Apple has previously announced that it will hold a new product launch event in the early morning of September 16. Regarding this launch event, I believe most consumers are most looking forward to it iPhone 12 series of new mobile phones, but what everyone is most looking forward to is the most uncertain. Many sources pointed out that Apple will not release a new iPhone that day. And, before this, Apple has also stated that the new iPhone will be postponed for several weeks. According to these news, Apple should wait until October to bring the iPhone 12 series products.

getUrls?link=2fbc8a42eb070a10ff57a80b0b017ae5 - iPhone 12 series models have opened appointments in Pinduoduo, and nearly 20,000 people want to buy

Screenshot of Pinduoduo page, the same below


However, before the launch of the new iPhone 12 series, the domestic e-commerce platform Pinduoduo has opened an appointment for the new series of products, and nearly 20,000 people want to buy it through the appointment interface. Pinduoduo’s page says,”iPhone 12 will be launched on the whole network soon, and it’s just right, at 1 o’clock on September 16, 2020 Beijing time.” Of course, this is just a propaganda from the business side, and Apple still has not announced product information about the new product launch.

getUrls?link=ff232ccc971d4ded255d900801ce86e3 - iPhone 12 series models have opened appointments in Pinduoduo, and nearly 20,000 people want to buy

We all know that every year’s new iPhone releases Consumers’ attention, it is normal for businesses to take this opportunity to conduct marketing. On the other hand, since the early Pinduoduo platform left a deep impression on everyone, some consumers still choose not to trust products such as electronic digital products, and the first launch of new iPhone products can also help Pinduoduo change. Own brand image.

In addition, it is actually about the iPhone 12 series. The product itself has no suspense for ordinary consumers. It’s just that the time of the conference, the time of sale, the price, etc., should be current Those who are waiting for the new iPhone are the most concerned points.