On September 14, as of the close of trading, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.57%to 3,278.81 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.61%to 1,302.99 points; the ChiNext Index rose 1.42%to 2,572.60 points. The Shanghai stock market turnover was 269.220 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen stock market turnover was 500.233 billion yuan. The total turnover of the two markets was 769.453 billion yuan, slightly higher than the 684.543 billion yuan in the previous trading day.

On the disk, the semiconductor, lithography, intellectual property, environmental protection, and rare earth sectors ranked among the top gainers; a few sectors such as insurance, pork, coal, and real estate were green.

In terms of capital, the net outflow of northbound capital was 1.331 billion yuan, the net outflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 1.794 billion yuan, and the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 464 million yuan.

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44 stocks suffered a large order of 100 million yuan, throwing over 8.8 billion, and the main force continued to flee

According to the Yuesheng Raiders to sort out the main capital flow data, today DDE has 44 stocks with major outflows of more than 100 million yuan, of which Changchun High-tech has the largest outflow, with a net outflow of 1.539 billion yuan; followed by Dongfang Fortune, BOE A, Watson Bio, respectively, 400 million yuan, 360 million yuan, 356 million yuan; Jinke Culture, Muyuan shares, Sungrow, Lepu Medical, Changdian Technology, Pien Tze Huang, Jianrui Woneng, Vanke A , Zhengbang Technology and other 9 stocks have net outflows exceeding 200 million yuan. More data can be seen in the figure below.

getUrls?link=c80e7ab0536c9ca972bb624108e9d218 - Investors be careful not to step on thunder! The main force of large funds fled 44 shares, is there any of your shares? (List)

getUrls?link=3550c1476abec70f8627a23ae4f68242 - Investors be careful not to step on thunder! The main force of large funds fled 44 shares, is there any of your shares? (List)

More than 5.6 billion funded bargain-hunting, 26 shares were sought after by 100 million yuan

According to Yuesheng Raiders combing through the main capital flow data, today there are only 26 stocks with major DDE inflows exceeding 100 million, including Ping An of China, Pengding Holdings, Kunlun Wanwei and Dongfang Electric’s large single inflows each exceeded 300 million yuan, 869 million yuan, 390 million yuan, 304 million yuan, and 301 million yuan respectively ;Gaomeng New Materials, Zhongke The large single inflows of 8 stocks including Sanhuan, Kweichow Moutai, Zijin Mining, Shengguang Group, Ningde Times, Yangjie Technology, and Shandong Fiberglass all exceeded 200 million yuan. More data can be seen in the figure below.

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The biological products industry is the first in the capital fleeing industry

In the industry, according to the data of Yuesheng Strategy, it is found that the biological products industry has the largest net outflow of large orders, 21.74 100 million funds fled. In addition, the four industries including securities, national defense and military industry, electrical equipment, and chemical and pharmaceutical industries have net outflows of over 800 million. The net outflow of the main capital of the seven industry sectors including optics and optoelectronics, agricultural products processing, real estate development, food processing and manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine, aquaculture, and computer equipment exceeded 300 million yuan. The detailed data and list can be seen in the figure below.

September 14 industry large order net details:

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Future outlook:

Essence Securities: The restoration of risk appetite in the A-share market may take some time and catalyzed by external events. Short-term investors have more patience. However, from the perspective of the medium-term logical profitability and liquidity combination, it is expected that the further adjustment of A shares is limited. The shock adjustment period at this stage can also be regarded as a period of opportunity for bargaining layout. It is recommended to base on the medium and short-term procyclical logic first, and then take into account In the mid-to-long-term large-scale cycle background, the adjustment is gradually made in the direction of reasonable valuation, and the upward trend of the economy, such as optional consumption such as liquor, apple chain, tourism, film and television, automobiles, home appliances, military industry and other domestic demand technology, machinery, chemical industry and other industries Cycle growth, etc.

Guosheng Securities: After a short-term shock, the follow-up will be more driven by EPS and show a steady upward trend. At present, the Sino-US”Science and Technology Protracted War” has begun, and the capital market will also assume its historical mission, and must and will become a key support for accelerating technological innovation. Technological growth will also become the main line in the medium and long term. Focus on new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, semiconductors, consumer electronics, games, and gold.

One trick of the day:some traditional tricks commonly used by market dealers in the stock market

1. Deception 1:The tail market is pulled up, the true out of the false enters

The dealer uses large orders 15 minutes before market close Pull higher, raise the closing price, draw the K-line well, in order to deceive retail investors into thinking that the dealer is pulling higher, boldly follow up and make short positions, and the trend of opening low and going low the next day will inevitably make people regret it. This trading technique proves that the banker is weak and has insufficient funds.

2. Deception 2:High-level consolidation and release huge breakthrough

This kind of breakthrough is a false breakthrough in all likelihood, and the huge amount is generally set to exceed 10%of the stock market. Why does the huge amount come from? When the stock price breaks through the high level consolidation, it is obvious that the huge amount is traded by the market eager to leave the market and the follower who eager to enter the market. The market maker uses the familiarity of retail investors to increase the volume. The upside deceives retail investors to intervene. If the dealer flees from a high position, someone must receive the goods from a high position. If the dealer is optimistic about the market outlook, he does not need to put a huge amount, but a small amount is enough. Therefore, the only possibility is for the dealer to lose weight and escape. So when looking at the market, you must first look at the volume.

3. Deception 3:Handicap order deception

in In the three trading orders, when the three commissioned buy orders are all large buy orders, and the three commissioned sell orders are small sell orders, most people think that the dealer is buying goods, otherwise, they think that the dealer is shipping. If everything is so clear Understand, can the dealer swindle money? The method of the dealer’s shipment and sourcing is the opposite of our thinking. Investors can observe carefully.

4. Deception 4:Excluding the right of the early stage bull stocks put a huge amount of upside

In this case, the dealer flees. In high positions, it is difficult for the dealer to flee blatantly. Except for the right, the absolute price of the stock is low, and the vigilance of retail investors is reduced. If the dealer increases the volume slightly, there will be a lot of follow-ups. At this time, the dealer can escape quietly. The dealer does not raise much. Those who enter the market have little room to leave. Those who have not entered the market feel that the increase is not big and can boldly follow up. . This is how market makers turn stocks into profits with the help of retail investors.

Finally, I would like to share with you a copy of”Short-term Masters Unique Tactics”, which is easy to understand and easy to learn and use, I hope it will help you!

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Remarks:The source of the above documents is the public account Yuesheng Guide (yslc688)

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