There are more and more news on the Internet about Apple’s new iPhone next year. Not only the configuration is improved, but also the shape design. According to the news, it may be adopted a more rigid square frame design, such as Extremely upgraded iPhone 5 models. At present, Japanese media has exposed a 3D model that is said to be iPhone 12 Pro Max. The design of the middle frame also has the overall shape. In addition to the narrow bezel and bangs, there is really some charm of iPhone 5.

iPhone 12 Pro Max exposure, bangs on the 6.7-inch screen, is your wallet ready?

You can see through the model of the suspected iPhone 12 Pro Max. The volume and power buttons on the frame are down. After moving a bit, the SIM card slot has been greatly shortened. Japanese media even suspected that it has become a magnetic interface; the bangs screen on the front screen still exists, and the front-side related modules are still contained; on the back, it is still frequently spit out. Really fragrant”Yuba three cameras. In addition, the size of the mobile phone screen is 6.5 inches, and the measurements of the fuselage are 159mm high, 77.8mm wide, and 7.1mm thick. Compared with the data of the iPhone 11 Pro Max currently on sale, the 6.5-inch screen, 158mm in height, 77.8mm in width, and 8.1mm in thickness are basically not much different, just a little thinner.

There is also the configuration of the iPhone 12 Pro, which may be equipped with A14 chip and Qualcomm X55 baseband. The battery life may exceed 4000mAh for the first time. Because it is equipped with a Qualcomm baseband, compared to the previous Intel baseband, its power consumption and signal will be improved. Apple’s mobile phones often have signal problems or can be solved. It is worth noting that in order to increase sales of the iPhone 12 series, a new”navy blue” color may be added. Perhaps this new color scheme is as hot as the dark green of the iPhone 11 series, and the fruit powder is really not rare.

In terms of performance:The new machine will be equipped with Apple ’s latest generation flagship chip A14 processor, and it will use 5 nanometer EUV process technology, which greatly improves performance. And supports dual-mode 5G, memory from 6GB. The rear is a Yuba four-camera module. The main camera is upgraded to 6400W pixels, and a TOF lens is added. The camera capability will be further improved! The new machine is equipped with a large 4200mAh battery, and the battery life is also very good!

In terms of price:iPhone 12Pro Max is expected to start at 9,899 yuan, still very expensive! On the whole, it is more powerful performance, smaller bangs, and more shocking shooting capabilities. There is also an important point, coupled with the need for 5G replacement, will definitely cause a wave of buying frenzy! Are everyone ready for the wallet?

Due to the impact of the current epidemic, the release time of iPhone 9 has been delayed, and the WWDC developer conference in June has also been changed to be held online. Therefore, the iPhone 12 series expected to be released in September may Will also be affected. Do you expect Apple’s first new 5G phone? What new features are expected from it? Comments are welcome.