”safe”.

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“make money to support the family”, this is the majority of people who enter society The only goal, although there are many other goals, in the final analysis, is to support a large family. Making money is basic, but being able to save money is the real life. For deposits, most people’s first choice is still the bank.

Although the times are evolving, and everyone’s financial management methods are diverse, for most people, bank deposits are the most authentic, not only with interest, but also the highest security among many financial management methods. Everyone knows that the interest rate on deposit is higher than that on demand, and the longer the term, the higher the interest rate.

Gradually, everyone’s impression of bank deposits is becoming more and more fixed. They all feel that time deposits are the safest. The longer the term of the time deposit, the higher the return on deposits. But what we are going to say today is precisely the danger of this”fixed deposit”. You know, time deposits are not the”brass and iron walls” in our imagination.

Under everyone’s inherent thinking, they all feel that bank time deposit interest rates are low, not as high as ordinary financial products, but in terms of safety, they are safer than most financial products. But we are going to break these inherent ideas today. Time deposits are not necessarily safe, and the returns are not necessarily lower than other financial management.

The first is the issue of security. When you go to the bank to make a deposit, you must remember to avoid the”two traps.” Otherwise, your principal may be lost. The first is the case of insurance policies and flying orders. Sometimes bank employees will”avoid but not answer” your demands and turn your deposits into”policies.”

When applying for a fixed deposit, everyone must pay attention to the information on the deposit certificate. If you don’t pay attention to it, your deposit may not be a deposit, but an “insurance”. Or it may be turned into a”flying order” by bank staff. Flying a single is to put your money elsewhere to get high returns, but it is also high risk.

In either case, it is not the time deposit you want. Once your money becomes”insurance”, you can only withdraw the insurance in advance when you want to withdraw, but withdraw the insurance A certain handling fee is required, that is to say, not only do you have no income, but you have to repay part of the bank’s money.

In addition to the security risks of flying orders, there is another”fixed deposit” method:large deposit receipts. We know that the number of large deposit certificates is relatively large, especially those of fixed deposits of more than 500,000 yuan. In the event of an accident in the bank, the bank will pay you at most 500,000 yuan, and you can only consider yourself unlucky for the extra money you save.

No matter what kind of situation, it will pose a threat to your principal. These facts also tell us that banks are not 100%safe, at least they are not safe for now. In particular, there have been precedents of bank failures before, so everyone’s time deposits are not as”solid” as imagined.

In any case, deposits are all hard-earned by everyone. No matter which bank exists, it is necessary to know in advance about the bank’s safety performance and strength. For those who have a large amount of deposits, it is recommended to open several more accounts to deposit in batches. After all, once the bank”closes”, one account will be compensated up to 500,000 yuan. Do you think that you can deposit that much at one time?